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Well, I’m back from the Abraham Hicks cruise down in Mexico … and quite frankly, I’m now missing the warmth, the beauty and the relaxation. Ahhhhh, I wish they offered their cruises for two weeks instead of just one.

It’s tough getting used to having to make my own bed and cook my own food again. Let alone adjust to listening to CDs rather than the live golden tones of Estherham’s voice (golden tones to me anyway, I know some folks can’t stand the voice!).

This cruise was a very different experience for me compared to my previous three. Usually I’m really social and interactive – meeting new people and doing excursions at the different ports etc. This one I was very mellow, quiet and mostly cocooned by myself (I never left the ship the whole week, opting instead to just stay on board and relax and contemplate Abraham’s message).

I did use my Flip Camera to make a video of the pretty view from my suite balcony at Cabo San Lucas – you can check it out here.

Mazatlan Harbor at Dawn

Mazatlan Harbour at Dawn … ahhhhhhh

I did some graphic recording of some of the key insights I got from the sessions … but its going to take me a week or so until I can get them properly digitally scanned so I can share them with you. In the meantime, here’s an article on a topic that I was very interested to get Abraham’s take on … the election and inauguration of President Obama and the current economic ‘crisis’.


Christina Merkley,
The SHIFT-IT Coach




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ARTICLE: The Economy According to Abraham-Hicks


(Now Recorded! To Listen to My Audio of This Article, Click Here)

Well, before I can get into what Abraham said about Obama and the current economic situation, I first need to set who/what Abraham is and why they are commenting on this topic to begin with.

Who/What ‘Abraham Is’:
Abraham is the name given to the non-physical intelligence /group of teachers that Esther Hicks ‘translates for’ (the easy, shorthand way to refer to this would be to call Esther a ‘channel’ … that she puts herself into a calm, meditative state and receives blocks of thought from Abraham that she then translates into words).

Attending the Recent Abraham-Hicks Mexico Cruise:
Esther and her husband Jerry Hicks have been sharing and growing the Abraham material with interactive audiences throughout the United States (and now internationally) for the last 20+ years. In the last several years they have added cruising experiences to the many ways one can hear their messages. Each year they have several cruises in different locations (Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean, Alaska, etc) where in between the ports of call you can participate in Abraham sessions.

I’ve been studying the Abraham material for the last eight years or so. My interest in it grew out of my profession as a strategic planner and visioning facilitator for organizations and then morphed into my SHIFT-IT work with individuals. I find their material utterly fascinating, useful for myself, and my clients as we shift our present realities and ‘become our next selves’ … and I’m utterly hooked. I just returned from their 7-day Mexico cruise that had about 400 participants (my fourth cruise with them) … click here to view my YouTube video

On the cruises, like all of their workshops, the format is very basic. Jerry welcomes the crowd, invites Esther on stage, Esther does a very quick meditation and ‘brings Abraham in’. Then, members from the audience are selected to sit in the ‘hot seat’ --- a chair up on stage in front of Abraham from which they can ask any question that they care to ask this universal intelligence. Therefore, unlike other channeled information (like Course in Miracles for example) the information continues to grow, morph and evolve … depending on the questions that are asked. They refer to it as a ‘co-created experience’.

For the full story of Abraham and Jerry & Esther’s journey (and to view the transformation of Esther into Abraham) I recommend the DVD: The Secret Behind the Secret (from Canadian filmmaker Peter Beamish of Aura Productions).

Their Answer: President Obama and the Economic ‘Crisis’:
On this last cruise (Feb. 2009) I was curious to hear Abraham’s perspective on several topics, not the least of which was their take on President Obama’s recent electoral win and inauguration and the seeming financial meltdown he steps into.

While it’s a little intimidating to paraphrase this amazing non-physical intelligence (I hope Abraham and you will forgive my hubris in attempting to do so) here’s my best summation of what I heard Abraham say about Obama and the economic situation …

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