Late Entries for SHIFT-IT Tele-Group Series

On Sunday January 13th we had our first call of the SHIFT-IT Tele-group Series running now thru to February 24th (see two blog posts down for more info). Sixteen wonderful folks gathered from around the globe who want to make 2008 the year of their SHIFT! We’ve got folks wanting to make shifts in right… Read more »

IFVP List Calamity!

Oh geez …. the International Forum of Visual Practitioners has faced a bit of a calamity. On December 27 their site and list serv crashed … totally wiping out their entire list serv database. This is a list of hundreds of people around the world who are Visual Practitioners of one sort of other (graphic… Read more »

Cool ‘Frontier’ Tools to Wake You Up!

It’s a brand new year.  And in January, the news media trots out the different experts to talk about goals, aspirations and new year resolutions.  I totally believe in the ability of people to change their lives (if I didn’t … it really wouldn’t sense for me to be called The SHIFT-IT Coach now would… Read more »

2007 – Year in Review Chart

Year in Review Chart Originally uploaded by graphiccoach   As per last post, this ‘twilight’ week between Christmas and New Years is a great time to reflect on ourselves and our evolutionary journey. Here is a quick chart I created to help me ‘see’ my 2007 year and all of the many things that have… Read more »

Improve Kidney Donation Awareness

Ok, this one is a little out of the range of my usual coaching and graphic facilitation / recording theme – so I hope you will forgive the intrusion of a very personal topic. My local friends and clients have been mentioning how they saw my picture and quotes in a newspaper story that was… Read more »

Karen Lloyd’s Storyboarding Blog

Here’s another interesting tidbit for some of you … My workshop series on Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation: Meeting Graphics 101 and The Graphics Bootcamp – always attracts REALLY great people. From varied backgrounds and walks of life. Last post I shared some exciting developments from Julie Stuart of Making Ideas Visible in Atlanta. Today… Read more »