Visual Coach Certification

Add the power of Visual Coaching to your own toolkit, to more effectively help during these times of accelerated change.

Next Cohort Starts April 2, 2024 – Get Your 2 Prerequisites Done First!  


Visual Coach Certification is a comprehensive experience. There is plenty to explain so you can make an informed decision about joining. Scroll below for a thorough info page. To quickly access specific information, use these QUICK LINKS:


I’ve been in the Visual Process Field since 1996, equipped with a Masters Degree in Organizational Development and Transformation (ODT) from The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, USA.

The early part of my career was travelling the globe as a Graphic Recorder taking visual meeting notes for many different kinds of companies including Hewlett-Packard, eBay, Stanford University, The American Institute of CPAs, British Broadcasting Corp, U.S. Department of Energy, The Institute for the Future and The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation … to name a few.

My early visual mentors were David Sibbet of The Grove Consultants International, and Jim Channon of Men Who Stare at Goats fame.

I eventually developed into a lead Graphic Facilitator and Coach with a specialty in Strategic Planning and Visioning and created my own company: SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc.

Being an early adopter of online technologies, I’ve trained 1000s of people from around the globe in Working Visually including many of the well-known names in the Graphic Recording / Graphic Facilitation field.

While I enjoyed facilitating large companies and training their employees in Graphic Recording, my passion was and still is personal growth and working very deeply with individuals. As individuals are the backbone of everything!

This led me to train as a Coach with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in 2000 and as a Hypnotherapist with The Alchemy Institute. Many years of more modalities followed (Appreciative Inquiry, NLP, Voice Dialogue, Trauma, Attachment Styles, Parts Work, BodyTalk, Enneagram, Systemic Constellations and Self Inquiry). I also had a Kundalini Awakening along the way. Given I was already well versed in Working Visually it was only natural for me to combine these modalities with visual note-taking.

Visual CoachingOver time I built a pioneering Visual Coaching practice (the first in the world) and eventually created my signature SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System.

As Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation spread across the globe, slowly more and more people became interested, like I had, in applying these useful visual methods to process work with individuals.

So in 2010, I started my Visual Coach Certification, which trains and licenses others in my visual methods and suite of tools (37 maps and counting). This online program gives you a fast and supportive entry into this innovative and heartfelt niche – whether you work with your clients in-person or online (suddenly very relevant given global events).

Union’s Seal of Approval

The Wounded Bite Back

Baby Yoda And The Sleeping Dragon

Deirdra’s Faith Walk


We have Certified Visual Coaches sprinkled across the globe. The tools are primarily conducted in English, however, we are expanding into additional languages (German, Spanish and Italian with more coming).

Practitioners work in a variety of ways with their clients, both in-person and virtually by digital methods. Spontaneous work using blank paper of various sizes as well as paper and digital templates to corral specific kinds of thinking and feeling.

Work In-Person With Large Paper

Work Virtually Via Drawing Tablet


See this “Intro to Visual Coaching” Info Webinar for more information about this powerful method and its benefits for you and your clients:

* Click Lower Right Corner for Expanded View


As I experimented in the early days with Visual Coaching, I eventually settled into a 7-Step System that I named “SHIFT-IT” and created Visual Maps for each step (17 overall). Clients can be facilitated fully through this comprehensive process, or, you can cherry-pick relevant maps depending on your needs and how you like to work.

The Core Maps

siovidsnapshot Click here for a video. At the 30-minute mark, the description of the SHIFT-IT System and Visual Maps begins.

There are two prerequisites for Visual Coach Certification. Going through SHIFT-IT yourself (so you understand it from the inside out). The other pre-requisite is The Fundamentals of Working Visually (or equivalent experience). For more information on these prerequisites, click here.


Plus 20 Additional Bonus Maps:

Over the years I have created many Visual Maps to support various kinds of process work with individuals. I’ve added these 20 additional Bonus Maps to Certification, to give you even more handy ways to engage your clients depending on your background and interests. For more info, click here.

Orphan Rescue, Crib & Letter

Laid Off … But Not For Long

View –  Video
Painter Shifts From Doom to Liberation

Adoptee’s Quest for Family and Vocation

View Video


SI-school-imageVisual Coach Certification:

  • THOROUGHLY TRAINS YOU IN VISUAL COACHING TECHNIQUES – both online (via digital drawing tablet and web conferencing tech) and in-person;
  • PROVIDES EXPERT INSTRUCTION, MATERIALS AND SUPPORT – in a progressive online learning environment;
  • TEACHES YOU HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN VISUAL TOOLS FROM YOUR OWN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY – for those who are already seasoned coaches or content providers;
  • GIVES YOU HELPFUL MARKETING ASSISTANCE AND TOOLS – to establish a successful practice or enhance an existing one; and
  • INTRODUCES YOU TO YOUR GLOBAL VISUAL TRIBE – dedicated people like you who are also integrating these useful skills into their process toolkit. Learn within a supportive community.


Corona Hits Graphic Facilitation Field

Isabel Sees Them Fight

View Video
Flip It Tribal Voices

Australia-Canada Bridge

View Video

Ancestors Back 1st Nations Healing

Sarah Shifts Survival Strategies

View Video
Organizational Constellation on Bickering Team

Polarity Square: Division-Unity

View Video


This program is for folks who have already been trained to ethically work with individuals in some clearly defined role or capacity. It attracts Coaches, Therapists and various kinds of Counsellors. As well as Human Resource Professionals, Managers, Supervisors, Educators, Lawyers, Mediators, Financial Advisors, etc.

I am not teaching you how to do your role, I am teaching you how to add “Working Visually” to that role via my methods and tools.

There are two prerequisites required: Fundamentals of Visual Coaching (or equivalent experience) and The SHIFT-IT System.

Fundamentals of Visual Coaching trains you in the underlying skills used in Visual Coaching at large, including working digitally by document camera and/or drawing tablet (if you choose to do so).

The SHIFT-IT System pre-requisite is required in order for you to make an informed decision about whether my tools suit your practice, as they form the base of this Certification. Plus in order to hold these spaces for others, you first need to experience them yourself.

If you do not have these prerequisites, please complete them first and then apply for Certification. See the info below on your options to obtain the prerequisites. In some circumstances, I allow simultaneous completion (i.e. do your pre-requisites as you go along) however it’s a lot of work at once!

