[Biz Essentials for Process Professionals] Birth Announcement & Special for 5 Days Only

For New and Seasoned Process Professionals:
Consultants, Facilitators, Trainers, Speakers, Coaches, Counselors,
Visual Practitioners, Bodyworkers, etc.

bizbasics-storkBuild Or Revamp Your 50-300K
Solo Practice or Small Biz

Students in my winter and spring classes heard me promise I’d have our new Biz Essentials for Process Professionals (Home Study Course) ready by the summer. Well, I’m happy to announce that it’s finally here … the stork dropped it off this morning!

To celebrate the launch of this highly anticipated new Self Paced course I’m listing it at a Special Launch Rate for the next five days: July 17 – July 21st (scroll down for details) — to reward those of you who have so patiently been waiting for it!



“Business Essentials for Process Professionals” my new 10-Module Home Study Course, expertly guides you to define who you are NOW and how to successfully market your process work into the local or global marketplace … so you attract your ideal clients (yes, they are out there in abundance!) and live a life of effective, lucrative and enjoyable service!

Many Process Workers are good at their craft (right brain), but unfortunately many are poor at the business side of their solopreneur practice or small business (left brain). This course, in language and values easily understood by us process types, educates you on the holistic business strategies to get to the $50-300K level and provides built-in implementation support.


20percentoffPreviously my ‘Outer Work Model’ (the foundation of this course) has only been available to students in our longer-term masterminds or live online programs. Starting today, this practical and much needed info is offered, for the first time ever, in a condensed Home Study format (with a special launch rate for the first five days only).



The 10 eLearning Modules Are:

1. WISE INSPIRATION (bravely listen to the hints and nudges from your Inner Wisdom about what you are meant to do and be);

2. THE RIGHT IDENTITY & BRAND (branding expert Jocelyn Ring Siman directs how to properly position yourself and your skills, with HIGH authenticity).

3. PROPER STRUCTURE (properly organize the banking, legal and accounting sides of your practice to ensure a strong and steady foundation for years to come);

4. SOLID OFFERINGS (create services and products that both your clients and you love … that reflect your unique gifts and skills … a genuinely effective sales funnel);

5. EFFECTIVE MARKETING AND SALES (the meat of our program … how to understand, communicate with, and attract your ideal clients, with special emphasis on web methods);

6. SMART SOCIO-TECH SYSTEMS (wonderful technology that helps you automate mundane tasks that eat time and how to build effective people teams, whether sub-contractors or staff);

7. CONSCIOUS ADAPATION OR CLOSURE (how to continually adapt your business to follow your inspirations and those of your clients … and when to bring a conscious death to pursue other ventures be they professional or personal);

8-10. LIVE LABS (three incubator sessions where you view laser coaching of Process Professionals implementing the model); ADDITIONAL COACHING (plus add 3 private coaching sessions for even deeper support and implementation); Don’t get stuck as a helper type who doesn’t know how to properly manifest your calling and mission. Being a Helping Professional isn’t synonymous with sacrifice and scarcity … it’s about win/win and living sustainably.

ADDITIONAL COACHING (plus add 3 private coaching sessions for even deeper support and implementation);

Whether you are a consultant, content expert, facilitator, coach, counselor, scribe, bodyworker, etc. … don’t get stuck as a conscientious helper type (all heart) who doesn’t know how to properly manifest the practical side of your calling.

Being a Helping Professional isn’t synonymous with sacrifice and scarcity … it should be about win/win and enjoyably sustaining yourself via your properly developed skills and business suave.


For those that are a match to this opportunity at this time, I look forward to coaching you to greater success and fulfillment in your Process Based Business!

Even if you aren’t quite ready to launch or revamp your solo practice or small biz this red hot second, I invite you to nab this information now (at the special launch rate) so you have it in your pocket for when you are ready to flick your switch!

Yours in conscious expansion,
Christina Merkley
The SHIFT-IT Coach

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P.P.S. Want to learn how to work visually with groups and/or individuals? FYI, a reminder that our fall Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals is currently on Early Bird, 15 spots currently left.

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