Pointers from My Own SHIFT-IT Journey

This week I celebrate and relinquish an old identity and step fully into a new one – and boy does it feel good! After 12+ years as a strategic planning facilitator, change management consultant and graphic mapmaker – I am ‘folding up my flipchart stand’ so to speak, in order to focus exclusively on my… Read more »

My Furthest Visitor to Date

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of welcoming Yuko Matsumoto from Japan to my studio here in Victoria, British Columbia.  One of the benefits of having unique skills and being a teacher in such a rare field as graphic recording and graphic faciliation – is that I get to meet interesting people from all over… Read more »

Missing Your SHIFT-IT e-Zine?

Have you been missing your SHIFT-IT e-Zine?  New edition just went out today …. all about pointers from my own SHIFT-IT journey.  If you are on my ezine list and didn’t receive it – chances are you missed the notifications about my e-mail delivery change.   No problem – just go to sign up box on… Read more »

Be the Scriptwriter of Your Life

“Be a creator, rather than a regurgitator of what is”. How’s that for an opening line – out of the mouth of Abraham, my favorite Law of Attraction source. Couldn’t think of a better way to grab your attention – to the importance of getting your focus off of your present situation and onto what… Read more »

Fun Session with the A.W.E.

Hi there – Christina the SHIFT-IT Coach here.  I just got off the phone from a great tele-summit that I was a speaker at: The Association of Web Entrepreneurs Tele-Summit (see previously blog post).  I really love Sheri McConnell and the folks she attracts.  Writers, solopreneurs, etc who are gathering good information on how to… Read more »

Congratulations to The Grove on Their 30th!

My heartfelt congratulations to David Sibbet and The Grove Consultants International on their 30th Anniversary. David and The Grove (as they are affectionately known) are pioneers in the visual-interactive method of working with groups and organizations. David first coined the term “Group Graphics” to define the visual niche back in the 70s and he and… Read more »

VizThink Conference in San Francisco

Just got a note about an upcoming conference in San Francisco in January.  Looks like a pretty high-end affair bringing together the who’s who in the visual thinking industry.  Very diverse range of participants, trade show participants, speakers/facilitators and the like. From gaming, e-learning, academia … and even folks from my little niche side of… Read more »

The Astonishing Power of Emotions

FYI, Abraham-Hicks Publications (in partnership with Hay House), my favorite source for good Law of Attraction information – has just released their new book. The Astonishing Power of Emotions, is now available in major bookstores (online and brick & mortar). I’m off to the bookstore to get mine. Can’t wait for more good info and… Read more »

International Shift-It Group Forming

Break Through to Your Next Self!!! New SHIFT-IT Tele-group runs Sept. 16 – Oct. 28. What’s the ‘IT’ that you want to SHIFT? What do you secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) want that you don’t yet have? Is it a change in your work (more meaning, creativity, fun, a better alignment with your values),… Read more »