1st Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Visual Coaching

*** FULL COURSE DETAILS: click here.

Live Online Course:

November 1, 2023 – January 17, 2024
Wednesdays: 12:00-3:00pm Pacific

In-Person Course:
Save $500 – Early Bird Ends June 3!

Summer Camp: August 7-9, 2024
3 Day Intensive: 9 am – 5 pm
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Home Retreat Kit:

NEW: Instant Self Paced Learning
Plus, 3 additional Home Study Kits!

2nd Prerequisite: The SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System

*** FULL COURSE DETAILS: click here.

Live Online Courses:

Save 50%:  September 15, 16 & 17, 2023
3-Day Online Retreat (Intensive Format)

Save 50%: January 20 – March 2, 2024
7-10 Week Online Retreat – Saturdays 2-4pm Pacific Time (Extended Format)

Home Retreat Kit:

Save 50%: Instant Self-Paced Learning



Tuesdays, 12-2:00 pm Pacific Time
convert to your zone

16 Instructional Webinars (Mandatory):
April 2, 16 & 30
May 14 & 28
June 11 & 25
July 9 & 23
September 3 & 17
October 1, 15 & 29
November 12 & 26

14 Office Hours (Optional):
April 23
May 7 & 21
June 4 & 18
July 2, 16 & 30
September 10 & 24
October 8 & 22
November 5 & 19

Graduation When All Requirements Completed.  Final Deadline by December 20, 2024.

Deadline to Apply: March 26, 2024

Please note that it is mandatory to attend the live training webinars (three misses are allowable for extenuating circumstances) so please lock dates into your calendar now to preserve them!




Module 1: Welcome & Start-Up

Meet your fellow Visual-Coaches-in-Training from around the globe! This first webinar includes overview of the program including key dates and milestones. As well as an explanation of our infrastructure (SHIFT-IT School Membership, NING forum, Drop-in Office Hours, etc.). Also an explanation of the various ways Visual Coaching can be delivered (in-person and online) as well as needed materials and technology. We also discuss criteria for Practice Clients and ways to track your client hours.

Module 2:
Stage: Satisfaction Interrupted

Map 1: At The Crossroads
At The CrossroadsOn this 2nd webinar, we dive right into the SHIFT-IT System, starting with an explanation of the typical presenting issues that clients usually begin this type of coaching with. An introduction of the ‘At the Crossroads’ Map used to visually record this valuable beginning information. Also an overview of the other important things that occur with this beginning stage for the process (rapport, building the coaching container, boundaries, ground rules and key things to watch out for).

Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge

Module 3: Two Webinars
Stage: Life Maps

In this 3rd webinar, we explore the ‘Life Maps’ stage, including why you may opt to draw your clients’ historical story out of them (or have them draw it) via the highly inspirational and revealing Life Map exercise. With hundreds of Life Maps behind me, I reveal my opinions and secrets about this delicate process and what I feel works best. Why this may turn out to be your favorite map even if you initially are reluctant to dive deep.

Maps 2-6: Life Maps, and Catch and Release

Visual Coaching Map

Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge

Module 4:
Stage: Investigate Your Now

On this 4th webinar, you are trained on the ‘Investigate Your Now’ stage – with a few visual moves to help you and your client access their current satisfaction level. Before you can move forward successfully into visioning, you and your client really need to understand their current situation and I explain to you the key things you need to look out for at this stage of the game.

Map 7: Focus on Me, Map 8: S.E.L.F. Inventory

Focus on Me and SELF Inventory - visual coaching map

Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge

Module 5: Two Webinars
Stage: Focus on Your Future

Our 5th training webinar is an exciting stage of the work – visioning. I have a long-time background in corporate and personal visioning and share my depth of experience. Learn two fun and effective warm-up moves to get your clients into the visioning vibe, followed by the powerful Magnetism Map – a premier tool that galvanizes your client’s goals and energy into one central place. As an added bonus, I provide a tutorial on how to effectively lead your clients through a Future Self guided imagery exercise and provide a sample script.

Map 9: Essential Extracts, Map 10: Future Self Vision, Map 11: Magnetism Map

Essential Extracts Visual Coaching Map

Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge

Module 6: Two Webinars
Stage: Trouble at the Border

On our 6th webinar, we move into my favorite territory, what I call ‘Trouble at the Border’ … the psychological (or allowing) border between what your clients say they want and the internal and external blocks that stand in their way. This is where my background in Law of Attraction and shamanic/energy work are woven into the SHIFT-IT System. I include an additional ‘Law of Attraction (LOA) Primer’ for those of you unfamiliar with LOA work. By the way, you do not have to take your clients into LOA territory if you don’t care to – all three of the maps in this stage of the process can be led from the literal level.

Map 12: Flip It, Flip It Good, Map 13: Inner Alignment, Map 14: Archaeology of Beliefs

FlipIt-Archeology-Alignment - Visual Coaching Map

Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge

Module 7:
Stages: Ink It, Don’t Just Think It & Take Action

Moving along, we explore the final two stages: Ink It Don’t Just Think It … and Take Action … where we ground the visioning and inner-depth work of the previous stages into practical reality. Action plays a key role in SHIFT-IT work, but action of an ‘aligned’ nature (big distinction). When you guide your clients to vision effectively (where not only do they see things but they FEEL them) – well … aligned action follows close on their heels. I fully share my experience in this crucial step of the work.

Map 15: Big Picture Plan, Map 16: Take Action Plan

Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge

Module 8:
Closure Tips and Next Steps / Recommendations

Map 17: Declaration of Intent

In Webinar 8 we unpack the final map of the system – The Declaration of Intent. And, I share my wisdom about how to effectively bring closure to your client’s initial SHIFT-IT experience. While this map is the last visual step in the process, it by no means has to be your final contact with your client … in fact; it can signal the start of a whole new chapter in your coaching alliance – implementation and ongoing support. In some ways, SHIFT-IT acts as a large assessment package. Once you complete it, there are several different ways your coaching can go after that. I’ll share the ways I like to take the work and help you brainstorm additional options that fit your own personality and coaching preferences.

Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge

Module 9:
Marketing & Business Development

Having a great coaching process and suite of tools is only part of the equation – you also need to know how to effectively market your offerings. In this webinar, I share my wealth of experience in marketing the visual way of working and what your best selling strategies should be to get the word out about yourself and the cool new medium you work in. As well as the many different ways you can format and structure Visual Coaching into a varied menu for your different types of clients (half-day, full-day, multi-day, weekly or bi-weekly sessions, in-person coaching groups or weekends, etc). Plus helpful pricing options and strategies for a complete sales funnel. Plus, ongoing access to the 10-Module Business Essentials for Process Professionals course.

