Expert on Association of Web Entrepreneurs – Me!

I’ve been approached by a wonderful organization to be an ongoing contributor expert (via my expertise as a Graphic Coach).  The Association of Web Entrepreneurs helps folks new to the web environment ‘get into the game’ so to speak and provide ongoing support and mentorship once their online businesses are up and running.  A great place to learn the ropes on internet marketing, copywriting, the ins and outs of web technology, etc.  And the thing I really like is they have forums and ways for web entrepreneurs to connect and meet like-minded people. Something I definitely could have used back when I started developing my own web presense.

Once a month I’ll be writing a column and in the New Year will be doing a tele-seminar with AWE’s president, Sheri McConnell – sharing some of the key insights of my graphic coaching approach with entrepreneurs. How the graphic approach gets you deeply and personally in touch with what you REALLY want your business and lifestyle be … and how to manifest your Vision step-by-step until you have Become Your Next Self.

Evolving and manifesting one’s life and business is what my life and business is all about, so I’m really looking forward to connecting with this supportive organization.

Association of Web Entrepreneurs

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