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Looking for some SHIFT-IT related listening? Might I suggest a number of the contributors to Hay House Radio. Hay House Radio is Louise Hay’s online radio station, featuring authors that she also publishes. A great way to get useful, free content via the live feeds and handy archives.

Esther Hicks and Abraham: my favorite Law of Attraction source, is a new contributor, starting on Monday, December 11th. Here’s the blurb and link:

You Are Co-Creator
Through Esther Hicks, the non-physical consciousness Abraham addresses an audience in Los Angeles, California in this live lecture. Abraham teaches you how to remain joyful with your present circumstances even if your true desires haven’t manifested yet. Abraham also answers questions about finding steady work in an unsteady field, earning money, the properties of the nonphysical world, and the energetic underpinning of disease.

Mondays at 10am PST: click here for the webpage.

Other contributors I recommend on Hay House Radio:

Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks: Spirit-Centered Relationships

Bill Phillips: Transformation Talk (body and fitness)

Cheryl Richardson: Coach on Call (life coaching)

Happy Listening – Christina

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