6 Ways to Correct a Negative Spiral

We’ve all have them.  Sometimes they last a short period.  Sometimes they last weeks, months, years, decades – yikes, perhaps even a lifetime.  I’m talking about downward spirals.  Where negatives things pile one on top of another, until it seems that is the only reality that exists. In the last few weeks I’ve fielded several… Read more »

May’s Ezine: Note from Christina

I had a fantastic time on my trip to California. I attended the Elias event (another channel who shares ‘create your own reality’ information), and had an interesting private session… Also had a chance to see friends and colleagues in L.A. … including Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy, who I adore. Over the last… Read more »

Women’s Business Launch SUCCESS TeleSummit

FYI, I wanted to let you know of a great event that Andrea Williams (a graphics training and SHIFT-IT coaching client) is hosting May 12 – 16, 2008. Andrea Williams, The “Make It Happen” Strategist and Women’s Business Launch Coach, is hosting the first annual Women’s Business Launch SUCCESS TeleSummit. She’s put together an amazing… Read more »

Video from TED.com

Our Law of Attraction mastermind group is going swimmingly.  One of its members from Napa, CA … Karen S. … directed us to this very interesting (and touching video).  From a brain scientist who experienced a ‘conscious stroke’ and the change of perception that came with it.   Her themes interestingly parallel the Abraham-Hicks material we… Read more »

Enjoyable California Trip

Got back a few days ago from my trip to California. Had two events on different weekends and lots of coaching and connections in between. My first weekend was north of L.A., in a little town called Castiac. Attended a group session of Mary Ennis who is the channel for ‘Elias’ … another non-physical intelligence… Read more »

Daily Practice Tips

One of my SHIFT IT clients, Margaret from Denmark, asked me during one of her coaching calls to explain what my daily practice is like.  She wanted to know what a regular day was like for me and what I do to live the SHIFT-IT and Law of Attraction principles that I teach and preach.… Read more »

An April Note from Christina

For those of you who are interested in Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording… I did a quick interview on the subject on Judy Nelson’s radio show last month, you can listen or download it from my articles and audio page. April is an uber-busy month… as you receive this issue of the e-Zine, I’m flying… Read more »