Law of Attraction on Oprah

Law of Attraction is really hitting the airwaves.  This week several great LOA teachers were a panel on the Oprah show: Jack Canfield, James Ray, Lisa Nichols, Michael Beckwith, and the creator of The Secret (DVD and book), Rhonda Byrne.  I myself don’t have cable any longer.  So was hoping for some sort of link or connection that I could watch the show. Well, thanks to a post on the Abraham Hicks Yahoo Group, here it is.  A link to take you to the Oprah/The Secret Broadcast.  Lots of good info on how The Secret products came about, and basics on LOA in terms of abundance, relationships, weight, etc. Enjoy! 

Here is the download link:
It’s a Windows Media file.

 Addition: Oprah followed up with a second show on The Secret and Law of Attraction.  To view that second show see:

Another Addition:

Thanks for the wonderful David Gordon, here is another of the Oprah series on The Law of Attraction: the after show.

Below is the link to the “After the Show” that aired today on Oxygen.



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