Module 10:
Exam Preparation & Tips

Preparation for the upcoming experiential Exam.

Module 11: Two Webinars
Advanced Moves

A deep dive into the advanced maps including Orphan Rescue, AlphaMind, Self Inquiry, Constellations and Projecting Up and Down.

Module 12:
Completion & Closing– Last Webinar of Training Phase

Last but certainly not least, we have our final training call about how to keep the camaraderie and support going as you move into the Self-Directed Phase of the program – completing 24 hours of visual coaching practice with live clients that you attract.



coachingDuring the course of the program you complete 24 hours of Visual Coaching work, with ‘practice’ clients.

You must put one client fully through The SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System (counts as 12 hours). For the remaining 12 hours, you may opt to put another client through the full system, or work with various clients with various maps (mine or yours) to reach your needed hours.

Office Hours are offered every 2nd week, for additional supervision and community.

3 Private Coaching Sessions with Christina Merkley (45-Minutes Each): For anything you care to discuss in the privacy of a one-to-one container. These sessions are scheduled evenly as you proceed through the program.


The following requirements are submitted. then you progress to your final examVisual Coach Certification:

* Roster of 24 Hours of Client Hours;
* 2 Client Testimonials;
* Your Own SHIFT-IT Maps (Magnetism Map, FLIP-IT and Action Plan); and
* Visual Coaching Examples: All SHIFT-IT maps (in order) and Any Other Visual Coaching Work (if applicable).

Upon receipt of this material, your 90-Minute Exit Exam with myself (and a test client) is scheduled. You receive thorough feedback by audio (MP3) including the results of your exam. One retake is allowed if necessary. Upon graduation, you are listed on the Visual Coach Directory and granted access to Certified Visual Coach materials.



* Certification also includes these 3 Kits!

  1. Business Essentials for Process Professionals: define, build, or revamp your operations in the $50-300K range. Whether a newbie or a seasoned pro, this program demystifies the nuts and bolts of a successful independent practice. More Info.
  2. Fast and Loose Sketching with Rhoda Draws: mirror the thoughts and feelings of clients. For those who have no or little formal art training, and those who do have formal art training however need to loosen and quicken their style. More Info.
  3. More Heads and Hands with Rhoda Draws: additional focus on faces, emotions and hand gestures.  More Info.

Logos for 3 home study kits: Business essentials in green with money line art in a circle; Fast and Loose Sketching in pale yellow with hand sketching a building in line art; fast and loose sketching heads and hands in pale orange with sketchbook lineart showing a pencil and a head

Orphan Rescue on Money, Amy

Orphan Rescue on Money, Amy

Estelle’s Shift: Frustration to Energized

View Video
Magic Sabbatical Potion

Magic Sabbatical Potion

He Drank the Kool-Aid, Now What?

View Video


This program attracts people who do various kinds of roles with individuals including coaches, therapists, counselors, financial advisers, mediators, HR professionals, disability specialists and the like. Some of these folks are very comfortable with the Visual Coach brand and value having that precise wording. Others, for various reasons, desire a more general wording without ‘coach’ or even ‘visual’ in their credential. To accommodate various needs I offer a two-brand approach, so upon graduation, you can pick the brand that best suits your particular practice. Either “Certified Visual Coach” or “Certified in SHIFT-IT Maps”.



faqsHere are some other frequently asked questions …

How Many Certified Visual Coaches Are There?
Who Is Accepted? | What Are Other Participants Like?
How Can You Effectively Train Us Through Webinars?
What’s this “Big Web Breakthrough” You Keep Talking About?
What Are The 17 SHIFT-IT Maps in Detail?
What are the Additional 13 Maps in Detail?
What If I’m Scared by the Drawing/Art Stuff?
Do You Offer Scholarships or Discounts?
Can You Give Me More Info About This Approach Overall?
Fees, Payment Plans & Registration

Why Can’t I Focus and Act?

Graphic Facilitation: Yes and No

View Video
Her Side and His Side

Why So Many Police Vehicles Needed?




Certified Visual Coach®, 1st Program Graduate!

“I enrolled in Visual Coach Certification® to enhance my 30+ years as a therapist in women’s empowerment. Using Christina’s visual system has been overwhelmingly positive. Clients repeatedly say how powerful and insightful their maps are and how “they LOVE the structure”. As a therapist, I use the Life Maps extensively. Clients literally SEE their histories in new amazing ways – one woman had a particularly profound breakthrough in her body/weight issues … a direct result of visually depicting her past situation.

Christina is a fascinating coach & teacher — shares LOTS of information and is very accessible. Visual Coaching has given me a WHOLE NEW DIRECTION with my business and web presence. VERY pleased with my Visual Coach Certification experience.”

Sue Bates, M.Ed.
LMHC Therapist and Consultant
Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.


Thomas Pfister

“I came across Christina Merkley’s name at different training sessions at The Grove Consultants in San Francisco. I was attracted by Christina’s very well elaborated three-step program for Visual Coach Certification. As a visual addicted individual, I was driven to participate. The mix of online and in-person training was well done. The face-to-face Fundamentals of Working Visually in Victoria, Canada was an exciting, marvelous experience. All these wonderful, helpful, visual soul mates around the globe together with our highly professional trainer.

Her unique manner of guiding and teaching people, was a really stimulating, empowering mix — allowing me to take off to new visual heights.

I was deeply impressed and appreciative of Christina’s passionate, authentic, humorous and at the same down-to-earth, effective and efficient style. Her courtesy to share her immense know-how, her business and marketing model, her experience and her highly sophisticated and precious toolkit were a real asset.

For my business as Organizational Development Consultant, Visual Facilitator and Coach the acquired skills and the toolkit are a perfect addition.

Christina, I say thank you so much for your likable and fostering guidance on a marvelous and successful journey to become a Certified Visual Coach myself!

No question, I personally recommend this program without any reservations!”

Thomas Pfister
Visual Facilitator & Certified Visual Coach®
Zurich, Switzerland

Extremely powerful and integrated process in German, English, In-person and/or Virtual

“I have loved art and drawing my whole life – and through Christina Merkley’s Visual Coach Certification programme I experienced the combination of visuals & coaching as a truly life-changing journey.

