Volume 4, Issue 16 | November 14, 2008
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Dear %$firstname$%,

I'm sitting in the Victoria airport ... about to fly down to L.A. to attend an internet marketing conference (Ali Brown's "last ever" online success blueprint workshop).

Ali's been a great resource and guide for me for many years - so I'm looking forward to learning more from her ... and seeing many friends, colleagues and clients who will also be attending.

I had my own "last ever" event last week - hosted my final Meeting Graphics 101 and The Graphics Bootcamp. A wonderful, diverse, international group keen to learn all they could about graphic recording and graphic facilitation (the group applications of the visual way of working). Thank you folks for coming - we had an awesome, productive time, eh?! And ... a good cocktail party too!

The participants of our "last ever" Meeting Graphics 101 & Graphics Bootcamp

Many asked if I was sad at doing my last one - but I can honestly say that I wasn't. I feel complete - it was my goal to "train out" my unique group facilitation knowledge so I can focus exclusively on the coaching / self-actualization side of my interests. And now, that time has come.

We have some great plans for 2009 - including a new "Graphics for Coaches" workshop, a SHIFT-IT training / individual license program and a SHIFT-IT Coach Certification. These programs have been years in the making - an answer to those helping professionals (coaches, therapists, consultants, etc.) who have wanted to learn my unique visual approach to coaching and personal visioning / planning work. I'm now finally ready to share my secrets with others - so SHIFT-IT work can expand and assist globally. It's time to move it beyond just my solo practice, so more people can benefit and SHIFT!!

There is a huge shift in consciousness occurring on the planet ... and I feel called to do my small part in helping that shift occur. So, I look forward to collaborating with you as a client and / or colleague as our future unfolds.

"Yes We Can!"

Christina Merkley,
The SHIFT-IT Coach




Early New Year: Private Graphic-Recording & Graphic Facilitation Training:  There is nothing like face-to-face, custom mentoring to catapult your skills, confidence and direction.  I’ve trained up and coming graphic recorders and very seasoned facilitators wanting to add graphics to their toolkit for over a decade - to rave reviews.  However, all things must eventually end.  If you want to be personally mentored in these highly effective, crowd-pleasing and lu-crative skills, you must ACT FAST.  This GR/GF option will disappear off my site FOREVER in December.  Contact [email protected] to schedule design session and determine dates (fall schedule is full, scheduling now into 2009 … you must contact us before I take the web page off in December, after that its too late).  Click here for More Info

Jan. 5 – Feb. 23: (100 Level): The SHIFT-IT Virtual Coaching Group:  What’s the IT(s) you want to SHIFT?  Get crackin’ with our winter offering of this powerful 7-week group coaching experience. Precisely clarify your Personal Vision and Action Plan.  Identify and bust through your self-sabotage, perceived barriers and negative mindset. Get moving on the next chapter of your life’s journey!  Conducted via webinar technology with like-minded and supportive participants from around the globe.  Includes SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit (dis-count if you already have it!).  More Info Act Fast to Secure Early Bird Pric-ing!

March 1 – May 17: (200 Level): Merkley’s Manifestation Mastermind:  Ready for your next level of manifestation and law of attraction support? This intermediate experience is for past SHIFT-IT alums (Home Kit purchasers, Group Coaching participants, or Private Retreat attendees).  Now that you have a strong foundation established, you’re ready for the deeper vibrational processes.  Plus ‘physical world’ sessions on internet marketing, web technology, virtual team creation, etc.  This 12-week webinar program links you with other SHIFTers from around the world, who are also in the exciting process of manifesting their creative, authentic and prosperous selves.  You are not alone – keep SHIFTing IT!  More Info Act Fast to Secure Early Bird Pric-ing!

April / May: "Graphics for Coaches" Workshop. My first ever fundamental skills training on "graphic coaching" - using visuals in coaching, counselling and personal growth settings. Coming Soon!

