Volume 4, Issue 15 | October 24, 2008
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Dear %$firstname$%,

Marlene and I, Lunch at Ogden Point Cafe

Really great couple of weeks – continuing to train out my knowledge in graphic recording and graphic facilitation as my self-imposed deadline of December 31st nears.

I love these unusual skills of working visually with groups (they so are powerfully effective in meetings, retreats and conferences), but I only have one life to live and other passions are calling. Soooo, I’m training like crazy this fall to get these rare skills out of me and into inspired and motivated people.

Barrie Up at the Graphic Wall

Barrie Levinson from Portland, OR and Marlene Thicke from Ottawa, Ont. were here earlier (was awesome meeting and working with you ladies!) and today Sara Heppner-Waldston from Montreal, QB visits.

I’m also doing A LOT of my own SHIFT-IT work --- keeping my vibe in a good place and organizing my team for our next adventures. With my new local assistant on board, we’ve turned Sunday afternoons into a special Visioning / Law of Attraction time … so in this issue’s article I’m sharing what we do to keep our aim clear and our energy positive --- developing an organizational culture based on Law of Attraction principles.


See you next issue!

Christina Merkley,
The SHIFT-IT Coach




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"Christina knows how to translate her program into ideas that make sense even for left-brained types like me. She offers a rare combination of business sense, a keen understanding of the human psyche, and a positive energy that just draws people into her orbit and makes them want to stay there."

Cathy Goodwin, PhD, Copywriter and Internet Marketer
Seattle, WA, www.copy-cat-copwriting.com

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As a Law of Attraction practitioner I’m doing my conscious best to bring this philosophy and way of being into my business and into its organizational culture - to walk my talk.  To not only coach others in how to use these powerful principles in their work and life but to build a congruent business and working environment that practices what it preaches. 

I was inspired by stories I had heard about Rhonda Byrne and her team (the creators of the hit movie The Secret) who had supposedly applied Law of Attraction principles throughout all the stages of their wildly successful project. 

I don’t know if the stories I heard were true or not, but it would certainly be in integrity of them to do that, and it would help explain their massive success.  There had to have been a heck of a lot of visioning, aligned energy and actions in order for them to have the impact they did.  Regardless of what you might personally think about the movie (some love it, some loathe it), you’ve got to appreciate their impressive accomplishment.  And I aim to integrate Law of Attraction principles into my business just as thoroughly. 

I’ve been using Law of Attraction principles myself for the last seven years or so.  They are woven into the fabric of my SHIFT-IT Graphic Coaching Process® and even more so in the Merkley Manifestation Mastermind and my private coaching with clients.  As my practice has grown from a one-person operation to a small company, I’m integrating these spiritual principles into our internal business practices.  Using LOA techniques in our quarterly planning forums and in weekly meetings. 

To give you an example of what this actually looks like, below is the exact process that my new local assistant and I go through each Sunday afternoon (or as close to the beginning of the week that we can).  It’s a series of four spiritual based exercises – designed to clear our energies, reset our intentions and send precise instructions out to ‘the universe’ about what feels best to us.  By doing this each week, we hone our thoughts and feelings and become slightly different people with slightly new areas that we have reached into.  That is how things continue to evolve so well for us. 

So, here’s our four part weekly process (feel free to apply in your business... and, it works great as an individual practice too):

1: Randomly Select a Page Out of “Opening Doors Within”:

My new local assistant is a little shy, so she doesn’t want me to share her name yet.  She’s been a long-term client of mine who first met me when I came into her organization and led them through a strategic planning retreat.  Since then she’s done practically every SHIFT-IT retreat, product and experience that I’ve offered, on her own.  She’s a very spiritual and tapped in woman and has had some wonderful adventures.  One of which was living at the Findhorn Foundation, the spiritual community in Scotland, for a time. 

She introduced me to a beautiful little book, called “Opening Doors Within” by one of the co-founders of Findhorn, the remarkable channel Eileen Caddy.  The book has one page for each day of the year in it.  You can read it logically, one day at a time as you go through your year.  Or, you can use it like a deck of cards and randomly flip open a page to see the guidance that it contains.  We do the latter.  We set our focus, ask for a page to come up with something that we specifically need to receive at that time … then read it.  Remarkably there is always beautiful wisdom in the page that we turned to that speaks directly to what is going on for us at that moment. 

