How to Create a Vision Board

Its an oldie but a goodie, the Vision Board exercise. Sometimes called a Vision Collage, Dream Board, Treasure Map, Vision Map, etc. A wonderful, graphic way to help define and align with what you really, really want for yourself in the future. In the movie The Secret (introductory movie on Law of Attraction principles), there… Read more »

Investigate Your Now

I am mid-way thru facilitating a great SHIFT-IT Tele-group. Over the course of 7 conference calls, I’m working with a fabulous group of folks from around all over (England, New Zealand, Holland, U.S. and Canada), thru my SHIFT-IT Graphic Coaching Process.  We are on Stage 3 of the process called ‘Investigate Your Now’.  In this… Read more »

National Association of Women Writers

I had the pleasure of being one of eight speakers for the National Association of Women Writers’ Annual Tele-Summit last week.  This event was jammed packed with information on all aspects of the craft and lifestyle of writing: legal, creativity, brand & platform, magnetic marketing, traditional and non-traditional publishing routes, etc.  I was the last speaker… Read more »

New SHIFT-IT Tele-Group Has Begun (join until the 24th)

 A  new series of the SHIFT-IT Tele-group has just begun. This seven call tele-coaching group runs February 18 – April 1. We had our first call on Sunday morning. A great kick-off with participants from all over the globe: Canada, U.S., England, Netherlands and New Zealand. Using conference calls and a special webpage for downloads… Read more »

Insights From the Abraham-Hicks Cruise

I just spent 15 blissful days on a Hawaiian cruise. I chose this particular cruise because it was hosted by Abraham-Hicks my favorite Law of Attraction teachers. Abraham-Hicks is a hyphenated name because it represents two different partners. One partner is Esther Hicks (and Jerry Hicks her husband). Esther is a very sweet Texan woman… Read more »

Homage to Michael Doyle

The facilitation community, and particularly the graphic facilitation community, is feeling the loss of one of our great leaders, mentors and icons … Micheal Doyle.  Mr. Doyle died January 29th in San Francisco.  Michael was foundational in putting facilitation on the map, in terms of a separate and valued professional role.  And was instrumental in… Read more »

Law of Attraction on Oprah

Law of Attraction is really hitting the airwaves.  This week several great LOA teachers were a panel on the Oprah show: Jack Canfield, James Ray, Lisa Nichols, Michael Beckwith, and the creator of The Secret (DVD and book), Rhonda Byrne.  I myself don’t have cable any longer.  So was hoping for some sort of link or connection… Read more »

Back from A-H Well Being Cruise

Ahhhhhhh. That is the sound of a contented woman back from two weeks at sea, cruising through the Hawaiian Islands. I attended one of Abraham-Hick’s cruises – where the cruise is combined with over 18 hours of Abraham/Law of Attraction seminars. Esther Hicks (pictured here) and her husband Jerry are the team who produce the… Read more »

Musicovery – SHIFT-IT via good tunes!

This just in from Erik Hanson, ezine reader, Meeting Graphics 101 attendee and all round good guy from the Random Kindness Crew: “This is one of the coolest sites I’ve seen in a long time….  Enjoy. Have an awesome day.”  –  Erik Hanson.   What is it?  A music site where you can select the mood and… Read more »