Her SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System is an extremely powerful and integrated process. I particularly like the balance between a structured framework and freedom for creativity & flexibility. This is a holistic approach to effectively work from multiple angles and often opens up completely new and unknown perspectives for the client.

After learning the basics in the Fundamentals of Working Visually, I subsequently enrolled in SHIFT-IT Online and Visual Coach Certification.

In these online courses, I appreciated the exchange with an open-minded and supportive international group of participants, which was complemented with excellent course materials including session recordings and bonus videos.

Christina’s generosity of sharing her knowledge, experience, and tools, and her invaluable feedback straight to the point, helped me to grow my visual skills and coaching abilities in both German and English in both in-person and virtual environments. It’s a great pleasure to work with her, thank you very much!”

Melanie Zucker
Graphic Facilitator & Visual Business Coach
Nuremberg, Germany

A process for deep, personal self-reflection and to for kindred souls to hold conversations that matter

Karen Gilliam, Leadership & Organizational Change

Karen Gilliam,
Leadership &
Organizational Change

“I am a Process Professional, have coached for several years, and regularly spend quality time on self-reflection, I didn’t expect any “new” information to emerge.

I was incorrect. Christina has created a process for deep, personal self-reflection while facilitating a safe space for an online community of kindred spirits to hold conversations that matter.

My greatest ah-ha dealt with ‘focusing’. You cannot desire something, predominantly focus on the absence of it; then expect to receive it. Yet, that was my re-occurring practice, in both my personal and professional life. Now when those thoughts come up, I immediately recognize the ensuing feelings; then stop and re-direct my thoughts to focus on what I do want and desire in my life.

Thanks to Christina’s work with the Law of Attraction, I also re-learned the concept of deliberate creation and the essence of allowing. I may think it but now know that I must also expect it by allowing it into my life. The ‘it’ being whatever I want/desire in my life.

I enjoyed working through the maps; some easier than others. The one that spoke to me most passionately was the Archeology of Beliefs. As I listened to the whispers of my ancestors, I could understand why, at times, I move through life with one foot on the brake and the other on the gas pedal. In today’s hectic, non-stop, microwave environment, I consider SHIFT-IT a timeless treasure, a gift to myself on the way to becoming my Next Self.”

Karen Gilliam, Ph.D.
Leadership & Organizational Change
Division Chief, Governmental Agency
Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.


Jo Hobson, Organizational Psychologist Cape Town, South Africa

“I’d been admiring Christina’s work for a long time before I took the plunge and made the investment in Visual Coach Certification. It has been a GREAT decision in SO many ways:

  • My clients absolutely LOVE working with the new Visual Maps;
  • My Graphic Facilitation and Coaching skills were taken to my next level;
  • Perfect combination of sufficient stretch with loads of learning, yet also a safe and encouraging environment that made it easy to practice my visuals and the technology;
  • Rich in great material, practice opportunities, generous feedback and connections with other Visual-Coaches-in-Training from across the globe;
  • Christina’s approach is both deeply authentic and highly professional. I was a little intimidated by the high standard set for homework and the Exam, but that has ultimately made this Certification that much more valuable;
  • Administrative support is first-class;

The best way to start my day on a positive note now is with Visual Coaching – whether it’s creating my own maps, prepping SHIFT-IT tools for a client, or just practicing my visual techniques – this work has become my happy space!”

Jo Hobson
Organizational Psychologist
Cape Town, South Africa

I Achieved 100% of My SHIFT-IT Plan So Decided To Bring Visual Coaching To My Clients to Achieve Success in Their Careers, Businesses and Workplaces

“For years I have been incorporating visuals into my work as a facilitator of organization and leadership development in higher education. Attracted to Christina’s work in the field of Visual Coaching, I took part in the SHIFT-IT program in 2014 to support my decision to leave university life and pursue independent work as a coach and consultant. Through the program, I crafted a vision and action plan that not only kept me focused on a successful career move but also on creating the lifestyle I craved.

Three years later, I had achieved 100% of my plan and decided to learn how to bring Visual Coaching to my coaching clients who are intent on identifying and achieving success in their careers, businesses, and workplaces.

Christina has been a skillful and generous teacher, mentor and master of the Visual Coach Certification Program. She provides pointed and actionable feedback in the 1:1 coaching sessions, and facilitates helpful and insightful discussions with an impressive cohort of adult learners. I was immediately able to apply the practices and tools with my clients who are empowered, encouraged and actively aligning their actions to their big picture plans.

It’s a privilege to be a partner in this work and to help others “draw out” their thinking and better see their strengths, talents and potential. Furthermore, it is exceptionally rewarding to gauge progress and celebrate the amazing results!”

Mary McGuinness
Innovation Coach and Consultant & Certified Visual Coach
Oak Park, IL

Now I have the portfolio of The SHIFT-IT System, with its 30 Visual Maps, to offer to older clients and/or families of children who are in speech therapy

“Before Visual Coach Certification, I was drawing and printing on table-tops covered with big sheets of newsprint. I would sit with my clients and record elements essential to our session (e.g., goals, strategies, characters from their ‘story’ that day). With access to crayons, clients would pick up colours and add to the artifact, as they wished.

Now I have the portfolio of The SHIFT-IT System, with its 30 Visual Maps, to offer as a complementary process to older clients and/or families of children who are in speech therapy. As a complementary process, the client (child or spouse or adult) fits into a family system. SHIFT-IT exposes a more personal role for a family member that includes their own healing, rather than seeing the challenges of their family member as isolated & separate from the family system.

Visual Coaching is revelatory, integrative and mobilizing. The tools are novel and interesting in the way they capture and hold a client’s attention, and thereby intention. They are also incredibly communicative because of the impact of metaphor that can be represented in graphics and effective because of their inherent organization.

Take Action Plan – Click Image to Enlarge

Magnetism Map – Click Image to Enlarge

I’m also creating my own templates to aid conversational competence, which draws from my practice as a speech language pathologist, and are helpful to people of all ages. They work well for drawing out aspects of conversations that are often implicit, yet essential to successful communication exchanges between people. They bring the implicit into explicit, so we can talk about our talking!

Adding The SHIFT-IT System to my skill set now enables me to have a dual practice in both speech language pathology and Visual Coaching. Clients within each practice area will benefit from the combined expertise, which extends my services beyond clients needing speech/language therapy, into the general public who want to leverage Visual Coaching & The SHIFT-IT System, in particular.”

