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Maps from my New Year’s Retreat

This twilight time around the Xmas holidays and New Years is such a great time to slow down and do some personal reflection.  Each New Year’s I glance back at what was accomplished over the previous year (normally a lot more than i usually am conscious of) and then contemplate the ‘rockets of desire’ that… Read more »

SHIFT-IT Kit (e-Version) Going Bye-Bye!

THE E-VERSION OF THE SHIFT-IT HOME RETREAT KIT IS GOING BYE-BYE ON OCTOBER 31ST! We had a company planning retreat last month and made several decisions about re-structuring our current and future offerings. One of the decisions we immediately reached consensus on was the removal of the popular e-version of the SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit.… Read more »

Tools for Doing Abraham-Hick’s Focus Wheel Process

My work as the SHIFT-IT Coach is all about helping my clients define what they really, really want and then align with that.  Basically help you ‘become a vibrational match’ to your Personal Vision. I use all sorts of tools to literally help you make a shift in your vibration – change the habitual ways that… Read more »

Listen Feb. 26th as Cathy Goodwin, Mid-Life Career Strategist Interviews Me

Hi all.  Just a quick note that next Tuesday, February 26th, I’m being interviewed by Cathy Goodwin in a free tele-seminar: “Shift Your Life and Launch Your Next Book, Career, Business Growth or Adventure”. Cathy is a Mid-Life Career Strategist who sometimes refers her ‘tougher’ (for her), more feeling-oriented clients my way. A rationalist, she’s intrigued… Read more »

Video Day with Erik

Had a fun day a few weeks ago.  I spent the whole day shooting some videos for a new product I’m working on.  The new product is a Home Study Course for Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation. I get folks from all over the world traveling here to Victoria, British Columbia to attend my public… Read more »

International Shift-It Group Forming

Break Through to Your Next Self!!! New SHIFT-IT Tele-group runs Sept. 16 – Oct. 28. What’s the ‘IT’ that you want to SHIFT? What do you secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) want that you don’t yet have? Is it a change in your work (more meaning, creativity, fun, a better alignment with your values),… Read more »


What does “Graphic Coaching” mean? I look at your portfolio and it looks cool, but I don’t quite get how it is created? I’ve seen you in action doing graphic facilitation with a group … is that what you do with individuals? These are the kinds of questions I get as I go about my… Read more »

June SHIFT-IT Weekend Workshop

It happens once a year – the in-person SHIFT-IT Weekend Workshop.  A chance to come together, face-to-face, with other folks interested in SHIFTing life for the better.  This year’s date is just around the corner: two and a half days on June 22-24, 2007 here in gorgeous Victoria, BC, Canada. I personally facilitate this group using… Read more »