Hot and Bothered? You Aren’t Alone!

Oh, its interesting times that we live in.  There is a huge energy shift going on – people awakening and activating all over the place.  In the process, leaving a lot of us ‘hot and bothered’ as we wake up to our next level of mission and purpose.

The Many Faces of Change:

In the swirl of this new energy we’re getting a real sense of what’s next for us – even if we aren’t completely sure just how the heck we are going to pull it off … especially in a sane manner.  Some of my clients have quit jobs (unhappy ones that they have been in for years, even decades) or let go of work that they no longer want to do (or, its let go of them).  Others have vacated unhealthy relationships that just aren’t working any longer (their energies are no longer a match).  And with others, geographies are being switched (moving from urban to rural … or visa versa) or figuring out how to live part-time or full-time in their dream region. Exciting stuff!

The Role of Contrast:

As it is with change, lots of it isn’t without a price. The price of riding some contrast as we figure out what we do want.  ‘Contrast’ is the stuff in life that is supposedly bad.  The situations, people and places etc. that just don’t feel good.  In the examples above, it’s the awful job or boss that pushes you to the brink or the layoff that swept you up.  The boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, partner – who broke your heart or who you finally had to leave for whatever reasons.  And the houses, cities, communities that you just were no longer a match to, perhaps painfully so.

However this contrast (as Abraham-Hicks points out to us) is the very thing that eventually helps us get clarity, if we can use it for its intended purpose.  If we can take our eyes off of the pain that the immediate situation is causing in order to really look at what it is telling us about what we DO want.  That is the blessing of contrast. The silver lining.  It helps us … in oh so elegant ways (and sometimes like a two by four over the head) … to really understand what suits us better!

Trust Your Process:

Times like the present call for strengthening your faith or trust muscles.  Really letting go and trusting that you Higher Self, Future Self, Soul (whatever you want to call it!) actually has your back and knows what it is doing.  For some of this, this kind of trust comes naturally. For others of us, it’s a new skill that we need to develop.  We need to ‘find the feeling place’ of something larger than us actually looking after us in a supportive and nurturing way.  Something that knows what is really best for us and won’t let us succumb to our smaller selves even if we are tempted to do so.

You Have a Song to Sing:

I was discussing these themes in a private session I recently had with THEO (universal intelligence channeled by the wonderful Sheila Gillette).   We were talking about the strong drive that many of my clients and I have … to fulfill and express ourselves even when we are very different from the people around us and the trials and tribulations that a path of this nature can entail.  Theo responded with a potent call to us to ‘not die with your song unsung’.  That we are feeling the push to be authentic and expressive in their own ways for the very reason that it is our soul’s desires to do so. That the game has been set up for this very reason!  To go for it, fulfill it … sing your song dang it!

Some Cool Resources to Check Out:

If my description of the push and pull of the current energies is resonating with you, here are a few resources that might be of assistance.

Karen Bishop’s Wings Report:

Karen Bishop is a well-known energy intuitive who has been crafting her ‘energy reports’ for years.  Called the Wings Report (she writes from an ‘ascension’ point of view … so wings are in order) – she graciously shares her take on the week-by-week shifts and patterns in the energy impacting us all and how different people are responding to it.

The Ask Theo Radio Show:

As mentioned above and in previous e-Zine and blog posts … THEO is a very interesting resource for information about the shift that is presently occurring.  Husband and wife team Sheila and Marcus Gillette are now offering a weekly Theo radio show on the Voice America network each Tuesday morning at 8am Pacific.  Check out the mp3 archives for past shows on soul integration, death & dying, relationships, the 2012 shift, etc.

In Closing:

It’s an exciting time to be alive!  As always I wish you well on your SHIFT and look forward to hearing how your SHIFT is progressing.  SHIFTers unite!

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