AWE Telesummit

Check this out: I and a great roster of other speakers, mentors, marketing gurus etc will be participating in a terrific tele-seminar series via the Association of Web Entrepreneurs. I love Sheri McConnell, the founder of this organization: bright, enthusiastic, inspiring, motivating, generous with her expertise  (and mother of four! … I don’t know how… Read more »

Law of Attraction Evening

As per the notice in my e-zine (The SHIFT-IT e-Zine) I hosted a Law of Attraction evening in my studio last Sunday. A chance for interested clients, colleagues, friends, etc to drop by and learn a little more about the Law of Attraction – in particular, about Abraham-Hicks, the teachers that I have found the… Read more »

Why Bother With a Personal Vision?

A few issues back I wrote a tips sheet on how to create a Vision Board (otherwise knows as vision collage, or treasure map). A great preliminary visioning exercise that helps you begin to define what it is you next want for yourself in your life. As discussed, there are lots of other ways to… Read more »

Trio for Training

Had a nice trio come to my studio for a shared training day in Meeting Graphics 101. Felicia and Denise (First Nations business facilitators/coaches) from the Vancouver area and Pat (internal OD professional from large healthcare firm) all the way from Austin, Texas. They shared one of my custom training days – where folks come… Read more »

Abraham-Hicks via Hay House Tele-call!

Hi all. Just a quick note that Abraham has hit the cybersphere. Instead of traveling to an in-person workshop, you can call in to experience them and ask a question. This is the first time they have done this on such a scale … if it goes well I bet there will be more of… Read more »

Peter Durand’s article on Graphic Facilitation in Contract Magazine

Colleague Peter Durand just sent out his newsletter, notifying us in the ‘interactive-graphics’ community about an article he wrote for Contract Magazine.  Peter is a very funny and talented guy … as is his writing.  He is also the creator of an awesome and diverse blog on all things visual and design related.  See… Read more »

My Beach Office

I mentioned in the e-zine that I was writing down at the beach, instead of being cooped up inside. I had a lot of conference room and airplane time last week, so couldn’t face being inside. Laptops are the greatest invention aren’t they, and an extra battery.This is Dallas Road beach, just a few blocks… Read more »

Definitions Chart

Definitions chart for Graphic Facilitation, etc. Originally uploaded by graphiccoach   As this field of Visual Practitioners grows, I’m finding it increasingly necessary with potential clients and with folks who attend my trainings to begin our conversation with a definition of terms. What exactly is it that my client is wanting when they use the… Read more »