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Volume 9 | Issue 1 | February 15, 2013


I'm so remiss on writing the e-Zine ... cause these first weeks of the year have been so busy!!! Three programs have successfully launched, including two that have had in-person retreats. Plus we've been adding new staff to our team to grow SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc to the next level (welcome Lilia and Tamsyn ... it's been wonderful having you jump into the swirl!).

In mid-January our Magic Marker Mastermind members gathered in Victoria, British Columbia to kick off 6-months of specialized visual mentorship. Limited to just 7 people for individualized attention (ok, we snuck in an 8th) this group supports one another to take their own visual practices up to the next level. Spread across North America, it's lovely to come together, pick up our markers and meet in person ... work online for a few months, then return again in May for more face-to-face time.

Soul Family Magic Marker Mastermind Group - 2013
Magic Marker Mastermind 2013,
Limited to Just 7!

Then January 26-27, I joined my collaborators, Sheila and Marcus Gillette in Los Angeles, California to kick off our THEO Accelerator ... a spiritually focused Mastermind of 21, to Manifest Your Soul-Fulfilled Self. All participants AND facilitators of the SHIFT our world is going through, this dynamic group assembled for the first time ... although given our Soul Family nature it all felt wonderfully familiar to meet face-to-face.

Ask Theo 2012 Event
The 2013 THEO Accelerator (first cohort ever!)

In addition to these two special masterminds, we also kicked off our SHIFT-IT Online experience (7 online sessions that works you step-by-step through our signature SHIFT-IT System®) ... visual strategic planning for heart based individuals).

I hope your year has taken off with a satisfying bang too --- interesting energies about our planet at this time! I've decided to write this issue's article on "Give ... Yet Also Know Your Worth" ... a little bit about the Law of Reciprocity for those who are natural Givers.

Yours in acceleration,

Christina Merkley,
The SHIFT-IT Coach
and Interactive-Visuals Mentor

P.S. Looking for Content Development / Writing Assistant: Given how long it takes me to write e-Zine and blog posts these days, we are on the look out for a great, visually-oriented person to help us with the prep of this e-Zine plus other writing for blog and social media. If you love the visual way of working, have social media suave, enjoy interviewing, writing and assembling info on topics of interest for SHIFT-IT readers (process work, interactive-visuals, law of attraction, business basics, etc.) please contact [email protected] to express your interest in teaming with us.



Sharon Pannone

Sharon Pannone
Life Journey Coach
Internet Show Host

"I think 'overwhelmed' and 'ready' are the best words to describe me the day I trusted my instincts to call a woman in Canada I had never met. That woman was Christina Merkley. I had found her via her info on manifestation, law of attraction and using visuals to Become Your Next Self. I wondered if she would mentor me ... YES, that is how bold I was. To my great surprise Christina picked up the phone and gave me her time and the gift of listening. I explained that I thought coaching was where I belonged. Christina shared some stories from her own fascinating journey and said "if coaching is really the direction you want to go, I suggest you get some good coach training as a starting place, cause it's a real, distinct role onto itself ... if you find you like it, swing back for our Visual Coach Certification down the line."

That was a Thursday; and by Monday I was registered with a base training she recommended --- by Friday was on a flight to Chicago. It's been two years and my journey has been AMAZING --- I'm now a coach (having gone on for advanced training too), am happily re-settled and partnered (in work and life) in Florida and am an internet show host.

I recently contacted Christina to thank her for giving one of the greatest gifts I feel one person can for another ... to listen and believe. And I also extended an invitation to her to be a guest on 'Embrace The Journey With Sharon' so others can benefit from her generous and knowledgeable spirit. I have found my North Star, a place where I listen and share inspiring, motivating and positive wisdom in our world through the journeys of others. My hope is we all find our North Star and remember those along our journey who shine their light for us to see. Thank you, Christina."

Sharon Pannone
Life Journey Coach / Internet Show Host
Sarasota, Florida

P.S. Sharon's interview with Christina airs March 5th.


