The SHIFT-IT Webstore Is Now Live!

Well, after months (actually years if you count all the development time) my new SHIFT-IT self coach products are up and available on my new online store.  I am so pleased and happy to announce the launch of these graphic coaching tools – including The SHIFT IT Home Retreat Kit. 

S-I Retreat Kit

I realize that not every client of mine can travel to Victoria BC Canada and work with me directly (or even work with me via the phone).  So I have productized my SHIFT-IT method so you can access it via the web and in the comfort of your own home. 

 Three templates graphic

Graphics really boost your ability to see and understand the evolutionary path that your unique life is taking.  Now you can sketch out your own Life Map, see the current crossroads you are standing on and get very specific about the future you really desire.  Plus through these tools you will identify the internal and external blocks that keep you in your status quo – and shift their power over you so you can literally ‘Become Your Next Self’. 

My coaching clients say that these products really capture my voice and energy – that I use the same words and concepts that they have heard me explain in their one-to-one coaching sessions.  Obviously products do not replace the power of a one-to-one experience, but they are a great lower-fee option for folks who are ready for SHIFT-IT but for whatever reason (budget, time, need more info) can’t quite swing direct time with me. 

I’m also offering a new workshop experience: a SHIFT-IT Tele-Class series beginning on Feb. 18th.  7 weekly calls to assist you in working your way through the SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit – for those who would prefer more direct guidance.  The price of the Kit is included in the Tele-group fee. 

 Some examples of the tools, filled in by clients:

Example of Magnetism Map

 Essential Extracts example


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