Volume 4, Issue 19 | December 26, 2008
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Dear %$firstname$%,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Canada my SHIFT-IT readers!  It’s ‘Boxing Day’ here.

We are having some unusually cold weather here in Victoria, British Columbia, including a couple of heavy dumps of snow.  It came in time for a White Christmas. 

Here’s the view out my window – the snow turned the tree into a sculptural work of art, really lovely!

Snow like this is a bit of a rarity in this part of the West Coast... so thankfully its not going to last too much longer (the novelty of having to hike to the grocery store is getting old fast).  So far the power has remained on, so I’m snug as a bug in a rug as the saying goes. 

Sooooooo, with the snow keeping me close to home, I’m nestling in and doing some thinking about 2009.  Have a stack of Abraham-Hicks CDs that I’m catching up on to keep me inspired.  One of the powerful suggestions that Abraham mentions again and again is our ability to ‘Tell a New Story’.  So that is what I’ll be doing over the next while --- telling the new story about who I am and what is brewing for me now. 

To aid you in telling your own new story... I’m gifting you some visual tools to help focus your thoughts --- four special maps and an instruction booklet to conduct your own Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat.  Great for doing during that twilight week between Christmas and New Years, especially if you are snowed in too!


Christina Merkley,
The SHIFT-IT Coach




Jan. 5 – Feb. 23: (100 Level): The SHIFT-IT Virtual Coaching Group: World affairs have you down?  Ready to SHIFT your attitude, mindset and energy for the better?  Get crackin’ with this 7-week coaching group (via webinar technology). Precisely clarify your Personal Vision and Action Plan.  Identify and bust through your self-sabotage, perceived barriers and negative beliefs. Create the next chapter of YOUR life’s journey! More Info & Registration

March 1 – May 17: (200 Level): Merkley’s Manifestation Mastermind: Ready for the next level of manifestation and law of attraction support? This intermediate experience is for past SHIFT-IT alums (Home Kit purchasers, Group Coaching participants, or Private Retreat attendees).  Now that you have a strong foundation established, you’re ready for deeper Law of Attraction processes.  Plus ‘physical world’ sessions on internet marketing, web technology, virtual team creation, etc. So you can create what you want. This is a 12-week webinar program (no travel – all calls recorded). More Info

May 2009: The Graphic Coaching Clinic. My first ever fundamental skills training exclusively focused on "graphic coaching" - using visuals in coaching, counseling and personal growth settings. Coming Soon!

SHIFT-IT® Tools Training. Be empowered to use my SHIFT-IT® Process and Tools with your own clientele.  Coming Soon!




New SHIFT-IT Virtual-Group begins January 5th!

Join like-minded people from around the globe, as you clarify who you are now and what you want from here.  This fun, effective and results-oriented coaching group is conducted entirely by webinarno travel required!





Appreciate your past, clarify your desired future --- bust through faulty thinking, self sabotage and limiting beliefs to GET what you REALLY, REALLY WANT

I’ll facilitate to you to clarity via my suite of highly effective SHIFT-IT tools – visual thinking to the rescue!  You do have your own answers within you... and these tools will draw them out of you (in a pleasant, powerful and community-based way).  Act now to claim your spot!

Make 2009 the ‘Year of Your SHIFT’!

More Info: Register Now (you can still participate!)


Whether you’ve been doing personal visioning and planning work for a while, or are new to it, we can all benefit from doing a Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat every once in a while: checking in on how our life is going and what mid-course corrections we might want to make.

Ideal times to conduct a mini retreat are late December / early January when a brand new year is upon you, when you have some vacation time to step out of your usual existence, or the anniversary date of a particular event or coaching alliance (for example, clients will often do a review session like this on the anniversary date of their initial SHIFT-IT retreat with me to freshen things up)

The Benefits of the Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat:

These quick little retreats help you quickly appreciate what you have accomplished (what you’ve already manifested and attracted) – as well as identify what’s next brewing on your horizon --- and the outer and inner shifts you will need to make to get there.  They put your life into perspective. Giving you relief, satisfaction and an organized feeling –knowing you have taken a step to deliberately create what you want (not what you don’t want)


How To Do a Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat:

Set aside about 90 minutes where you can be alone and relaxed.  Have paper and pen handy (and print off my Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat Tools... link below).  Relax.  Put your feet up.  Some good music on.  Kick back. 

