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Tools for Doing Abraham-Hick’s Focus Wheel Process

My work as the SHIFT-IT Coach is all about helping my clients define what they really, really want and then align with that.  Basically help you ‘become a vibrational match’ to your Personal Vision.

I use all sorts of tools and processes (my own and others) to literally help you make a shift to your vibration – change up the habitual ways that you go about your life so you can get different results.

One of my all-time favourite processes is one given to us from Abraham… the non-physical consciousness that Esther Hicks translates for. Its called The Focus Wheel.  Its one of the processes contained in the second half of Jerry and Esther’s book called Ask and It Is Given (I highly recommend it… in fact, we use it as our central reading material for my Living The Law of Attraction Program).

As a graphic coach, I’ve created a visual tool to help my clients do The Focus Wheel.  I’ll attach it here so you can download it (its free).

Free PDF download of Christina’s Focus Wheel Map

Browsing through Youtube today, I was delighted to find an awesome video created by Arvind Singh… which shows how to do a focus wheel (something not always easy to understand when you read about it).  Its slightly different than how I do focus wheels (I took the step of incorporating a ferris wheel motif…) however its by far the best explanation on doing focus wheels that I’ve come across.


Way to go Arvind – very cool (as is your voice!).

P.S.  The Focus Wheel process is one of the many processes we cover in my online class called Living The Law of Attraction.  This course is offered in the fall and winter of each year.  For full info, dates and online registration, click here.

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2 comments on “Tools for Doing Abraham-Hick’s Focus Wheel Process
  1. Nina East says:

    Christina, this is so great! Your visuals make it so much more fun to do – which, of course, makes it easier to get to the vibrational match level.


  2. Liz says:

    Arvind Singh’s focus wheel has relocated. You can find on it blog. http://thearvindsingh.blogspot.com/2008/02/focus-wheel.html


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