Business Essentials for Creative Process Professionals

Achieve YOUR picture of success with a $50,000 – $300,000 practice.


7 Sessions: Tuesdays, 3-4:30pm
Nov. 12 – Jan. 14  (off: Nov 26, Dec 24 & 31)
Deluxe: Jan. 28, Feb. 11 & 25

4:00 Mountain, 5:00 Central, 6:00 Eastern, Morning Austral-Asia. Late for Europeans (participate via recordings if you aren’t a night owl).

See Time Converter to convert times to your zone

Join our community of Process Professionals who work with groups or individuals within organizations or in their own practice. Process Professionals are Consultants, Facilitators, Trainers, Coaches, Speakers, Counselors, Leaders, Managers, Therapists,  and Graphic Recorders/Scribes.

Also other creatives (Artists, Content Experts/Authors, Musicians, etc.) who are building new businesses or taking existing ones to the next level.

You can skip the hyped hacks and materialistic tactics and instead learn solid biz building and necessary energy alignment fundamentals to create a business that’s aligned with your special gifts and core values.

Get the authentic help you need to scale your business to the level of success you desire as a solo practice or small business.

  • Even if you’ve never been self employed before
  • Even if you’re currently working within an organization (but have plans to go out on your own)
  • Even if you’ve been in business for a while and are ready for more
  • Even if you’re an introvert and are shy
  • Even if you’re very values or spiritually driven
  • Even if you’ve only got a intuitive hunch or nudge
  • Even if you’re not entirely sure what you want to build yet

One of the hardest things about being a Process Professional, after you have acquired the deep knowledge you need to be a skilled helper, is figuring out the core business fundamentals and how to make a sustainable living. It’s even worse when you love your work, but the opportunities aren’t coming in as consistently as you’d like and you don’t understand why and what you are doing wrong.

To go self-employed and/or get to your next level of development if you already are in business, you need a solid outer plan of action AND a solid inner base of authentic energetic alignment.

We are your supportive guides and colleagues who see you, want you to manifest your role in the world, and compassionately but firmly move you through your fear, resistance and other bullshit to get you to the other side where your successful Future Self lives!

Introducing: Business Essentials for Creative Process Professionals

This 7-session online (LIVE) program teaches you how to define, build or refresh your solo practice or business. Plus, we’ve designed a Deluxe Option with three additional integration sessions plus private coaching with both Christina Merkley and Jocelyn Ring (so we can personally help you to digest and apply to your unique circumstances).

This is ideal for you if:

  • Your practice or business is in or you want get in to the $50K-300K range;
  • You’re a Process Professional – Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Counselor, Leader, Manager, HR Director, Therapist, Graphic Recorder;
  • You’re an Artist, Musician, Content Expert/Author, or other creative professional;
  • You’ve taken Christina’s Visual Skills courses and you want to turn your new skills into a career;
  • You’re a go-getter who likes instruction, structure, and support;
  • You’re currently working at an organization and getting ready to go out on your own;
  • You’ve been in business for a while, you’re feeling a shift (within yourself or in the marketplace) so it’s time for a refresh your business model and brand;
  • You align with personal values of integrity, substance, and authenticity;
  • You know business is GOOD! It’s a give/receive relationship that is win/win; 
  • You enjoy programs that are a DEEP DIVE (not slapping together surface level tactics);
  • You enjoy learning about new modalities for business building and personal growth;
  • You want to build a business that is authentic to who you are and how you show up most powerfully;
  • You’re realistic that it takes good information PLUS the commitment to implement;
  • You’re OK with feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Emotional vulnerability, nerves, and fear are welcomed and compassionately understood. AND, we won’t let your emotions get the best of you;
  • You’re ready to lead the growth of your business rather than looking to others to do so.

Now Is The Time

It’s game time, people. A shift is happening. All hands are needed on deck.  This is the time that all Process Professionals have been training for.  Don’t let your fear, ignorance or confusion about business get in the way of you standing solidly in your important service offering … the world needs you to confidently handle your piece of the change puzzle! i can do that, c merkley

This is a different kind of business building course. You become part of a community and a team in a supportive environment facilitated by two seasoned business owners that want you to succeed … who both have very unique service offerings and impressive track records.  The container we create for you and your classmates is one of:

  • Alignment
  • Support
  • Collaboration
  • Abundance
  • Success–we want you to succeed!

We all have a piece to play out in the world–you have your own unique talents, skills and voice. We (and your classmates) will help you own it.

