Volume 4, Issue 17 | November 28, 2008
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Dear %$firstname$%,

Ahhhhhh, I’ve had a few quiet days to rejuice my energy --- it was go-go-go there for a while with my Meeting Graphics training, private retreat clients and my trip to L.A (and getting the darn car window fixed from my snafu written about in last issue – still waiting for a part but its an easy fix thankfully).

With Ali Brown at her VIP Party and Magazine Launch, Los Angeles, CA

Here’s a pix of me with Alexandria Brown at her VIP Magazine Launch Party.  Ali’s been such a wealth of information, guidance and good ol’ modeling over the last 5 years, that I couldn’t miss her final ‘Online Success Blueprint Workshop’ (my reason for my L.A. trip). 

Was wonderful to be selected as a “Hot Seat” recipient (although a little nerve-wracking to be critiqued in front of 450 people!) and she also asked me to share my ‘home manifestation’ story the next day too.

Many thanks to you e-Zine readers who came up and introduced yourselves.  It was fun to hear which articles, blog posts and ideas have resonated most with you.

November Sunset Over the Pacific Ocean

As exciting and enjoyable as my trip was, I am very happy to be back home on beautiful Vancouver Island – my sanctuary.  Today’s sunset is so spectacular that I had to share a photo- this is the view as I write... Wow, eh!

The deeper and more ‘spiritual’ my coaching gets with clients, the more I seem to need nature, peace and calm to be centered.

Surroundings like this help me tune more fully into to my inner wisdom and guidance – to trust and follow what my ‘Inner Being’ wants me to do.  Today’s article is all about that – having faith in the world (and the wisdom of how it is evolving), and faith in oneself, and also faith in the unfoldment of one’s own path... all made possible by valuing and following our innate instincts.

Hope you enjoy!

Christina Merkley,
The SHIFT-IT Coach




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From all appearances, the world seems to be going a little haywire here in late 2008.  The environment is taking a beating, the economy is going through global testing of a new level, and many people are uncomfortably suffering through situations that they feel they ‘have to’ do rather than want to do. 

As a Law of Attraction based coach (using my visual way of working too of course!), it’s my job to help people soothe themselves in order to feel better.  Because my clients and I know just how critically important is the role that one’s emotions play in our lives.  How we feel has direct impact on what we attract to ourselves.  We really do create our own reality. 

Faith in the World:
One of the most important, underlying core beliefs that a person can have is how they feel about the world in general.  Do you believe that the world is a safe, supportive and thriving place?  Or, do you believe it is dangerous, critical and full of lack?  Or, somewhere in between?  How you feel about the world (and life) can have huge ramifications for how the world and life shows up for you. 

One of the most powerful things we can do, ever, is to shift our assumptions about the world from negative to more positive.  To ‘flip’ our habitual way of thinking and feeling about this core subject.  Its my belief (after doing a lot of soul searching, meta-physical and spiritual seeking, etc) that the world is unfolding beautifully.  My ‘big picture’ background as a graphic facilitator (who spent years drawing out History Maps of groups & organizations and Life Maps of individuals and couples) has left me with the distinct impression that all is working out just fine --- if you can just get a large enough piece of paper to map things out!  The larger perspective is a very soothing thing. 

As the world transitions through its current chaos into a more corrected place, I invite you, if you aren’t already, to have faith in the larger process that is at work.  Many millenniums of people have been launching ‘rockets of desire’ for all sorts of improvements... and the world has always delivered, in its own special timing.  Things are always improving. And today’s shifts are no exception.  We will end up with a better, more united, more cohesive world – chaos often occurs before a system recalibrates itself to a higher level. 

Faith in Yourself:
Another massively important core belief is your overall feeling about yourself.   Do you have faith that you are a worthy, valuable and significant person?  Do you believe (not in an arrogant or egotistical way) that you count and you matter– just by being here?  A healthy sense of self-esteem, worthiness and value? 

How you feel about yourself will attract circumstances, people and situations to match it.  If you aren’t liking what you are attracting, you might want to take a look at what you really (deep down inside), feel about yourself - and FLIP IT!  Healing those erroneous beliefs will go a long way in shifting what shows up on the outside as a vibrational match. 

Faith in Your Instincts:
Due to the nature of my work, websites, etc – I attract a lot of people who resonate with my creativity and uniqueness.  I act as a bit of a beacon for living a creatively authentic life.  A lot of my coaching and mentoring work is about helping people claim and implement their own creativity – in whatever forms are right for them. 

We all come equipped with our own internal barometer --- what Abraham-Hicks (my favorite Law of Attraction source) names as our ‘internal guidance system’ – basically our emotions and our instincts.  We KNOW what feels best to us.  We KNOW what we really like and we KNOW what feels good.  What we need to do is trust and follow that knowing.  Let it be our best guide.   

I always liked to doodle, make things, believe in the magical, write, imagine and feel.  Now I have a life that is based on all of those things.  I encounter people every day who know what they like but have huge doubts about where their instincts are guiding them.  Why would your instincts guide you wrongly?  They won’t.  But you need to develop more faith in them and what they are trying to do for you.  No, it might not always be the easiest path in the world to fulfill them (mine certainly wasn’t and isn’t), but things do have a way of working out if you stick with them and take it one step at a time.  Eventually you find yourself living a life that was once just a vision! 

So, in closing, consider how you personally feel about the world, about yourself and about where your instincts are guiding you.  Do what you can to soothe any negative thoughts, beliefs and assumptions about these three key areas.  The more you soften and soothe these areas the more your life will become a genuine match to your authentic self.

© 2008 Christina L. Merkley

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