What does “Graphic Coaching” mean? I look at your portfolio and it looks cool, but I don’t quite get how it is created? I’ve seen you in action doing graphic facilitation with a group … is that what you do with individuals?

These are the kinds of questions I get as I go about my graphic coaching work and field calls and emails … so I know that I have to do a better job of communicating what my visual work with individuals, couples, and business partners is about. I can tell people that my work is about using visuals to draw people’s wisdom out of them. That it’s about using my coaching, intuition, and facilitation skills to help people understand themselves better. That it’s about helping people literally SEE what is going on inside of their head and heart so they can make good decisions and move forward to become their next self. Finally overcoming the blocks in their thinking and believing so that they get what they really, really want. But those are all just words. People just don’t really fully ‘get’ my graphic coaching and SHIFT-IT work until they SEE and EXPERIENCE it.

Sooooo, to help make that a little easier … I’ve recently created a video. It shows me working with one of my real clients, an entrepreneur named Alan from Canada. Alan and I work together on one of the handy graphic coaching tools I have created … an analysis tool called ‘Focus on Me’. This tool is a visual ‘Life Wheel’. (sometimes called a Balance Wheel, Satisfaction Wheel, or Wheel of Life). A popular coaching tool that helps one consider the eight main areas of life (health, finances, career, family/friends, relationship, fun and recreation, environment, and personal development/meaning). And how satisfied you currently are in them. It is a great tool to add a visual component too because you can literally SEE where you are satisfied and where you are not. Pinpointing and highlighting those areas that need attention and possibly. My clients love this tool and find it very helpful to go through. Its something you can do again and again … to see what’s up in your life and why you feel the way that you do.

You can watch the video of this graphic coaching demo below:

Watched the video? Want to do a Life Wheel for yourself? Great, you can!

Just enter your email below and I’ll send you a special, secret download link where you can get your own Focus on Me map and it’s a very detailed instruction booklet. Plus, you’ll get access to two other of my graphic coaching tools: At the Crossroads and Declaration of Intent. I usually sell these tools, but I’m giving them away for FREE so you experience graphic coaching for yourself and start to SHIFT-IT right now.



Yours in SHIFTing, Christina Merkley (the SHIFT-IT Graphic Coach).

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