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Listen Feb. 26th as Cathy Goodwin, Mid-Life Career Strategist Interviews Me

Hi all.  Just a quick note that next Tuesday, February 26th, I’m being interviewed by Cathy Goodwin in a free tele-seminar: “Shift Your Life and Launch Your Next Book, Career, Business Growth or Adventure”. Cathy is a Mid-Life Career Strategist who sometimes refers her ‘tougher’ (for her), more feeling-oriented clients my way. A rationalist, she’s intrigued… Read more »

Video Day with Erik

Had a fun day a few weeks ago.  I spent the whole day shooting some videos for a new product I’m working on.  The new product is a Home Study Course for Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation. I get folks from all over the world traveling here to Victoria, British Columbia to attend my public… Read more »

International Shift-It Group Forming

Break Through to Your Next Self!!! New SHIFT-IT Tele-group runs Sept. 16 – Oct. 28. What’s the ‘IT’ that you want to SHIFT? What do you secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) want that you don’t yet have? Is it a change in your work (more meaning, creativity, fun, a better alignment with your values),… Read more »


What does “Graphic Coaching” mean? I look at your portfolio and it looks cool, but I don’t quite get how it is created? I’ve seen you in action doing graphic facilitation with a group … is that what you do with individuals? These are the kinds of questions I get as I go about my… Read more »

June SHIFT-IT Weekend Workshop

It happens once a year – the in-person SHIFT-IT Weekend Workshop.  A chance to come together, face-to-face, with other folks interested in SHIFTing life for the better.  This year’s date is just around the corner: two and a half days on June 22-24, 2007 here in gorgeous Victoria, BC, Canada. I personally facilitate this group using… Read more »

How to Create a Vision Board

Its an oldie but a goodie, the Vision Board exercise. Sometimes called a Vision Collage, Dream Board, Treasure Map, Vision Map, etc. A wonderful, graphic way to help define and align with what you really, really want for yourself in the future. In the movie The Secret (introductory movie on Law of Attraction principles), there… Read more »

The SHIFT-IT Webstore Is Now Live!

Well, after months (actually years if you count all the development time) my new SHIFT-IT self coach products are up and available on my new online store.  I am so pleased and happy to announce the launch of these graphic coaching tools – including The SHIFT IT Home Retreat Kit.  I realize that not every… Read more »