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Wednesdays, May 25 – July 6, 2011, 5-6:30pm Pacific (with Jonathon Aslay)

Join Over-40 Online Dating Expert Jonathon Aslay and myself for this powerful, informative and fun 7-week self-exploration experience. Single, divorced, widowed? Ready to fluff up the relationship area of your life again (yes, you remember what that is!). Practical outer work methods (including the ins and outs of successful online dating) coupled with deep inner work (getting your own alignment in order as ‘like attracts like’). Lead by male/female facilitation duo for balanced masculine and feminine energies (you’ll be surprised by who carries what). Join Us Here.

Tuesdays, May 17-June 28, 5-6:30pm Pacific (The Teachings of THEO, with Sheila & Marcus Gillette)

Life is heating up all around us – earth alignments, political and economic upheavals, and threats to our ecology … what’s an intuitive, creative, spiritual person to do? Resist? Give up? Or, learn how to effectively engage with the time of awakening that is upon us. It’s my pleasure to announce a new and very timely online collaboration with The THEO Group. Expand your perspective on the intensity of our current times (it’s a good thing) and learn how to raise your vibration while lessening your resistance – to create a joyous and secure soul-directed life. ***DETAILS COMING SOON***

Public Workshop. May 19-21, 2011, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

87% of our clients, co-workers and colleagues are Visual Thinkers … isn’t it smart to learn how to engage them in the style they prefer?! Add “Interactive-Graphics” to enhance YOUR consulting, facilitation, training or coaching with groups or individuals. Hands-on, direct mentoring with seasoned female pro in this lucrative niche. This professional skills training equips you with the base skills to do Custom Chart Work, Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Coaching — the four main applications of working visually to enhance strategic thinking, decision-making and performance and to reduce conflict, misunderstandings and confusion. FYI: all artistic levels welcome, you DO NOT need to be an artist to effectively employ this client-pleasing method. Full Details and Online Registration ***SOLD OUT, WAITLIST BEING TAKEN***

Consider a Private Workshop Instead.

Mondays, 5pm Pacific (drop-in coaching … join the weekly community today!)

Join the growing SHIFT-IT Community! Christina’s private coaching schedule is full with Accelerator and VIP clients, however she’s accessible for others who want to make their SHIFTs too. This weekly tele-program offers very affordable drop-in coaching in a community atmosphere. Draw your vision, erase your resistance and get into aligned action! Includes full audio library (downloadable mp3s and forum when you can’t join us live). Join Us Here.

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