It’s time to take “your thing” to the next level. Instead of holding back, being paralyzed by “Impostor’s Syndrome” or having fears around “being seen” (both totally normal fears we can help soothe) it’s time to be proud of yourself, your work and your contribution.

Don’t let the overwhelm of a sea of marketing techniques stop you. You can find the things that work for you and create a business that’s in alignment. This program is NOT going to tell you that bigger is better, that you need a massive platform, that you need to reach everyone in the world to make an impact.

It’s one thing to learn it, it’s another thing to apply it in a practical way to a money making business. I cannot thank you enough!

Lynn Thomas, Visual Christian Coach“Being a Professional Coach already, I was a little unsure as to “what”, exactly, I would gain from Visual Coach Certification … until I dove in and went through the program. Being more “left brained” I was a little nervous about learning to use the visual tools. Wow! Using visuals with my clients has been a GAME-CHANGER. I am SO grateful for your mentoring and tools. It’s easy to learn (with practice, practice, practice) and, more importantly, to implement. I now use visuals on a regular basis with my clients. You are a patient, giving, articulate coach who has a unique gift of helping the motivated learn things that are outside of their usual comfort zone. Your classes and resources are useful, practical and challenging. Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals was inspirational, to say the least. And THANK YOU for Biz Essentials for Creative Process Professionals. It’s one thing to learn it, it’s another thing to apply it in a practical way to a money making business. I cannot thank you enough.”

Lynn Thomas
Visual Christian Coach
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

You’ll Learn

  • Why you never start at “the beginning” because business building is an evolutionary process;
  • How to evolve your brand and business – your biz will experience shifts and changes throughout its life;
  • When it’s time to adjust, refresh or completely “rebrand” and how to know the difference;
  • How to find the tools and systems that fit you;
  • What is means to “be visible” and how you can create marketing that’s aligned with the way you express;
  • Why following someone else’s framework (even ours) to the letter is not a good strategy;
  • How to embrace and learn from the nagging inner critic in your head – befriend your resistance;
  • 3 steps to define your unique selling proposition to grab the attention of your ideal clients;
  • What systems you can put in place to offload the tasks you don’t like to do;
  • How to find often overlooked sources for things you need;
  • Why understanding and managing your energy is an essential business skill!


Our holistic approach is a marriage of both outer AND inner work. We are both very strong in linear/logical (left brain) AND creative/emotional (right brain). We know that BOTH brain hemispheres are required in order to be a successful Process Professional (whether you are consciously aware of it or not).

We meet LIVE for 7 interactive online sessions to cover the curriculum modules and Deluxe members continue on with three additional integration sessions and private coaching with the two of us.

We cover:

Module 1:


In Module 1 we look at Inspiration … the idea, hunch or urge that niggles at you … the thing that wants to manifest through YOU. If you are new to self-employment or entrepreneurship, it’s the craft, practice or business that you want to launch (even if you are apprehensive, nervous or downright scared … and don’t know yet how to do it). If you are already in business, it’s the thing that now wants to be birthed … the evolutionary whisper, rumble or shout that urges you to change, transition, or revamp (even though, or sometimes because, you inhabit a nice comfort level … but part of you doesn’t want to stop there because it knows there is more for you to evolve to). And it wants you to GO FOR IT!

Module 2:


Embedded in Inspiration is rich data about your emergent Identity and Brand. Branding Consultant Jocelyn Ring Siman explains the necessary yet sometimes exasperating brand discovery process – how to extract what your business identity truly is (at this point in time) and how to effectively brand around that core. And how authenticity, congruency and ‘being who you really are’ serves you and attracts your Ideal Client. You’ll learn how to lead and evolve your brand as your business matures.

Bonus Video:

Also included in Module 2, is a Bonus Video by Tamsyn Hawkins (one of our Certified Visual Coaches) who shares helpful info on the role of “Archetypes” in crafting your brand … something we weave consciously into SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc.

Module 3:


With a clear identity and brand we now turn to the Structural Basics that create a secure foundation for your business. The legal, banking, bookkeeping and accounting “Must Haves” … that create a strong girding for the services and/or products that you offer your Ideal Clients.

Bonus Video:

Interview with Christina’s Bookkeeping Partner, who has been an integral part of her business since 2005.

Module 4:


Now that you know who you truly are and the clients you serve, we next turn to the topic of Offerings … the tangible services and/or products you offer (or want to offer) the marketplace. Plus how to construct an effective Sales Funnel at various price points … and realistic pace expectations (not everything can (or should) happen this Red Hot Minute … its best to take an “Evolutionary Perspective”.

