Great Graphic Bootcamp

Last Wednesday and Thursday,  I hosted my Graphic Bootcamp here in Victoria, BC.   Twelve folks from all over North America came to further hone their custom chart work, graphic recording and graphic facilitation skills. 

Christina Merkley's Graphic Bootcamp





There was a gigantic handbook of samples and examples,  lots of demos, small table work to sketch things out, and then ‘working at the wall’: doing custom charts, graphic recording, templates and then graphic facilitation using the templates just created. 

One thing I learnt from the feedback: there is so much good stuff to learn that this needs to be three days – more time!  So the next Bootcamps I’m going to make three day formats from now on. 

Christina Merkley's Bootcamp - recording

Christina Merkley's Bootcamp - wall






Here are some action shots of the participants working: watching me debrief a graphic recording demo … and then creating their own graphic facilitation templates in another exercise. 

Christina Merkley's Bootcamp - wall workChristina Merkley's Bootcamp - more wall work








My favorite section of the agenda?  — going to dinner together the first night down at Don Mee’s … just down the block in Chinatown.  A big large round table that fit all of us in a corner off by ourselves. So we could nosh on Chinese platters and beer and talk about the fun things that graphic recorders and facilitators discuss when they get together: best and worst jobs, crazy clients, how to handle ‘bad walls’, working in different countries, resources, books, websites … and how to get that darn marker off our hands!

(photos are a little blurry … I blame it on me not knowing the settings of my new camera … but then again, maybe it was the beer (really, I only had one! ). 

Christina Merkley's Bootcamp - dinnerChristina Merkley's Bootcamp - more dinner







Are you wanting to learn more about the underlying graphic skills that I use in my facilitation and coaching work?  If so, come to one of my basic or advance skill workshops.  Great for budding graphic recorders and facilitators, trainers, coaches and other group leaders who want to add graphics to their toolkits.  Training in these rare skills is hard to come by.  Classes kept intentionally small for good, individualized attention.

Next workshops are: Meeting Graphics 101 May 10-11, or October 31-November 1.  Graphic Bootcamp, November 2-4.  Do them back-to-back during the fall dates if you are traveling in from afar.


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