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A Practical Resource: Learn Copywriting via Free Webinar with my friend Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero on Jan. 22

Here’s a very practical recommendation for you other solo-entrepreneurs, consultants and small business owners out there. Many of the folks who frequent my blog and sites, and my own coaching clients … are people who either currently are or want to be running businesses and lives that truly express who they are. That expression often… Read more »

More ‘Frontier’ Resources

In January’s issue of The SHIFT-IT e-Zine I wrote about exciting ‘frontier’ tools that I use and recommend if you are open to more alternative or cutting edge personal growth tools. I want to make a quick mention of another one here. The work of James Ray via James Ray International. You might remember James… Read more »

IFVP List Calamity!

Oh geez …. the International Forum of Visual Practitioners has faced a bit of a calamity. On December 27 their site and list serv crashed … totally wiping out their entire list serv database. This is a list of hundreds of people around the world who are Visual Practitioners of one sort of other (graphic… Read more »

Cool ‘Frontier’ Tools to Wake You Up!

It’s a brand new year.  And in January, the news media trots out the different experts to talk about goals, aspirations and new year resolutions.  I totally believe in the ability of people to change their lives (if I didn’t … it really wouldn’t sense for me to be called The SHIFT-IT Coach now would… Read more »

2007 – Year in Review Chart

Year in Review Chart Originally uploaded by graphiccoach   As per last post, this ‘twilight’ week between Christmas and New Years is a great time to reflect on ourselves and our evolutionary journey. Here is a quick chart I created to help me ‘see’ my 2007 year and all of the many things that have… Read more »

Improve Kidney Donation Awareness

Ok, this one is a little out of the range of my usual coaching and graphic facilitation / recording theme – so I hope you will forgive the intrusion of a very personal topic. My local friends and clients have been mentioning how they saw my picture and quotes in a newspaper story that was… Read more »

Chameleon’s 2009 Magnetism Map Vision

Chameleon’s 2009 Magnetism Map Vision Originally uploaded by graphiccoach   Facilitated a very inspiring tele-session on Thursday with two powerful Vancouver coaches (Denise and Theresa) who are building a coaching, speaking, facilitation practice for First Nations and relationship systems work called Chameleon Strategies (strategies for creative change). They asked me to guide them through some visioning work… Read more »

New Graphic Coaching Portfolio Is Up!

6. Another “At the Crossroads” Map Originally uploaded by graphiccoach   Hi, Christina Merkley here. As you hopefully know, I’m The SHIFT-IT Coach … and I’m an innovator in the use of visual thinking techniques with individuals, couples and biz partners. After working for over a decade as a Graphic Facilitator in all sorts of… Read more »