Lisa Dymond.
Speech Pathologist and Certified Visual Coach

More Testimonials


ROII’m teaching you how to fish for less than what is costs for a client to do a private retreat with me.  Why?! Because Visual Coaching is an excellent way to work and the world needs it!

My life mission is to be of service to others. There is only so much I can do by myself.  Together we exponentially help MANY people across the globe during a VERY important turning point for humanity on our planet. Our collective shift!

Application Interview: Upon registration, you complete an Application Interview where you can ask any questions and I determine your fit for the program.  If you would like to have this interview prior to registering, please book a time here.


  • 16 Live Online Training Webinars: 2-hours, every second week;
  • 14 Optional Drop-In Office Hours: 2-hours, mostly every second week;
  • Full Recordings: video and MP3 of every session plus PDFs of webinar slides;
  • Online Forum with Direct Feedback: extensive supervision and feedback as you progress;
  • Mid Way Video Review of Your Client Work: feedback as your live client work;
  • 17 SHIFT-IT eBooks & Maps: step-by-step directions and examples;
  • 22 Bonus Visual Maps: for even more visual options for your clients;
  • BIPOC Versions of Maps: so all clients are respectfully reflected via imagery and color;
  • Multi-Languages: English, German, Spanish and Italian (more as requested);
  • Case Study Library:  demonstration videos of each exercise with 6 different clients;
  • 3 Private Coaching Sessions: individual sessions for one-to-one help;
  • Marketing Aids: Graphics, logos, thumbnails, copy examples, agendas & contracts;
  • Final Video Exam: review and feedback of live client exam to finish the program;
  • Directory Listing: in Certified Visual Coach Directory – bravo and congratulations!
  • Any New Visual Maps Added in the Future: get new tools as I invent them!
  • Home Study Kit: Business Essentials for Process Professionals (10-Module Study Kit $247.00 value).
  • Home Study Kit: Fast & Loose Sketching (10-Module Study Kit $247.00 value).
  • Home Study Kit: Sketching Heads & Hands (7-Module Study Kit $2477.00 value).


Honestly Choose Which Applies to You.

 Spring 2024 Cohort Starts April 2, 2024


$2,997 CAD

($2,271 USD / €2,056*)


$1,497 CAD

($1,135 USD / €1,027*)


$747.00 CAD

($566 USD / €513*)

Full Suite of Payment Plans Available



* Fees are in Canadian Funds. The USD and EUR fees quoted are approximate. The exact exchange fluctuates and depends on the day/time purchased and the policies of the credit card used. Plus applicable taxes for Canadian residents.


As a Certified Visual Coach, you have one individual license (for life), for the following purposes:

  • Use SHIFT-IT System & Bonus Maps With Private 1:1 Clients (In-Person & Online);
  • Conduct SHIFT-IT Coaching Groups Or Weekend Intensives (In-Person Only);
  • Use Various SHIFT-IT Maps Combined With Your Own Material (In-person or Online); and
  • Permission to Re-Draw Visual Maps Into Large Wall-Size Format.


  • No Resell Of SHIFT-IT Products / Intellectual Property: see Affiliate Program;
  • No Share Or Train Of Methods and Materials with Others; see Affiliate Program;
  • No Online Coaching Groups Using Full SHIFT-IT Process or Brand;
  • The eBooks & Maps Are ‘As Is’. No Edits, Changes Or Additions Allowed; and
  • In English: We Do Have German, Spanish and Italian Versions of the Maps Available. Should You Desire The Maps Translated into Another Language, We Can Discuss At The Time Of Your Admissions Interview. All Translations Produced and Owned By SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc.


I’d like to express how appreciative I am with the way this Program has unfolded over the years and the quality of people it attracts. I look forward to you joining our upcoming cohort.

Thank you for your participation and for the work that together we do in the world – to midwife our own shifts and in our clients that we are so fortunate to work with. And hopefully in the world at large too!

Yours in Visual Expansion,

Christina Merkley, Visual Coach & Visual Mentor

Christina Merkley, Pioneering Visual Coach

P.S. Further questions? Just email Additionally you can request a Free 30-Minute Exploratory Chat so you and I can talk directly if you have any questions.

More Testimonials:

Christina tops my professional gratitude list!

Dr. Rita Smith Certified Visual Coach

“Christina tops my professional gratitude list! I knew of her stellar reputation and took 2 flights, a bus, a train, a ferry and a seaplane to work in person with her!

During my incredible private Visual Skills training I learned so much about working visually with both groups and individuals and was also introduced to the Law of Attraction.

Her mentoring led me to become an ICF Certified Coach and to deeply explore LOA principles.

I then secured The SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit. The visual maps and overall process was life changing. This important reflection was a catalyst for me to “retire” from 35 years in corporations and become a “solopreneur”.

Entrepreneurship is a new arena for me so Business Essentials for Process Professionals was invaluable. As with all her programs Christina generously shares her knowledge, practical resources, and personal experiences. The accompanying private coaching was extremely useful to apply the concepts to my own situation.

My most recent (notice I did not use the term ‘last’!) adventure is successfully completing Visual Coach Certification. This credential equips me with the skills and confidence to use her SHIFT-IT System with my own clients, and it broadened my overall coaching abilities too, including adding distance sessions to my repertoire (via web conference and digital tablet).

Christina is always cutting edge with her use of technology to enhance learning and student collaboration. Given that she is a life-long learner and innovator, I look forward to my next learning experience with her!”

Dr. Rita Smith
Certified Visual Coach
Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.


Aaron Johannes Certified Visual Coach®“The day I got word of my successful completion of Visual Coach Certification® I was working on a new chart for a client who comes annually for visual project updates. It’s great for them, and I love how much airplay the charts get in their work with various teams around the province.

On that significant day of completion, I got to compare three charts; one from 3 years ago, another from 2 years ago and then the current one (made on the heels of the last 13 months in SHIFT-IT Online, The Fundamentals of Working Visually and Visual Coach Certification). Comparing my charts was yet another powerful lesson in how good coaching can improve one’s work, and why I consider Christina Merkley one of the great mentors in my life.

While that’s about the improvement of technical skills, there’s also been an amazing shift in me as a person too. I think the word that comes to mind most about this program for me is “trust.” Becoming a Visual Coach with individuals was a leap for me after years of co-facilitating groups in various kinds of team planning processes. I had worked with individuals with disabilities using the PATH Process, however I was now trusted to add the SHIFT-IT tools to my toolkit too.