I’ve just done this right now, for the purposes of including a page for this article, and this is the page and message that came up (so I guess we are all supposed to read this!)

See that you have an aim, a goal in life.  Never be satisfied to drift through life like a ship without a rudder, being blown about by every wind of change; for without a definite aim, you will get nowhere.  You must know where you are going and what you are doing.  Far too many souls are willing to let themselves drift through life with the result that they accomplish nothing very constructive.  Find inner peace and certainty, and without any stress or strain follow the path that you know is yours.  Do what you know you must do because it is something which has been revealed to you from within, not from without.  Always know from within that what you are doing is right; then you can go right ahead and sweep all obstacles aside with real strength and conviction.  Know that I AM your compass, I AM your guide, and I will lead you to your goal, no matter how difficult the path may appear to be.  Opening Doors Within, received by Eileen Caddy, Findhorn Press, randomly opened to June 20 page

2. Do a Verbal Round of “Positive Aspects”:

After receiving guidance from Eileen’s beautiful work (she passed in 2006 at the age of 89), we next turn to several Abraham-Hicks processes (my favorite source for Law of Attraction information), the first of which is a process called Positive Aspects.  We verbally speak out the positive things that have occurred for us personally and for the business in the last week – alternating back and forth between the two of us.  This warms up our energy and vibe, as we actively start focusing on positives … cause there are always plenty when you take the time to selectively sift them out.  And it feels so good to notice them and speak about them (you get a real warm and fuzzy hum going in your chest – that is positive vibration!).

I’ve written a previous e-zine issue about this process and included one of my graphic maps to help you do it.  Click here to access that issue.

3. Do a Verbal Round of “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If”:

Close on the heels of doing Positive Aspects, we do another Abraham process called ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice If...‘ (this activity is included in the 22 processes at the back of Jerry and Esther Hicks’ wonderful book called Ask and It Is Given)

Basically you just complete the sentence, starting with the words ‘wouldn’t it be nice if’.  This gives us clues about what the other person likes and wants... and hearing each other’s thoughts helps us think of even more things that we would like to be, do or have (we piggy back off of each other).  The beauty of this exercise is that you aren’t committing to anything.  You are just playing a ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ game.  By taking the pressure off you are able to come closer to some ideas that you might not otherwise be able to if you hit them face on.  It tricks you away from some of your regular resistance. 

4. Create and Express a “Virtual Reality” 

The cherry on top is a final exercise called “Virtual Reality”.  This is just pure, good visioning.  The best visioning exercises are when you talk about your desired future like it has already occurred.  Like you are standing in that now.  Therefore you use present tense language and speak like you are already your Future Self. 

Here’s a little example, to help you get your head around this (it’s a little virtual reality about me and SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc’s emerging future)

I am the head of a progressive, successful and fun self-actualization company.  We are a university of sorts, with several levels of excellent curriculum and courses.  We have wonderful products and services with a distinctive look and feel that assist people in manifesting their greatest selves.  Our clients are interesting, progressive, fun loving, creative individuals, with a lot of heart, who are part of the global shift in consciousness that is rapidly occurring.  We have a small, close, uber effective team with well-organized and effective systems using modern technologies.  We have a fantastic network of associates, partners and collaborators whom we are proud to be associated with.  We have created a beautiful existence with meaningful work; great relationships and a spiritual purpose that continues to unfold before us and are a model and inspiration for others to do the same, in their own unique ways. 

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, yummy, that feels good. The trick with virtual realities is to keep poking around and wording things so that you get the best feeling you possibly can.  If you reach for something and it feels too large (and your resistance kicks in) then ratchet it down a tad until you can comfortably hold it.  Over time, the more you do them, the more naturally feeling your virtual realities will become – until they start manifesting all around you! 

I hope this article gives you some ideas about how to start institutionalizing Law of Attraction and other spiritual processes into your own life and business.  I invite you to move from the realm of ‘concepts’ and ‘intellectualism’ with LOA and actually start doing practical things with it, like these exercises.  I’ve found that the results are quite astounding and I wish you all the best in running your own energies and reaching alignment on what you most desire.

© 2008 Christina L. Merkley

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