Mid-2009: SHIFT-IT® Training and Certification Program. Be empowered to use my SHIFT-IT Process® with your own clientele. In-depth training and individual licenses. Coming Soon!



As I backed my car out of the garage, focusing on the mirror that was close to the wall ... I heard a sickening crunch on the other side of the car.

In my haste to get to the airport and my focus on the mirror side, I had left my driver's side door wide open ... and driven it right into the doorway ... Crap!

No damage to the garage entrance thankfully - but I did a real number on my car window. It wouldn't close properly ... a good five-inch gap. No way could I leave it parked at the airport in rainy November weather like that. So, I re-parked it in the garage and called a cab.

My cab arrived in minutes and after commiserating, the friendly cabbie said the most Law of Attraction-based statement to me. "Oh well, you never know why things happen ... could be a good reason why that occurred." I laughed at that and said he was "absolutely right". I'd been cranky about what I had just done, calling myself "stupid" and "an idiot" in my mind. And, wondering what I had done LOA-wise to cause such a thing. It could have been far worse. And who knows, perhaps I was being protected in some way by not driving my car at that time.

As we drove ... I began to get a sense of why it was important for me to be in this cab with this particular driver. "Oscar" began to tell me the most inspiring story. Even though it was pouring rain, he was happily complimenting our city on its virtues. Telling me how much he loved living in Victoria and being self-employed with his cab.

He explained that he had just moved to Victoria a few years before from Vancouver. Before that, he had been in Toronto and before that, Rome. And before that he had been in Saudi Arabia ... then, many different locations in Africa. After fleeing his original homeland of Ethiopia as a young man. He had spent many years in assisted refugee camps and moved slowly through the relocation process ... meeting his wife in the process. Over their moves, they became parents to four children ... in their early teens now.

Oscar went on to tell me how he had sent his children to Ethiopia for their vacation this past summer. That it was important to him that his children see where he came from and understand the contrast for themselves. It was still too dangerous for himself to return but his wife did -- and his mother got to meet her grandchildren for the first time. He said he was pleased with the perspective his children came back with.

Wow, suddenly I was looking out at the rainy landscape with a new appreciation and happiness. Oscar explained the sense of freedom and safety that we all take for granted. No night curfews where you are shot on the spot if an emergency drives you out of your home at night. He admits that sometimes he gets frustrated at people in his cab who complain about small things (hmmm ... like a busted car window, I thought to myself).

Everything is relative isn't it? Sometimes having tough things happen can carry wonderful benefits -- like a life long appreciation that you are no longer in those circumstances. Appreciation is of the highest vibrational tones. When we appreciate, life opens up for us. Like attracts like.

He dropped me off at the airport, early I might add (the time had flown.. I was so entranced with his story, his positive attitude ... and the lift in my own vibration).

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of perspective to lift one's mood -- and alter our personal energy and outlook. Our focus and what we choose to put attention on is so key. We can see rain, hectic morning and crunched windows, or we can see freedom, liberty to pursue an entrepreneurial path, and a safe environment. I thank Oscar for helping me see and appreciate the latter -- which is always around me if I choose to see it.

Here are a few Oscar-inspired questions for yourself:

(1) What can you be thankful for in the now?

(2) What challenging situation have you overcome and triumphed from?

(3) How has your present improved, prospered and developed well beyond where you used to be?

(4) How is life evolving through you, your family, and your children (if you have them) compared to your ancestors?

(5) What irritation, inconvenience or problem can be put into proper perspective... when you contemplate all that you do have?

Look for for the Oscars on your path ... maybe you can be one for someone else too. A little reminder of just how good things are, right under our every day noses.

© 2008 Christina L. Merkley

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A teacher of Law of Attraction, she is also an expert in visual meeting techniques, strategic planning and visioning: having worked for such notable companies as BBC, Readers Digest Funds, eBay and Stanford University. After a move from San Francisco, she now lives in charming Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - where she maintains a vibrant coaching, facilitation and training practice.

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