Karen Lloyd’s Storyboarding Blog

Here’s another interesting tidbit for some of you … My workshop series on Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation: Meeting Graphics 101 and The Graphics Bootcamp – always attracts REALLY great people. From varied backgrounds and walks of life. Last post I shared some exciting developments from Julie Stuart of Making Ideas Visible in Atlanta. Today… Read more »

Julie Stuart’s Graphic Recording Success

Its been a few weeks since my last series of Graphic Recording / Graphic Facilitation trainings. News is starting to pour in from the learners about how they are applying their new and improved skills. This just in from Graphic Recorder, Julie Stuart in Atlanta, Georgia. Julie’s got her sights fixed on developing a graphic… Read more »

Chameleon’s 2009 Magnetism Map Vision

Chameleon’s 2009 Magnetism Map Vision Originally uploaded by graphiccoach   Facilitated a very inspiring tele-session on Thursday with two powerful Vancouver coaches (Denise and Theresa) who are building a coaching, speaking, facilitation practice for First Nations and relationship systems work called Chameleon Strategies (strategies for creative change). They asked me to guide them through some visioning work… Read more »

New Graphic Coaching Portfolio Is Up!

6. Another “At the Crossroads” Map Originally uploaded by graphiccoach   Hi, Christina Merkley here. As you hopefully know, I’m The SHIFT-IT Coach … and I’m an innovator in the use of visual thinking techniques with individuals, couples and biz partners. After working for over a decade as a Graphic Facilitator in all sorts of… Read more »

Raise Your Vibe Via Positive Aspects Map

In order to become a match to the things that we really, really want in our lives, we first need to vibrate like them.  That means we need to somehow come into the same energy or frequency as them.  My Law of Attraction teachers, Esther and Jerry Hicks (via the teachings of Abraham) have many… Read more »

Neuland’s Excellent Products

    I want to do a little shout out to the Neuland company.  I have been a guest contributor to Neuland’s monthly newsletter for a few years now – back when they approached me to write a few articles for them on the topic of graphic recording and graphic facilitation (for those of you… Read more »

Strategic Visioning Training in Texas

The Grove’s Strategic Visioning Process is one of my favorite graphic-related resources (I’ve lead sessions and retreats using this methodology since I was employed by The Grove Consultants Int’l  back in the mid 90s).  I touch on it in my own trainings – however I direct my mentees to go to Grove directly if they… Read more »

Photos from Trainings

Whew, busy week – four training days and a wedding … my feet hurt!  Hosted Meeting Graphics 101 on Wed and Thursday, followed by The Graphics Bootcamp on Friday and Saturday (then off to join the celebrations for Lisa and Gautaum’s wedding on Saturday night).  That was a lot of standing around in boots and then heels for these… Read more »

Missing Link Meeting Support

Hi all! This just in from graphic colleagues, Alphachimp Studios in Pittsburg – they now have their Missing Link meeting support technology available.  A good resource for visual practitioners who need online post meeting documentation access for their clients.  Doesn’t really fit for me with the graphic coaching work I have primarily moved into doing… Read more »

Leah Silverman’s IFVP Conference Summary

The great thing about the IFVP Conference is that there are tons of talented colleagues – who share the work of communicating what happened at the event. Fellow Visual Practitioner, Leah Silverman, has put together a nice visual overview of some of the sessions she attended (unfortunately she doesn’t have much from my session, but… Read more »