Trio for Training

Had a nice trio come to my studio for a shared training day in Meeting Graphics 101. Felicia and Denise (First Nations business facilitators/coaches) from the Vancouver area and Pat (internal OD professional from large healthcare firm) all the way from Austin, Texas. They shared one of my custom training days – where folks come to me for private training in graphic recording and graphic facilitation.

mini MG101 agenda

Since the day was an introduction to graphic skills used in business and meeting settings – we started with some basic formatting, lettering and drawing skills.

We then worked our way through some theory – the four different applications of the graphic way of working (custom chart work, graphic recording, graphic facilitation and graphic coaching).

Then progressed onto some more drawing – how to draw the basic ‘star person’, the ratio for proper looking figures, some basic icons like buildings, cityscapes, groups, meeting scenes, etc.

I love teaching the basic underlying skills, especially to people who think they ‘can’t draw’. All of the basic drawing is really just made up of shapes upon shapes. Its just a matter of adding one shape to another and then viola – you step back and you’ve actually drawn a cityscape.

Very fun to see the expressions on the faces of these three, when they saw what they were able to create, in just a short amount of instruction.  And the ahhas and insights that occurred as they began to really understand how they could easily start integrating visual thinking methodology into their own work and practices.

After washing our hands of all that chalk dust, we went for lunch at the local pub in quaint Cook Street Village.

Then returned for a demo of graphic recording. I put on a spoken word tape, a great lecture by coach Cheryl Richardson, called “Finding Your Passion”. Recorded it live, so Denise, Pat and Felicia could witness graphic recording in action, up close. Afterwards we debriefed the process: how to listen and synthesize, the different format techniques to use (list and cluster), how to chose to what to draw/write, and when to color and add other finishing touches.

Photo: working at the wall: learning drawing techniques.

Christina Merkley, training in my studio

Photo: drawing Cityscapes.

Christina Merkley, training photo

Photo: debriefing the graphic recording demo:

Christina Merkley, recording demo

Photo: Graphic recording demo of Cheryl Richardson’s lecture.

Christina Merkley, graphic recording example

See larger view.

We ended our day with tips to keep their skills going and intentions to put their new skills to immediate use (use ’em or lose ’em). And also a reminder to them to use their follow-up coaching call with me … when they want agenda design help, critiques on their charts or templates, or just time to ask me any questions that come up as they begin to integrate graphics more regularly into their facilitation and leadership roles. A really great day – they walked out pleased with what they could do and brimming with ideas. Made the coach in me smile wide.

Interested in learning graphic recording and graphic facilitation skills? I offer private training days like this trio did, as well as public workshops in beginning and intermediate skills. Check out my training page for more details … and be sure to scroll to the bottom to see testimonials from my many satisfied mentees.

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