Module 5:


Yes, you have built Structural Basics into your Business but in this day and age you also must consider the role of Socio-Tech Systems too — the people (virtual contractors or in-person employees) and technology that help you effectively serve your clients (web tools: sites, blogs, stats, security, software, hardware, payment options, automation aids, etc). Where you play (or want to) on the $50-300K scale determines the extent of the people and tech systems you build over time.

Bonus Video:

Interview with Christina’s Advanced Tech Assistant, (who explains the ins and outs of how to find and work with a “Virtual Assistant”.

Module 6:


For some, this is a dreaded topic but rest assured it need not be. Marketing & Sales is a necessary part of any business and from personal experience, I share how it can also be fun and enjoyable (even for those who are naturally shy). Also, implementation of online strategies is key in our business … so I share my very valuable “Online Model” for effective and ethical internet outreach, including how to find your sweet spot with Social Media.

Bonus Video:

Interview with the fabulous Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy. Lorrie is a seasoned top-rate Copywriter from Los Angeles, California, who shares extremely helpful tips on how to write “Conscious Copy” … sales and marketing copy with integrity and clean values. Also included is a ‘Visual Process Map” that Christina created with Lorrie that explains her Speed Copywriting System.

Module 7:


Business is an organic, alive process. You may operate for years but one day reach a crossroads … decide whether to keep going and make adaptations (cycle thru model again with a refined inspiration) or to close shop. In Module 7 we discuss the role of adaptation — or, alternatively, how to bring a ‘conscious death’ to your biz if your inspiration has run dry. Far from taboo, the discussion of the death of your biz could lead to the birth of a new one, or blossom other areas of life instead.

Bonus Video:

Panel Interview with Past SHIFT-IT Alums who have successfully applied The Outer Work Model to their own practices (fascinating to hear which strategies they applied and their results … different personality types and different content areas gravitate to certain strategies over others).

For Deluxe members

Modules 8-10:


Following the formal Curriculum Sessions, there are three “Live Lab Incubator Sessions” centered on coaching for the specific needs of Deluxe Members. Be coached through the spots you aren’t sure of, or where resistance raises its ugly head. These sessions are also an opportunity to apply the 8th element of the process (that works concurrently with the seven stages) — the cultivation of a Positive Mindset. We’re happy to help SHIFT your attitude about what is possible and possible for you!


Christina Merkley is a seasoned Visual Practitioner specializing in Organizational Development and Change Management with a niche in Strategic Planning and Visioning with groups and individuals. Self-employed since 2001 she’s a well respected trainer and mentor in the Graphic Recording /Graphic Facilitation field having trained 2500+ including many prominent personalities in the field. In 2009 she experienced a ‘kundalini awakening’ which enhanced her already existing intuitive abilities, which help her receive useful information about you, your circumstances and your role in the world.  More info see


Jocelyn Ring is a seasoned brand strategist, facilitator and leadership coach specializing in helping businesses uncover and market their uniqueness. After a successful Wall Street financial career she’s been happily self-employed since 2004, Her current clients are Fortune 500 organizations and niche small businesses in healthcare, technology, manufacturing, creative services, coaching and consulting. She integrates 40 years of horse experience with 20+ years of corporate suave to powerfully hold space for clients in the boardroom and out in the field – where the horses read and mirror the real truth of your energy. For more info see



Business Essentials for Creative Process Professionals is offered via 7 Weekly 90-Minute Webinars.


Tuesdays, 3-4:30 pm Pacific, November 12, 2019 – January 14, 2020 
(off: Nov 26, Dec 24 & 31)

4:00 Mountain, 5:00 Central, 6:00 Eastern, Morning Austral-Asia. Late for Europeans (participate via recordings if you aren’t a night owl).  See Time Converter to convert times to your zone.

For Deluxe Purchasers: Three Additional 90-Minute Webinars
Tuesdays, 3-4:30 pm Pacific on Jan. 28, Feb. 11 & 25


This is an online course conducted via live webinars. There is no travel required, you simply connect from your own geographic location via the digital device of your choice (computer, mobile phone or tablet). Dial-in toll numbers for Canada, the U.S., and other regions are also available. All sessions are fully Video Recorded for easy replay should you need to miss a session and want to review it at a later time.