I made my way through the base training part of the program then progressed to working with clients: suddenly there was this one person (my first official visual coaching client); hopeful, daunted, nervous, wondering, and trusting to be coached, by me. In that moment (once I remembered to breathe) I recalled how Christina had told me the truth even when it was hard to hear, and also when she told me what she liked about what I had done and how I had improved – she asked me to try something different, in my graphics and in my life, and I trusted her sense of what I was capable of. And it worked. And she sent me back to redo something. Not many people send me back to do things over. Oddly, I liked that a lot.

All day I mulled over these ideas and then, as I coached someone through a shift in their life, they said, “I really trust your sense of this – I know I can trust you to help me get where I want to go.”

Aaron Johannes
Co-Director, Spectrum Society | Graphic Facilitator & Coach
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Sylvie Kwayeb Fagon
“My connection with visual thinking and tools started years ago with Mindmapping.

In 2009, I came across your website and that was it! I started with The SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit. Was impressed with its quality and the results that unfolded after using it.

I then enrolled in Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals online (very comprehensive and full of great resources, from drawing to business choices. And it was fun too!) From there I joined The SHIFT-IT Online Group (supportive and respectful with people from all around the world – wonderful)

I then committed myself to Visual Coach Certification®. Again a group with a high level of competence and humanity. Very well organized and professional. Even more than what I was expecting. I experienced the pleasure of my clients discovering and unfolding their visions like I did. Now I am a Certified Visual Coach® in the middle of creating my new business and it feels great!

Thank you Christina, because when you say “pick my brain”, it is true: you really share your knowledge, skills, experience and tools with a huge generosity.

I trusted that you were the right person for this step of my life and I was right!”

Sylvie Kwayeb Fagon
Certified Visual Coach®
Plouezoc’h France


Szilard Strenner
“I am really grateful to Christina and I really appreciate her and Visual Coach Certification®. I learned a lot and many things changed around me.

We got gorgeous videos and a fabulous toolkit; we were taught how to properly employ The SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System® and its 17 visual maps with clients.

We were insistently reminded how to formulate visual recordings correctly. We were coached via ongoing contact with our mentor and peers. And we were examined via a thorough exit process and received detailed, helpful feedback in a highly supportive manner.

Before I applied, two important visual practitioner colleagues labeled Christina “a highly professional” source, and yes, they were right. She shared her working methods, tools, accessories, and business tips. I gained superb practical tools to support my professional and personal transition. I launched my visual practitioner business and website (English version coming soon), created environment for online visual coaching, have started to build a team and I have new and returning coaching and corporate visual facilitation clients. I was very satisfied with the program and the results we created.

Many people say “I am a coach!” but in Visual Coach Certification we worked hard to earn our visual distinction! Thank You Christina and Congratulations to the whole SHIFT-IT team in Victoria, and our peers all around the World! Are you wanting to shift your practice to the visual way of working? If so, I highly recommend the visual trainings at SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc”.

Szilard Strenner
Visual Facilitator & Certified Visual Coach®,
Budapest, Hungary


Anne Marie Turnbull“I was first exposed to working visually in 2010 when I began to cast about for more interesting ways to engage leaders in the wide variety of offsites that I lead. After reading a number of books and applying general concepts, I knew that I would benefit from some more structured “hands on” learning. Enter Christina Merkley. I started with her beginning course and was hooked!

Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals was an incredibly rich learning experience. Christina’s intellectual generosity is unparalleled. She not only skilfully taught the basics but also shared tips and tricks to accelerate my learning. Critical for me as I am not a natural artist! There had been icons that I had consistently struggled with and one particular session broke my logjam. My facilitation clients have pro-actively commented on the power of my visuals to focus and enable their conversations that matter.

Magic Marker Mastermind was my next opportunity to further stretch. While the calls were a great way to get feedback and to share insights, I found the real-time, ‘at the wall’ retreats invaluable for application and experimentation. A fertile environment for breakthroughs of which I had many!

Emboldened by success with facilitation clients, I decided to pursue using visuals with my coaching clients. While I often found myself drawing in sessions, Christina’s approach is more deliberate and intentional. I enrolled in Visual Coach Certification (which I’ll finish next month). The three coachees that I have taken through The SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching Process® were extremely positive about this inner work/outer work framework and the power of the visuals to spur deeper thinking.

I cannot speak highly enough about Christina and her programs. She is truly a pleasure to work with. She lives what she teaches and coaches. Her openness, generosity of spirit, creativity and resourcefulness are a pleasure to experience and a model to emulate. I highly recommend her courses and can virtually guarantee that you will not be able to stop at just one!”

Anne Marie Turnbull
President, AMT Associates
Oakville, Ontario, Canada


“I knew within minutes of starting my first training that graphic facilitation was my calling. Incorporating the tools you have developed is such a wonderful addition to the gorgeous conversations I get to hold with my clients.

I find that Visual Coaching is incredibly helpful for people with autism, anxiety and histories of abuse. They see the pieces of their thinking come together in a structured, orderly way bringing clarity, reassurance, and relief. Seeing the map and knowing the agenda in advance are critical elements for our success.

It is such an honor to spend time in this space – talking, dreaming, drawing, and guiding people through the process of identifying what works, what doesn’t, what they love, what they don’t, what they want, what they want to be rid of, and what steps they can take to allow it to all come to them – that I sit in awe that I get to do this work. It’s a blissful life.”

Gina Lynette
Certified Visual Coach®
Nashville, TN

I use the skills, knowledge and awareness I have developed through working with Christina on a daily basis

“I was introduced to the concept of graphic facilitation many years ago through the use of PATHS and MAPS with individuals who have disabilities and their support networks. Through this work, I gained a sense of both the practicality of this modality as well as the ‘magical’ side of working visually, which whetted my appetite for more knowledge and skills.

As a process professional and lightworker that supports individuals, groups and families, I was eager to find someone who could teach this approach in more depth, help me to understand where the magic in visual work lies, and show me how to intentionally bring it forward. Living in central Canada, I began my search for a course to improve my graphic facilitation skills that were accessible online and found Christina! I began working with Christina through her Fundamentals of Working Visually course and immediately found a kindred spirit. I have since gleefully run the gamut of her offerings, making my way through her online Shift-It course, Visual Coaching Certification and Practical Energy Work. I am currently winding my way through the Business Essentials for Process Professionals Home Study course.

