Develop Your ‘Spidey Senses’

If you want to SHIFT your life in a way that really suits you and brings you lots of enjoyment and pleasure … then you will need to develop, refine (and trust!) your ‘spidey senses’.  And get used to the experience of wise energy communicating with you.

What do I mean by ‘spidey senses’? … Well, if you remember Spider Man Comics back in the day – it’s your 6th sense, intuition and ability to communicate and follow higher wisdom.

Spider Man used to get that ‘spidey sense’ when he knew something was brewing.  He got guidance on where he needed to go, who he needed to assist, and what he needed to do … and when danger was on his path.  He trusted, followed and came to depend on that guidance and it always steered him right – and it’s the same for you and I if we are to truly live a soul-centered life.

Your Higher Guidance:
So, what is the higher guidance that Spider Man contacted?  I cannot remember what explanation was given in the comics (if you do, please let me know!).  But for me, I think of this guidance as our higher selves … or higher intelligence operating through us.  Something or somebody that has a bigger picture view off us, the world and what we are here for – and it communicates with us.  Call it the universe or God if that works for you. 


Forms of Contact:
The ‘problem’ if one can call it a problem, is that this guidance can be subtle … it can come as a whisper instead of a shout.  It’s a bit like learning to be conversant in a new language … one that requires us to develop a more acute sense of listening and acceptance in order to hear it. 

If you are a spiritual or creative type person, you might already be well versed in some of the interesting ways that our higher intelligence communicates with us.  And, they are fun to review nonetheless:

Pay attention to unusual animals crossing your path or animals acting in unusual ways.  Higher intelligence can use animals to communicate with us, as they operate on purer or higher vibrational frequencies (much less complicated than human beings).  Watch what the animal is doing – and how that might compare to how you are being in your life (or perhaps should be).  Identify the qualities that this animal possesses – and think how these qualities might mirror some of your own. 

For example, my lovely client Ali had a wayward armadillo under her house.  When I asked her to describe it, she talked about it being tough on the outside, stubborn and determined … and, surprisingly … having the most lovable ‘puppy dog’ eyes imaginable.  Her voice softened as she became tender about this creature in her midst.  As we worked it a little, she made the bridge to her own life … how she is viewed as tough, stubborn and determined too (qualities she likes and cherishes).  And how, underneath those accurate surface appearances, she is also a sweetie who is looking for warmth, belonging and a cozy, shared home.  This lead us into a whole new area of love and relationship coaching – aspects of herself that she’s willing to activate again following some challenging events in her past. 

Another example is my caring client Tereasa … in the midst of moving her household with two kids from the suburbs into the yearned for vitality of the city.  During her coaching call, I glanced out my window to see a deer strolling down the sidewalk (I live in a highly populated area of Victoria’s harbor … and this has never occurred to me before!).

Animal Speak

Tereasa is very in touch with her inner wisdom and was as excited as I – she grabbed her copy of Animal Speak (Ted Andrew’s handy dictionary of totem animals and their meanings) and looked up ‘deer’.  She read “it is time to be gentle with yourself and others.  A new innocence and freshness is about to be awakened or born.  It is going to be a gentle enticing lure of new adventures … express gentle love that will open new doors to adventure for you”.  Wow, we were both delighted with the personal confirmation she received.

Another way that higher wisdom can communicate with you is in the form of movies.  Walk into a video store and follow your intuition about what you are drawn to.  Without doing a lot of reading about the film, just trust that it contains something you are to interact with.  Watch the film and notice what the general themes are.  Do they mirror or mimic things going on in your own life?  What characters are you most attracted to?  Is there a moral or message that the film communicates?  Be on the lookout for phrases, saying or other symbols that you particularly resonate with.  This is your higher intelligence communicating with you through visuals, metaphor and feelings.

This one has almost become laughable where I am concerned.  I am a huge lover of bookstores (particularly ones with coffee shops in them or nearby!).  Pretty regularly I feel the familiar pull to visit one.  I have learned to trust this feeling.  Once inside, I let my spidey senses do the walking, taking me to the section, shelf and book that I’m suppose to get. 

The last time I was in Munro’s (beautiful old building on Government Street here in Victoria), I found myself pulled to a particular section of the store.  A store clerk smiled and pulled a little step stool out of the way.  I told her “no problem, its not really in my way” and she just nodded as she moved it.  Getting little thrill bumps up and down my back, I bent down to take a closer look at the area she had just made available to me.  And lo’ and behold there was a book I had been thinking about getting a few weeks earlier! (Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, Volume 1).  I laughed out loud – ‘well, I guess I am SUPPOSE to get this one!’ and did.

Follow Your Intuition:
There is so much I could (and will) write about opening to and communicating with your higher wisdom.  These are just a few simple examples that hopefully make you remember that these sorts of things are available to us, all the time.  So I invite you to pay a little closer attention to your own spidey sense.  Notice when you get that funny feeling (about whether to draw towards something or to pull away).  Pay attention to your inklings about things to do, places to go and people to connect with – even if you don’t logically understand why you feel compelled to.  Trust yourself.  Trust your spidey senses – we all come equipped with this cool super power … use it!

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  1. Cathy Goodwin on

    Wow…this article gave me goosebumps! I’ve noticed I’m being drawn to certain types of novels these days and have lost my taste for others. I love the idea of going into a bookstore and seeing where the tingly sensations come! I have an ebook about intuition and reading your own personal language, but hadn’t thought of looking for cues in the present environment.

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