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Given the supportive and personal nature of the work we do here at SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc., its not unusual for clients to send us updates about how they are, what they are doing, and indicate how the outer and/or inner work they did with us has continued to impact them ... often with expressions of appreciations.

These kinds of emails make us all feel REALLY good and underline the reason we are in biz in the first place ... to make a difference in the lives of our clients and those they impact.

SHIFT-IT Mini Retreat

Recently we had two unusual emails ... unusual given the length of time since we had last had contact (2 years in one case and 7 in the other) and unusual in that neither of these people were technically clients (didn't actually purchase anything from us). Both had referred to complimentary Exploratory Calls they had with me that carried a lot of impact ... words that had echoed for years and guidance they implemented that changed the trajectory of their work and life.

Both were very gratifying emails to receive and reflect on. On reflecting, I thought I would share a few of my thoughts about giving, the Law of Reciprocity ... plus also the importance of owning and standing in the power of your value and worth.

Thoughts on Giving:
As part of the marketing arm of our business, we actively gather client testimonials (as nothing highlights the worth of our services or products better than a satisfied client sharing their positive experience). A word that surfaces repeatedly in these testimonials is 'generous' ... that our programs, and me as an individual, give a lot. With the risk of blowing our own horn, I think this is a fair assessment ... we DO give a lot. Always have and hopefully always will. And I actively coach my clients to do the same.

mini si retreat

Why, do we give a lot? I think a lot of it has to do with being pleasers ... wanting to make people happy (that is the nature of being in a helping profession). And genuinely wanting people to be satisfied in their experiences with us. While there can be a shadow side to pleasing (co-dependence comes to mind) I have also found that giving is extremely good for business (and life). Happy clients communicate their happiness to others. Giving comes back to you!

The Law of Reciprocity:
Early on in my career (and again when I moved both geographically and subject wise) I did my fair share of pro bono and lower fee work. Even now we occasionally donate our services or do something unexpected if it feels like a congruent fit for us. And we have always given lots of useful content in articles and on the blog and even Exploratory Calls for those who want to talk about our services (like the two folks who sent us those emails years later).

Law of Reciprocity

I recommend this approach to clients who are also Process Professionals as I believe that what you give comes back to you (perhaps not via the same person or group that you gave it to ... but it comes back to you somehow and somewhere ... as that is the Law of Reciprocity the universe has a way of keeping the scales balanced).

Know Your Worth and Respect It:
There are a few important things to remember when giving ... where the line is for an appropriate boundary and the importance of really knowing your worth.

Obviously at SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc. we are in business, and we can't give ALL of our information and time away for nothing. So we exchange plenty more in the context of a fairly priced program. This is not selfish, it's just a mature business boundary that keeps us in business being able to afford our staff, invest in needed infrastructure, keep developing new offerings, etc.

The other thing that helping professionals (myself included) need to watch (in business and in life) is being taken advantage of by people who are self centered or self-serving and/or downright greedy. Some folks will take, and take, and take, if you are willing to give, and give, and give ... and have no qualms about it.

The onus is on us not to allow our giving nature to be harmful to ourselves. To establish a healthy functioning boundary and enforce it if need be, rather than expect the other side to change their scruples or morals. It's important to know our worth and value ... and stand nicely but firmly in it. Nobody can take advantage of you if you deeply know your own worth and value and create and enforce appropriate boundaries when needed. Good to be a 'helping' person but no need to be silly about it at the expense of yourself!

Law of Reciprocity

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Christina Merkley
The SHIFT-IT Coach &
Interactive-Visuals Mentor

SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc. is a boutique training and coaching company specializing in visual process work for groups and individuals. Founded by Christina Merkley, pioneering Visual Facilitator and Coach, we work deeply with individuals, partners and conscious businesses to define and manifest what you really want. We also train Process Professionals from across the globe in our innovative ways of working. For more information visit and

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