We use Zoom Web Conference technology and a handy online forum to host this training. At the appointed time, you join us online via your computer, tablet or mobile phone (you simply click a link that is sent to you via email).  During the weekly live webinars, Christina and Jocelyn deliver the course material and interact with each other, you and your classmates.

Plus, we also provide a private online forum, which allows communication throughout the length of the course and beyond. The forum is an integral part of this program. Through it, you post your assignments and read the posts of your colleagues. We read and comment in the forum and give you individualized feedback via additional Q&A time after each webinar.


Basic Members: 

  • The NING community for you to review materials, post questions, connect with your classmates
  • 7 90-Minute Curriculum Videos (and Downloadable MP3 Recordings for Easy Portability);
  • 7 Presentation Notes (PDFs of Visual PowerPoint Shared During Videos);
  • Brand Planning Worksheets (by Jocelyn Ring);
  • 2 Visual Coaching eBooks (Magnetism Map and Orphan Rescue);
  • Accounting Examples (Bookkeeper: Chart of Accounts, Balance Sheet, Income Statement);
  • Memo of Understanding Examples (client contracts from my consulting, facilitation and coaching practice);

Deluxe Members:

  • Three 90-Minute Integration Sessions (and Downloadable MP3 Recordings for Easy Portability);
  • 1 45-Minute Private Coaching Session with Christina Merkley
  • 1 45-Minute Private Coaching Session with Jocelyn Ring


  • Five 90-Minute Bonus Videos (and Downloadable MP3 Recordings for Easy Portability);
  • NING Summary (PDF of Forum Notes, 99 Pages from a past offering)
  • Branding worksheets “Crafting Your Unique Brand Voice,” “Lead Your Brand” and “From Messy to Mission”

Yes, I Want Business Essentials for Creative Process Professionals …


Please select the membership level of your choice.  Repeater Rate is offered for those who have taken this program previously (either the live online class or the Home Study Kit, including those who received the Kit via Visual Coach Certification and the Biz & Life Accelerator back in the day).


7 Curriculum Webinar videos (90 minutes)

5 Bonus Videos

Video & Mp3 Recordings of All Sessions

Participant Forum.

Membership in Interactive-Visuals eCommunity.

2. DELUXE MEMBER: $1,497.00

Everything in the Basic Package Plus:

Plus 3 Additional Group Integration Sessions

One Private 45-Minute Coaching Session with Christina Merkley.

One Private 45-Minute Coaching Session with Jocelyn Ring.



Have you previously taken this program previously (either the live online class or the Home Study Kit, including those who received the Kit via Visual Coach Certification and the Biz & Life Accelerator back in the day)  The Repeater Option for the online training is now specially priced for alumni. 


Please Note:
* Fees are in Canadian Funds, see for conversion
* Plus applicable taxes for Canadian residents.
* Payment plans are legal contracts to be fulfilled per terms stated.
* The 1 pay is the most affordable option, as payment plans include additional fees. First payment immediate, then pulled every 30 days until complete.

SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Terms and Conditions.

A Thought Partner To Help Me Take My Consultancy To The Next Level

“In the past year, I’ve been in two of Christina’s courses: Fundamentals of Interactive Visuals and the Magic Marker Mastermind. I’m about to launch into her Biz Essentials for Creative Process Professionals and expect that I’ll continue to study with Christina in the years to come because it’s been an invaluable investment of my time and money.

As a solo practitioner, I was looking for a thought partner to help me take my consultancy to the next level. Three partnerships later, enter Christina. She offered just what I needed through her visual skills training, advanced mastermind and private coaching.

Christina’s first class got me started. Her focus on process and exposure to the four ways of working visually helped me learn what I wanted to know and, most importantly, to distinguish myself in the marketplace. I integrate visuals in my facilitation work and provide sketchnoting for live events.

In Magic Marker Mastermind I further refined my style and honed in on the business questions I needed to explore. I see how Christina builds her business as she models the behaviors she teaches and shares valuable insider tips on how to work with visuals more effectively.

Christina has such useful breadth and depth. She’s comfortable in the roles of teacher, coach, mentor, and peer. Through her I’ve learned what it means to live with an abundant mindset as she’s graciously shares insights, processes and network. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level I highly suggest her curriculum. Christina helps you find your edge in the business world and take your enterprise where you dream it to go.”

