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IFVP logoAlerting you to the annual International Forum of Visual Practitioners Conference – October 18-21, 2007 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This gathering attracts the scattered members of our ‘Visual Practitioners’ tribe: various folks from around the globe who work in visual ways: graphic recorders, graphic facilitators, different types of scribes, performers, artists and the like. (don’t let that sickle or whatever it is in the graphic throw you: we are a friendly bunch!).

This year’s theme is Growing Visual Language: Engaging Individuals, Groups and Communities.


  • Learn from the best in the business!
  • Engage in dialogue about the future and potential of what and how graphic facilitators and recorders contribute to organizations.
  • Network and build community with those who created this work.
  • Celebrate our creativity, passion, and uniqueness.

Speaking IconI’ve been asked to speak and will conduct a three-hour session on my Graphic Coaching and SHIFT-IT work with individuals, groups and biz partners – with a specific emphasis on how graphics dovetails beautifully with Law of Attraction work (literally SEE how you are creating your work and life … and how to intentionally create the shifts that you really, really want).

I was around in the early days of the conference (back in the mid-90s when I lived and worked in the States) so I really look forward to re-connecting with old friends and colleagues – and meeting new ones!

These IFVP Conferences are unique and wonderful events: great for anyone really interested in the graphic way of working.  Rare opportunity to mingle with others in the field (we’re usually out working with our clients: its like herding cats to bring us together!).  Particularly great for newbies wanting to learn more and get their head around the ins and outs of entering this field, training, and how the skills can be applied.  Also good for those already somewhat established who want to expand their offerings, learn latest tech applications and build networking alliances.  It really pays to know others in this unique and expanding field (gotta have people to refer to when you are too busy … or when you are wanting referrals from others).

For more info, click here.

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