Christina brings a unique mix of skill, knowledge and deep wisdom to her teaching and coaching that can only be offered by someone who has done significant process, growth and healing work for themselves. She continues to courageously walk the path of her own inner and outer work and deeply understands the vulnerability, strength, and gifting that lies within each person she works with.

I use the skills, knowledge and awareness I have developed through working with Christina on a daily basis, whether it is applying graphic facilitation approaches with clients, coaching people with the SHIFT-IT system, supporting clients who are working through healing from trauma or calling forward elements from Practical Energy Work for my own journey. Christina’s mix of proven facilitation and coaching methods combined with both quantum approaches and ancient wisdom is cutting edge and I am thrilled to be part of the network of professionals who are taking this work forward into the world. I extend great love and gratitude to Christina for sharing her gifts and for spring-boarding my life and livelihood beyond what I could have imagined!”

Tracy Knutson
Certified Visual Coach & Skilled Process Professional
Fort Qu’appelle, Saskatchewan

After benefiting from these useful visual tools personally, I wanted to be equipped to lead others through them too

“After several years of using visuals in my practice as a facilitator, I joined Christina’s Visual Coach Certification. Having experienced many changes in my personal and professional life (marriage, MA from Concordia in Human Systems Intervention, birth of my two children, and creating an independent practice) I knew the power of using Visual Coaching and The SHIFT-IT System on myself. After benefiting from these useful visual tools personally, I wanted to be equipped to lead others through them too.

Being part of the Visual Coach Certification meant being part of generative group sessions and a great support network. Christina’s energy and way of teaching is amazing: she is supportive and patient with everybody’s learning rhythm. I learnt a lot during our online modules, and even more through the assigned experiential client work. Feedback given was very valuable, not only from Christina but also from cohort mates who are knowledgeable people in the field too.

I am so glad that Visual Versa has these tools now to help clients visualize their desired future and go through the changes necessary to bring their visions about. I recommend SHIFT-IT to anyone who wants to make change in your life, and Visual Coach Certification to anyone who wants to add a proven, effective system to their offerings.”

Alina Gutierrez Mejia
Facilitator and Participative Consultant
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I am happy to report that I am in good health, I have conquered my tech woes, and I have starting my private practice. I am so excited!

“Many years ago I came across Christina’s work after a co-worker attended a Graphic Recording training with her in Canada. I was instantly “drawn” to what I saw. I convinced my employer I needed that training too however they chose a local agency, which was wonderful, but I still felt a pull to train with Christina. I utilized what I had learned and created several charts for various organizations.

I had just finished Grad School and was working as a Lifestyle Coach on a Diabetes Study for the University of Colorado Health Science Center. I was also raising a family, welcoming my first Grandchild and as time went on I got busier and busier. Eventually, I became a therapist and a Supervisor for our Community Behavioral Health agency. Over a decade later I started to feel drained in my therapy profession and I knew I needed a change. I still liked working with people but something was not feeling right.

That’s when I thought about graphic work again. This time when I looked into Christina’s offerings she had Visual Coach Certification. It’s like the heavens opened up. Surely this was “meant to be” I said to myself after I was accepted into the program and I was ecstatic.

I started to imagine a future where I could combine my artistic and creative side with my therapeutic and coaching side. It was perfect. I completed my own maps where I scribed a future vision. This included private practice, doing more art and living a healthier lifestyle. I even rented my own art studio which had space for my coaching practice, therapy or whatever I wanted to do. My life was going to change but little did I know how much.

For some time, I had felt really worn out even though I continued to push forward. I thought I was burned out from work or maybe depressed (as my now-adult children were on their own but struggling). I went to see my doctor … it was Cancer.

I couldn’t believe it, finally, when everything was moving in the right direction I may not live to be able to see it through. I couldn’t understand why the Universe seemed to be conspiring against me. To get so close to a dream only to see it ripped away seemed like a cruel joke.

I let Christina know what was happening. I wasn’t sure I would make it through but I did. The recovery was slow and luckily I had a wonderful support system through my hubby, my friends and family, my work and amazingly through this Visual Coaching Program.

Christina was amazing. My cohort and her assistant Pat also helped me hang in there and I am grateful. I attended online classes as I was in my bed recovering. She kept me connected and reassured me that I could trust my unique process and do things as I needed to do them. I requested to be a practice client for another coach-in-training which helped me feel more grounded (thanks Lisa) and revived the vision I had for my Future Self as I was now sure I was going to have a future.

I wish that was the extent of what happened but sadly it didn’t end there. My father, who had been sick for some time, passed away. I also had challenging tech issues throughout but finally, I graduated.

I thought about the Universe conspiring against me and I decided to FLIP IT and now I believe it was really asking me “how bad do you want it?” I am happy to report that I am in good health, I have conquered my tech woes, and I will be starting my private practice in July, and I am so excited!

This experience has been incredible. I still hope to attend one of Christina’s in-person trainings in the future but for now I am right where I need and want to be. I have good people around me, watching over me and I look forward to working with great people in the future!”

Cynthia Stone, LPC, NCC,
Therapist and Certified Visual Coach
Alamosa, Colorado, U.S.A.
Beanflower Studio


Visual Coach Certification was a natural extension of my prior work with Christina Merkley — an excellent expansion of my Graphic Recording practice into process work with individuals.


I was impressed by the integrity of the entire program including requirements, the training modules, the interactive cohort and the exit exam. As well as the strong technology and admin support from her friendly team.

Christina and my cohort provided a safe space to share, try new things, stretch my skills, and get thorough, direct, real-time, actionable feedback served with love.

Also of value was Christina’s knowledge of working virtually – so key in our increasingly digital world – which got me on the cutting edge technologically and increased my geographic reach.

Clients love the SHIFT-IT Visual Maps and are delighted to have me literally draw their thoughts and feelings right out of them! Working this way really takes coaching to the next level, so clients not only have a clear process but tangible take-homes from each conversation to share with others and pin on their fridge, desk etc.

Highly recommend Visual Coach Certification and Christina’s other unique and extraordinary offerings.”

Hannah Sanford
Visual Practitioner
Gaithersburg, Maryland, U.S.A.


Andrea Gibbons

“Working with Christina has been a life-changer for me. I’ve learned new skills and processes, embraced and polished others that had been laying dormant/ unacknowledged/ unappreciated for a long time, gained clarity about who I am, what matters to me and most importantly about how I want to live my life and spend my time.