Jenny Trautman
Atlanta, Georgia
Visual Process Consultant

Things Previous Biz Essentials Clients Have Manifested:

  • Deep Acknowledgment of Inspiration (know they are right about what they want to do, that they do have smart & good ideas!);
  • Clarity on Identity and Brand (created biz colors, logos, banners, styles sheets, etc. );
  • Reached Decision on Correct Entity Structure (Sole Prop, LLC, Inc.);
  • Reached Decision on Name of Business and Title of Their Role (some after years of mulling);
  • Created Home Office and Work Space (one converted her garage for Visual Facilitation work);
  • Bought Separate Office (one person even bought a summer cabin that she holds retreats at!);
  • Implemented Correct Money Procedures (went to bank, set up proper accounts, got biz credit line, biz credit card, etc);
  • Arranged Online Payment Options, including Recurring Plans (Paypal, Visa/MC, merchant account, shopping cart);
  • Found and Hired Good Bookkeeper and Accountant Partners (rather than the proverbial shoebox!);
  • Found and Hired Good Website, Tech and/or Customer Service Help (many got their first Virtual Assistant (saying they should have done this so much sooner!), several larger clients brought in Part-Time Marketing Assistants or expanded existing team in other ways);
  • Launched First Website (or smartly improved existing one, including adding in blog, social media and other handy apps);
  • Created Valuable “Free Goodies” and added to site(s) as Education and List Building Strategy;
  • Implemented Correct DataBase Collection Procedures (now following proper anti-spam procedures and has one, integrated list (rather that several separate small lists);
  • Got Clarity on Offerings (canned or revamped old offerings that no longer served and created new ones (also developed ‘progressive programs’ out of client’s remaining needs … picked up money they had been leaving on the table);
  • Expanded Marketing and Sales Results (broke through sales and marketing resistance, expanded into Social Media, implemented proper marketing campaigns (built-in enough time to properly seed, fill and launch programs);
  • Improved Client Intake and Contracting Process (landed more clients in an easier, more clear way);
  • Raised Rates (and realized nobody blinked an eye … and kicked self for not doing sooner!);
  • Moved into Online Programs and/or Developed Products for Sale (got over visibility issues to stand up much more confidently both online and in-person);
  • Added Handy Automation Tricks to Make Client Attraction, Fulfillment and Follow-Up Much Easier and Less Labor Intensive;
  • Brought a ‘Conscious Death’ to Their Operation (for some this course brought the important and valuable realization that it was time to end their previous venture and move onto other pastures … a few seasoned consultants used this program to plan their segue into semi-retirement, with a part-time consulting practice on the side).

Any of these land for you?! Then Biz Essentials for Creative Process Professionals is a must-have to strategically build your next chapter!

This is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not open to a holistic approach to business that incorporated deep inner work.
  • Emotional processing or sharing vulnerabilities makes you uncomfortable.
  • You think that business success, clients and money just fall in one’s lap or should be an overnight manifestation.
  • You continue to beat negative drums of lack, scarcity, and negativity.
  • You think business is greedy and that people should not charge for services in a way that’s in alignment with the time and effort put into building and delivering the products and services
  • You think by taking this course, it’s OK to copy and/or mimic in your own offerings. Plagiarizers need not register.

Logistics & FAQ

Q: Is this for me if I haven’t launched my business yet?
A: Previous clients have joined Business Essentials for Creative Process Professionals before they left their corporate job. They wanted to have the right foundation in place before they went out on their own. If you’ve got a skill set and experience that you want to translate into your own solo practice or business, then you can make BE4PP work for you.

Q: If I’ve been in business for a while, will I have to “start over?”
A: No, you’ll be able to use this to refresh or revamp your business using what you’ve built as a foundation.

Q: Is this pre-recorded material?
A: No, these are live sessions. We’ll meet via Zoom. More coaching available in the Deluxe option.

Q: What are the dates for the Live Sessions?
A: Tuesdays: 3-4:30 pm pacific 7 sessions for ALL members

Nov. 12, 19, 2019 
Dec. 3, 10,  17, 2019
Jan. 7, 14, 2020

Deluxe members Live Lab Integration sessions Jan. 28, Feb. 11, & Feb. 25, 2020

Q: What if I can’t make all the Live sessions?
A: All sessions will be recorded and you’ll have access to them for the lifetime of the course–or forever if you download them.

Q: Is there a Facebook Group with this program?
A: No. You’ll have access to the NING platform which is much more robust and interactive for getting to know your classmates.


Helped me successfully process dynamics occurring in my practice.

