Gratitude Dance Is Out On Youtube…..Lets Spread An Attitude Of Gratitude

News flash. SHIFT-IT client and all round good guy, Matthew Ashdown, along with his biz partner, Brad Morris have launched their Law of Attraction site for youth site …

I had the pleasure of introducing Matt to LOA about three years ago and he’s been integrating the concepts to his own life and helping others (particularly teens) ever since.

Check out Brad and Matt’s sweet new video: The Gratitude Dance. Builds off of appreciation and positive aspects work by taking it up a level – adding in body movement through dance and music (marimba music). Totally fun. You can’t help but do the Gratitude Dance and grin and giggle at the same time – and that is the point! It gets you to SHIFT your energy. Gets you into a higher vibe. Cause your overall vibe is how you are attracting things – so the more you can improve it, the better.

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