This Week’s “Visual Positive Aspects”

I wrote a few blog posts ago about my new daily discipline … looking for Visual Positive Aspects.  To read more about what this is about, see this post.

Basically I was inspired by a story that Esther Hicks told upon the recent Abraham-Hicks Mexico cruise … about how she is using her camera phone to send her granddaughter a photo each day (capturing the beauty and fun of her ongoing travels with Jerry her husband).

There are always positive aspects around us every day. And different things turn different people on.  Sooooo, here are a few of the things from this week that made me happy, made me go ‘ahhhhhhh’ … or just brought some warmth to the good ol’ heart chakra.

Visual Positive Aspect #1:  Orange Tulips

I was walking down the street in downtown Victoria, B.C. (where I live) … on a rainy afternoon.  These tulips just jumped out at me.  So I bought four bunches and they wrapped it up in a matching bow for me.  Continuing to walk down the street with them people smiled, commented on the colours and joked about wishing they had flowers like that (so I teased back and told them to go buy some for themselves – hopefully a few did!).


Orange Tulips with Bow


Visual Positive Aspect #2: New Cuisinart Blender

I know, maybe a blender isn’t the sexiest / prettiest thing in the world to you … but I really like the new one I just got!  Cuisinart has such nicely designed products and the stainless steel goes with the appliances in my condo.  I figured I would splurge since my last blender lasted 15 years – might as well have one that makes me happy since I use them every day for my morning protein shakes.


Cuisinart Blender


Visual Positive Aspect #3: Encroaching Civilization

I did a private Meeting Graphics Bootcamp for the Vancouver Island Aboriginal Transition Team last week.  A really wonderful group of people and I feel very deeply about getting the graphic facilitation / graphic recording skills into the hands of First Nations professionals who can use them in their communities and change processes.  This graphic was done by one of the attendees (Pawa J ) … and I love her spin on the typical cityscape scene that I teach people to draw (turning it on its head with the ‘encroaching civilization’ banner).


Encroaching Civilization


Visual Positive Aspect #4: Orchid Martini

Well, after a few days of intense training a martini seemed like a good idea.  Earl’s is just down the street and this Orchid Martini had my name on it.  After a few of them, it seemed like a good idea to take shot of one – hee hee.  And, turned out to be a cool shot … looking down into the glass and the pretty orchid flower that comes w/ it (ok, I only had two … as Karen Lloyd teases me, I’m a lightweight).


The Orchid Martini


Visual Positive Aspect #5: Dinner with This Lady

Here’s a shot of me with my Mom, Bernadette.  We had a nice dinner just the two of us on Sunday night, as Dad was out of town at some meeting or other (he does a lot of volunteering with the Kidney Foundation).


Dinner with this Lady


Visual Positive Aspect #6: The Commerce Canoe

Victoria, B.C. has a lovely Old Town district …that has a real European feel.  A public art sculpture went in a few months ago in Bastion Square … called The Commerce Canoe.  I don’t really get the name … but hey, I like the elegance of the lines, especially with Victoria’s harbour in the background.


Market square sculpture


Visual Positive Aspect #7: My Abe Trunk

My personal assistant Bonnie laughingly calls this my Abe Trunk … for the Mr. Dress Up fans (the tickle trunk).  She feels she’s ‘hit the jackpot’ in working with me as she was into Law of Attraction already … and now has full access to my Abraham-Hicks collections of CDs, tapes, etc.  Each week she returns what she’s listened to, and then grabs a new bunch of CDs to hold her over.  Love being around people who enjoy Abraham’s message as much as I do. 🙂


There’s a little glimpse into the things that uplifted my vibe this week.  I invite you to conduct your own Visual Positive Aspect collection … using the visual medium to notice and track what makes you FEEL GOOD.  Cause feeling good is what harnessing the powerful Law of Attraction is all about.  The more you notice what you LIKE and APPRECIATE … the more things of that nature are attracted to you (like attracts like).

Let me know how the Visual Positive Aspects concepts strikes you … just use the ‘comments’ section below to log your thoughts.  🙂

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