Kelcy Benedict

“I circled around Christina’s work for a couple of years before jumping in. I love group facilitation and am always researching ways to help groups have richer conversations and engage them in the process. When I found her site I was just starting to understand this body of work called Graphic Facilitation and was seeking resources to develop my skills.

What struck me when I found her was how effectively she integrates graphic illustrations and templates as part of the group process and with coaching! I thought it was brilliant.

I chose to make it all about me first so I started with The SHIFT-IT Home Study Kit. I loved how extensive and complete it was. This enabled me to work through it on my own and on my own schedule.

Next, I studied Business Essentials for Process Professionals, the deluxe version with the one-on-one coaching calls with her. They were awesome and helped me successfully process some dynamics occurring in my practice.

Currently, I’m working my way through the Fundamental of Interactive-Visuals Kit in preparation for the Magic Marker Retreat coming up in Victoria, British Columbia. I’m SO EXCITED to engage this work in person with her and the other participants!

I’m really supported as I integrate these powerful new skills into my work with organizations, teams and personal growth groups. Thanks Christina!”

Kelcy Benedict
Senior Facilitator and Consultant
Facilitation Plus Inc.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Entrepreneurship is a new arena for me so this program was so valuable

Dr. Rita Smith Certified Visual Coach

“Christina tops my professional gratitude list! I knew of her stellar reputation and took 2 flights, a bus, a train, a ferry and a seaplane to work in person with her!

During my incredible private Visual Skills training I learned so much about working visually with both groups and individuals and was also introduced to the Law of Attraction.

Her mentoring led me to become an ICF Certified Coach and to deeply explore LOA principles.

I then secured The SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit. The visual maps and overall process was life changing. This important reflection was a catalyst for me to “retire” from 35 years in corporations and become a “solopreneur”.

Entrepreneurship is a new arena for me so Business Essentials for Process Professionals was invaluable. As with all her programs Christina generously shares her knowledge, practical resources, and personal experiences. The accompanying private coaching was extremely useful to apply the concepts to my own situation.

My most recent (notice I did not use the term ‘last’!) adventure is successfully completing Visual Coach Certification. This credential equips me with the skills and confidence to use her SHIFT-IT System with my own clients, and it broadened my overall coaching abilities too, including adding distance sessions to my repertoire (via web conference and digital tablet).

Christina is always cutting edge with her use of technology to enhance learning and student collaboration. Given that she is a life-long learner and innovator, I look forward to my next learning experience with her!”

Dr. Rita Smith
Certified Visual Coach
Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Read More Testimonials


Come Grow or Revamp Your Practice Via

Biz Essentials for Creative Process Professionals …

In closing, thank you for your interest in Biz Essentials for Creative Process Professionals … and more importantly, for your drive to manifest congruent and successful work. Our own paths to work that satisfies and sustains, like yours, has been a fascinating journey, … full of adventure and strengthened by necessary challenges at times too. We wish you well on your path, from one traveler to another. And salute you as you GO FOR IT. Our world needs as many skilled and sustainable Process Professionals as it can get, and we look forward to being a witness to your transformation!

Yours in SHIFTing IT,


Need Help? My assistant is available at and 1-866-925-2351.


New Job Opportunities Have Opened Up Due To My Newly Acquired Skillset. The Investment Was Completely Worth It

“Thank you Christina for your spirit of sharing with the Fundamentals of Working Visually. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Your approach to teaching gave me permission to try something new and tap into my creative spirit.

I really liked the session flow, variety of activities, opportunity to practice and to just try things and get dirty. I also found the info around business, marketing and logistics to be very useful.

Since the training I have been incorporating working visually into my work. I have used my new skills with youth and adults and the response has been positive each time. A new world of tools to use in presenting information and facilitating processes has opened up.

People have come up to me at the end of sessions to tell me how the visuals helped them stay engaged and increased their understanding. They also want to know where I learned to do this and I happily send them your way!

I have wanted to learn how to work visually since I first saw it in action. Your training made this work accessible and possible. Enrolling was not easy due to my financial situation as a grad student, however, new job opportunities have opened up because of my newly acquired skill set. The investment was completely worth it.

I have fun now presenting info visually and so happy to have an excuse to draw and colour. I have also participated in the Working Visually eCommunity drop-in webinars for your grads and enjoy making them a part of my monthly routine. And just got your Business Essentials for Process Professionals Kit for further support. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills so openly and generously.”

