Shift in the Storm – Two Unique Programs Coming Up

Hope you and yours are okay, as our collective world storms. The curse of living in exciting times.

If you need support, I’ve got two unique online programs coming up. Both help with transition, in their own unique ways.


First up is SHIFT-IT Online with my signature SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System®.

Use the power of Working Visually, to contact your deepest wisdom about Self, Life and the next things you need to do or be.

Doesn’t matter whether you are an accomplished artist or can’t draw a stick figure — everyone can use SHIFT-IT Maps to enhance clarity during transitional times.

9 Live Zoom Webinars: January 21 – 23, 2022

* Pre-requisite for Visual Coach Certification

** Also available in Kit format if course times don’t work.

Shift Into Cryptos with caricature sketch of Christina Merkely and Siobhan Chandler signature thumbnail for Chanel and Christina10 WEEK ONLINE COURSE:

So many of our systems are transitioning, including financial.

For years my inner guidance nudged me to get into this space. It finally got so loud that I did!

In this new offering, I bring the people, information and know-how that helped me. A primer on how to safely buy, sell and store digital assets. For folks with little or no experience with crypto-currencies. Don’t be left behind during this monumental shift!

10 Live Zoom Webinars: February 17 – April 21, 2022
Thursdays, Noon-1:30 pm Pacific Time


Hang in there as humanity goes through a tough time. Out of the contrast will come much-needed change and evolution … behold we make all things new!

Yours in SHIFTing IT,

Christina Merkley,
Visual Facilitator and Coach

Following on the heels of these two are Visual Coach Certification and Fast & Loose Sketch Club. Click here for full 2022 course line-up.

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