1. Gratefully Acknowledge What You Have Received:

The key to receiving is ‘having’.  Before you embark on new visioning work, think back on what you have already received.   Look back on your previous year.  What have you received?  What has come your way?  What did you get?  What was once a dream or desire that has now materialized?  We can SO quickly forget what we have received and just move onto what we next want.  Instead, write down your answers.  SEE what you have indeed received.  Gratefully acknowledge that you do receive (and plenty!).  When you do this you tap into the energy and vibration of ‘having’.  That attitude of gratitude vibe goes out into the world and transmits a special kind of message.  Attracts more ‘having’ back to you.

2. Make Peace With Your Present State

A lot of people who do visioning work get themselves bent out of shape – I’ve been guilty of this many times myself.  We get so focused on our desired future that our present circumstances frustrate us.  The more we can accept and make peace with our present state the better.  By accepting I don’t mean that you give up or stop desiring improvements.  Just that you soften your energy around your now.  Go into where you are.  Accept it.  Like it.  Appreciate the role it is playing (as a necessary transitional bridge).  Manifestation and change can take time, depending on what you are starting with and what you desire.  Make the process easier by being ok with your present while you take steps to ensure a more satisfying future.

List out where you are now.  How do you feel about your now?  What is most up or down for you?  What crossroads are you standing on now?  What issues are stirring you up the most?  What areas of life are doing well?  Not doing well?

3.  Ask For What You Now Want:

Our wants and desires are alive and fluid and always changing.  Take a moment to reflect on what you now desire.  Given what you have already accomplished and where you currently are, what do you want for yourself now?  As my favorite Law of Attraction teachers Jerry and Esther Hicks say “What rockets of desire have now been launched?”

What do you want the year ahead to hold for you?  What do you want to manifest?  What changes do you want to occur?  Write out your answers.  See what evolutionary nudges you are getting.  List the whispers you are receiving about what is next for you.  Get it down on paper!  Even if it somewhat scares you because of its boldness or chutzpah!  Don’t censor.  Give it it’s first breathe of life by putting it in writing. 

4. Flip Your Nasty Thoughts:

Nasty companions usually follow quickly on the heels of visionary thoughts ---- as soon as our rockets of desire are launched, bazookas get pulled out to shoot them down.  Write down your instantaneous reactions to your list of wants.  Notice your instant positive reactions and welcome them.  Then, notice what negative thoughts come up when you write out what you want?  What contradictory thoughts do you hear – doubts, uncertainties and self sabotage?

Capture in writing all of these negative reactions and then do the work of finding a better feeling thought to counter them – FLIP IT – FLIP IT GOOD!.  Make the effort to change your internal programming – even just cleaning up one little degree of resistance can have a huge impact on your overall trajectory. 

5. Identify and Take Your Next Steps:

When you get aligned with what you really, really want (your Personal Vision) certain things, people, places and steps will naturally start to emerge.  Pay attention to the thoughts that swiftly follow FLIP IT work – the ideas, inklings and intuitions about what to do next. 

What ideas do you get about easy, natural next steps?  Given where you are and where you want to go, what little things can you begin to do to close the gap?  What will make movement towards your goals that you can begin today?  Write down your next steps and put accountability dates to them.  Put them into your calendar and schedule.  Find a support buddy, mastermind group or private coach to support and guide you. 

Access to Mini SHIFT-IT Retreat Instructions and Maps

I’ve created several maps plus a detailed instruction booklet to guide you in doing the steps outlined above (I’m sharing them with you, my loyal SHIFT-IT e-Zine readers, as a holiday gift!)



Happy SHIFTing everyone and keep telling your new 2009 story until it becomes your norm and your new vibration!

© 2008 Christina L. Merkley

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