Susana Guardado
Counsellor, Trainer & Facilitator
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I use the skills, knowledge and awareness I have developed through working with Christina on a daily basis

“I was introduced to the concept of graphic facilitation many years ago through the use of PATHS and MAPS with individuals who have disabilities and their support networks. Through this work, I gained a sense of both the practicality of this modality as well as the ‘magical’ side of working visually, which whetted my appetite for more knowledge and skills.

As a process professional and light worker that supports individuals, groups and families, I was eager to find someone who could teach this approach in more depth, help me to understand where the magic in visual work lies and show me how to intentionally bring it forward. Living in central Canada, I began my search for a course to improve my graphic facilitation skills that was accessible online and found Christina! I began working with Christina through her Fundamentals of Working Visually course and immediately found a kindred spirit. I have since gleefully run the gamut of her offerings, making my way through her online Shift-It course, Visual Coaching Certification and Practical Energy Work. I am currently winding my way through the Business Essentials for Process Professionals Home Study course.

Christina brings a unique mix of skill, knowledge and deep wisdom to her teaching and coaching that can only be offered by someone who has done significant process, growth and healing work for themselves. She continues to courageously walk the path of her own inner and outer work and deeply understands the vulnerability, strength, and gifting that lies within each person she works with.

I use the skills, knowledge and awareness I have developed through working with Christina on a daily basis, whether it is applying graphic facilitation approaches with clients, coaching people with the SHIFT-IT system, supporting clients who are working through healing from trauma or calling forward elements from Practical Energy Work for my own journey. Christina’s mix of proven facilitation and coaching methods combined with both quantum approaches and ancient wisdom is cutting edge and I am thrilled to be part of the network of professionals who are taking this work forward into the world. I extend great love and gratitude to Christina for sharing her gifts and for spring-boarding my life and livelihood beyond what I could have imagined!” 

Tracy Knutson
Certified Visual Coach &
Skilled Process Professional
Fort Qu’appelle, Saskatchewan

I couldn’t escape the ‘feeling’ that she was just what I was looking for. And if there is one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s to never ignore that ‘feeling’.

“When I originally found Christina I was looking for training in her visual communication style. I couldn’t escape the ‘feeling’ that she was just what I was looking for. And if there is one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s to never ignore that ‘feeling’.

Participating in her Fundamentals of Working Visually course changed my life in many positive ways.

Getting to know Christina further through her SHIFT-IT System and Business Essentials for Process Professionals opened my eyes even further into her wonderful spirit and her thoughtful and helpful processes.

So, when she created her new Practical Energy Work course my reaction was “Yes! This is perfect!” and I registered right away.

She has shared bits and pieces of the right-brain terrain through her newsletters however this course offers a deep dive into the topic overall and how it is of good use in our personal and professional lives.

Energy Work is expanding into more conventional circles. Having an interest already, I must say, once again, she and my cohort mates delighted me with the expanse of knowledge, curiosity, tools and genuine openness to questions and sharing.

I wasn’t really surprised because I just ‘knew’ it would be that way. If you’re wondering what that means, join the course if you’re drawn to it but don’t completely know why. You will learn about and reinforce your own right-brain gifts and be delighted with the international like-hearted group.”

Marion Freymann
I.T. Professional and Alternative Education Advocate
Florida, United States

An eye opener, especially with regards to figuring out my ideal clients, potential offerings, a company name and elevator pitch, and how to stay afloat financially

Judy Southwell Facilitator, Instructor, Trainer

“I have been involved in adult education for 25 years as an instructor, facilitator, and in curriculum design and program development. I really enjoy learning experiences where interactive, reflective and illustration methods are incorporated.

It is an ongoing goal of mine to illustrate confidently, use colour effectively, and instinctively use visual processing methods to interpret and apply information. It was for these reasons that I was drawn to Christina’s courses.

I’ve taken SHIFT-IT OnlineFundamentals of Working VisuallyBusiness Essentials for Process Professionals and, most recently, Magic Marker Retreat.

I enjoyed SHIFT-IT for its comprehensive documentation and helpful templates and loved using coloured pens and illustrations to bring clarity to the reflective exercises.

Fundamentals of Working Visually was a turning point. It is a really well designed online course. My learning was greatly enhanced through the combo of written materials, weekly lectures, Christina’s generous sharing of her knowledge and expertise, as well as the extra time to answer participants’ personal questions. Assignments were relevant, and it was fun to participate in the forum where co-learners shared projects and encouragement. I immersed myself–taking my sketch book everywhere (still do!).

