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Actor Mickey Rourke’s Internal and External SHIFT

The comeback story of the recent entertainment season has been Mickey Rourke’s stand out performance in The Wrestler. I haven’t seen it yet, but I find myself fascinated by the coverage of Rourke and the archetypes that his story holds – particularly from a Law of Attraction and “SHIFT-IT” perspective. Having grown up during the… Read more »

Visual Positive Aspects Collection – Starting!

As you can see from my recent blog posts, I went on an Abraham Hicks cruise not too long ago … in sunny Mexico.   I love going on these cruises because it’s a cruise of course!  … but more than that, I’m there because of the more intense access one can get to the Abraham-Hicks… Read more »

32 Live Twitter Posts from Abraham-Hicks Mexico Cruise

February 7 – 14, 2009 I was onboard the Abraham-Hicks Mexico Cruise and had a fabulous time as per usual (see other blog posts and my posted video).  As I have a background as a graphic recorder / graphic facilitator (I’ve spent the last 15 years as a visual documenter of live events, groups and… Read more »

A Tool to Ride the Economic Winds

This article was originally published in The SHIFT-IT Ezine.  You can register for free by clicking here. It’s been a windy time of late with the economic and political happenings in the U.S. and abroad whipping up an emotional and physical storm. And a hugely important time from a vibrational standpoint – because, how we focus… Read more »

FLIP IT GOOD on the Economy

I’ve just written an article that will be shared in tomorrow’s e-zine called  “Vibrational Tips for Being Calm During Economic and Political Winds”. In it I go through some of the economic and political stuff currently going on and share tips from a Law of Attraction perspective about how to remain balanced, calm and assertive… Read more »

Tools for Doing Abraham-Hick’s Focus Wheel Process

My work as the SHIFT-IT Coach is all about helping my clients define what they really, really want and then align with that.  Basically help you ‘become a vibrational match’ to your Personal Vision. I use all sorts of tools to literally help you make a shift in your vibration – change the habitual ways that… Read more »