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Courses and visual maps with pens and drawing tools on a desk

PRIVATE PRACTICE AND CONSULTANCY Awesome Clients from Around the World Visual Coaching with individuals, partners and teams.  SHIFT-IT! Mentorship of beginner to advanced Visual Practitioners.  Specialty is Process Leaders who facilitate groups and/or individuals (or want to). Meditation and Non-Dual Inquiry with spiritual seekers, and finders! To soften identification and conditioning so we may all… Read more »

[Shift into Cryptos] We show you how …

Banner artwork for shift into cryptos Spring 2022 course with sketches of Christina Merkley and Chanel Monk against graphic display of coins and meandering machinery graphics

In the mid-90s I was an up-and-coming Graphic Recorder in San Francisco. Right smack in the middle of Web 2.0 … taking notes on the wall, as the now titans of Silicon Valley were emerging. It was an AMAZING time! Now, 25 years later, as an established Facilitator, Coach and Educator … I, like all… Read more »