Business Essentials was an eye-opener, especially with regards to figuring out my ideal clients, potential offerings, a company name and elevator pitch, and how to stay afloat financially. I took this course online and enjoyed taking my time to think about and refine project work. I also thoroughly enjoyed the video interviews with experts and past participants.

Magic Marker Retreat was a super opportunity to gather with other visual keeners in person. It was wonderful to see Christina apply her craft as she drew out classmates to shift and break through resistance. It was remarkable to see the profound insights that occurred.

I have applied visual processing most notably in the planning and implementation of Instructional Skills and Facilitator Development Workshops in Ghana via a CIDA project between Vancouver Island University and a polytechnic in Sunyani.

I designed a pre-workbook (with visual templates), and I also instructed trainee facilitators on how to draw icons and use headings and colour when generating purposeful feedback. Workshop participants took up their new skills with great enthusiasm and applied them really effectively to record feedback on flipcharts and chalkboards. It was also fun to watch the Ghanaian humour unfold through their icons!

A Ghanaian colleague recently asked when I would be going back to Sunyani so they can learn more about visual processing! I’m looking forward to exploring effective applications for visual processing in instructional and other settings in local and international environments.”

Judy Southwell
Facilitator, Instructor, Trainer Nanaimo,
British Columbia, Canada

Significant courses with lots of content. Flexibility of online technology accommodates my schedule nicely.

“When I found Christina’s work I was already aware of Graphic Recording and beginning to weave it into my work as a Speech Language Pathologist working in elementary schools and the community with children and their families.

I became VERY excited seeing the other ways that Visual Skills can be used especially studio ‘push’ pieces to simplify and communicate information and also interactively in process work with both groups and individuals. Lightbulbs flashed in my head as I saw the MANY places both professionally and personally where these methods are VERY useful for me and my future. And I’ve been off and running with my innovations ever since!

Given the range of areas that I can apply the visual methods and tools to, I decided to get the Combo Version of Visual Coach Certification … which secured me four wonderful courses: SHIFT-IT OnlineFundamentals of Working Visually, Visual Coach Certification and Business Essentials for Process Professionals.

Lisa Dymond. Speech Pathologist Serving BC & Yukon.

These are significant courses with lots of content, so it’s quite a commitment. However, the flexibility of online technology accommodates my schedule nicely. I catch live classes when I can and otherwise follow along via the recordings.

I also make good use of the opportunity the online forums provide to engage with my fellow classmates … lovely people from across the globe making their own shifts who share a love of the visual way of working and being.

Already my experiences have been a game-changer. I went from scratching my head wondering why I was feeling unhappy and unsure what to do, to feeling increased appreciation for all my opportunities that has led me to my now. I have tools to reflect on and use over and over to engage my enthusiasm for the future and to actively participate in allowing the greatest vision for my life to unfold.

I’m on a mission to weave this visual, creative, happy way of being into the realm of Speech Language Pathology and into my life overall. I’m truly grateful. Thank you, Christina!”

Lisa Dymond, M.Sc.
Registered Speech Language Pathologist
Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada

I’ve Been Pleasantly Delighted With How Open Minded And Curious Most Have Been And By The New People I’m Attracting.

“After the publication of my channeled book The Link, I knew my next step was to build a more public business around my clairaudient abilities. However, I was crippled with fear of being more known for my spiritual gifts and leaving my web developer career which had provided well for my family. After becoming ill and having a near-death experience, I knew I had to make this shift. Change can be frightening, so my Guide, Melody, led me to Christina for her specialized help. Even though I channel a very conscious being, my 3D personality self was worried about my transition. Christina’s SHIFT-IT System and Business Essentials for Process Professionals allowed my Left Brain to more deeply understand and accept what my Right Brain was doing. She helped me identify and heal trauma about ‘being different’ and ‘being seen’ that was standing in my way. I’m online now, selling my book, private Melody consults and my orgonite jewelry. Yes, some people who know me through my prior career have been surprised by this turn of events. However, I’ve been pleasantly delighted with how open-minded and curious most have been and by the new people I’m attracting. I enjoy seeing people benefit from the 5th Dimensional perspective. Melody and another Guide have me busily channeling more information, so more is materializing. Step by step. Thank you Christina for your support and encouragement. I’m excited by the changes that are taking place. You are a channel too … delivering messages and energy your way.”

Kendra Jonas Author and 5D Channel
Woodburn, Oregon, U.S.A.