Abraham-Hicks Releases New Videos

Hi all. This note just came in from Jerry and Esther Hicks … they have just released a great 5-part video clip series from their recent L.A. workshop. Great way to get some wonderful Law of Attraction information from the Secret Behind the Secret.   See their details and links below in their message.  Hope you… Read more »

More Examples of Vision Boards

This last week there has been tons of traffic to my site, from people who are searching for information on Vision Boards … I think that is in large part due to Oprah’s recent show with Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson and Martha Beck. They talked about The Law of Attraction, visioning and they must have… Read more »

February’s Note From Christina

Time flies when you are having fun. First off, our new SHIFT-IT Tele-group was kicked off this last month. Sixteen folks from all over the place: Netherlands, New Zealand and many different North American locales phoning in for our special calls on Sunday mornings. I love leading folks thru my SHIFT-IT Process® – working with them… Read more »

Video Day with Erik

Had a fun day a few weeks ago.  I spent the whole day shooting some videos for a new product I’m working on.  The new product is a Home Study Course for Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation. I get folks from all over the world traveling here to Victoria, British Columbia to attend my public… Read more »

A Practical Resource: Learn Copywriting via Free Webinar with my friend Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero on Jan. 22

Here’s a very practical recommendation for you other solo-entrepreneurs, consultants and small business owners out there. Many of the folks who frequent my blog and sites, and my own coaching clients … are people who either currently are or want to be running businesses and lives that truly express who they are. That expression often… Read more »

More ‘Frontier’ Resources

In January’s issue of The SHIFT-IT e-Zine I wrote about exciting ‘frontier’ tools that I use and recommend if you are open to more alternative or cutting edge personal growth tools. I want to make a quick mention of another one here. The work of James Ray via James Ray International. You might remember James… Read more »