Confidence was a significant issue for me, as it can be for so many. The support that Christina provides (both in real tangible ways with skill development and the intangible encouragement and belief in me) has been so valuable as I make my personal transition from behind others to stand at the front of the room again. Her courses, her coaching and the people that she brings together are quite simply phenomenal. The connections I’ve made during the courses I’ve taken with her are so valuable in the moment and very encouraging.

I resonated with The SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System and am now a Certified Visual Coach® so I can use these powerful tools with my own clients. With a background in strategic planning, this process strongly aligns with the principles and activities I’m so used to applying organizationally. Having a process to guide coaching conversations is a fantastic additive for clients to explore their desires, define their goals, and purposely activate their chosen path.

The clients that I’ve used SHIFT-IT with just love it! Having a visual record of their sessions is hugely valuable. Clients have posted their maps in their homes as daily reminders … one even made screen savers for her phone and computer! And wow – people make such rapid, significant shifts in thinking and feelings with massive change in such a short period of time with this process … it’s actually awe-inspiring. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an effective process for personal change and activation. I cannot imagine coaching any other way now. And it’s a flexible system that allows me to customize to specific client needs and desires too.

I am living a purposeful, authentic, and aligned life and I’m excited and grateful to be doing this work. And Christina – her presence, coaching and courses – has been a big part of my ability to realize my goals. Christina’s talents and skills are outstanding – and her desire to support others in their development is a model for me in my work.”

Andrea Gibbons
Change Consultant & Certified Visual Coach®
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


“Christina: I loved the training. The pacing, materials, and support were excellent, as was Christina’s willingness to share her experience of what does (and doesn’t) work. The SHIFT-IT maps fit well into my own practice and have given me a head start into doing more visual coaching while I create visual tools of my own. My clients love to see our conversations come back to them in living color. The overarching message is that they feel seen and heard – which is HUGE!

This program also gave me tools to enhance the power of the Law of Attraction for my own life and business. It helped me gain more clarity around my own calling and how I show up in the world.”

Jennifer Voss
Master Certified Life Coach
Chief Truth & Wellness Officer
Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A


“Prior to applying for Visual Coach Certification®, I was a visual recording student of Christina’s as well as a private coaching client. With her encouraging support— I responsibly left my full-time job of 17 years by gradually phasing into an independent lifestyle as a Visual Recorder and Visual Coach.

Benefiting from her powerful methods myself, I said, “if you ever train others in this, I want in!” I loved this info filled program. Christina openly shares her innovative methods and how she does them – a talented teacher. The case study mp3s were particularly valuable –eavesdropping on her live work. Using the visual coaching tools, my own clients had fast successes, including a marriage proposal and a new car… another burst into tears and movingly said “wow, this is the first time I’ve truly been heard and seen!” So impressed with the integrity and beauty of this work.”

Sue Keely
Visual Recorder & Visual Coach
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, U.S.A.


“I was recently asked, “How are you able to get your art done while also juggling a family and full-time day job?” Over the past year I have been working to become a Certified Visual Coach, and I’ve been using this powerful process to do my own strategic visioning and planning too. I have achieved AMAZING results in the past year:

  1. Accepted in local, regional, and national juried exhibitions, received my first award, and sold work at shows.
  2. Held first(now annual)open studio show.
  3. Accepted into Fort Collins Studio Tour.
  4. Created a website, blog, & Facebook Fan page.
  5. Teaching “Visiting Artist Workshop”, at Ah Haa School for the Arts in Telluride, CO.
  6. Invited to be in 2-artist gallery show.

The SHIFT-IT Process® is like putting rocket boosters to whatever “IT” you want to shift – I’ve experienced it personally and had the privilege to witness it work its magic with my clients too. Thank you Christina!”

Ayn Hanna
Visual Facilitator & Textile Artist
Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A.


Lisa Land May“My journey through Visual Coach Certification is one of my most favorite professional and personal experiences. I sought out Christina Merkley’s expertise to develop my Graphic Recording skills for use in the consulting business I own with my sister. What I found was my PASSION … for Visual Coaching and helping others. To say this program exceeded my expectations is an understatement!

I was so impressed with how the 17 visual maps so naturally lead me to “my best self” that I wanted to be trained and certified to hold that special container for others too. The SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System is clearly created by years of experience, deep thought and creativity. Christina is most generous with her knowledge, best practices and processes. As a student of Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals and SHIFT-IT Online (the prerequisites for Certification) I’ve been very impressed by the detail, flexibility and thoroughness of her courses. A true mentor in working visually with groups and individuals. I have learned a great deal and am excitedly incorporating my passion for coaching and working in a visual way into our business. Thank you, Christina!”

Lisa Land May
Certified Visual Coach
Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A.


Steph Martini Certified Visual Coach

“As a real estate and business coach, I focus on the whole person; life coaching is a natural result. With a strong passion for expressive visual and kinesthetic communication, Visual Coach Certification (including its 2 pre-requisites) was a perfect pathway.

I love combining the myriad of SHIFT-IT tools into my practice and being empowered to spread Christina’s vision while impacting lives at such a high level.

Her tools are fun, aesthetically pleasing and create powerful breakthroughs — they literally “draw out” my client’s beliefs, what serves them and what doesn’t. Manifesting goals is just the beginning magic of what immersion in this work has created for my clients and I. Whether you are a Coach, Facilitator or Graphic Recorder these courses are well worth the investment in yourself.”

Steph Martini
Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
Real Estate & Business Coach (Keller Williams Realty East Valley)


“I’ve always been interested in drawing and art, and I’m a life coach, so Christina’s visual process intrigued me. A friend’s husband had gone through her SHIFT-IT Process® and had fabulous results. So, I signed up for her Fundamentals of Interactive Visuals, LOVED it and wanted more! I was excited when she announced the Visual Coach Certification and immediately signed up. It absolutely surpassed my expectations (which were already high). Very well organized and clear – no details left out. Christina is generous in so many ways: sharing contracts, her visual tools, lessons learned through the years of doing her unique work. And encouraging us to be flexible and inventive once we’ve learned the basics. My client work has been such an honor. The SHIFT-IT Maps help people see their belief systems clearly, gain confidence in their next decisions, and trust in how their life is unfolding. I give her training an A+.”

Simone Goudreau
Emotional Eating Coach
Yellowknife, NT, Canada


Lynn Thomas, Visual Christian Coach

Lynn Thomas, Visual Christian Coach

“Being a Professional Coach already, I was a little unsure as to “what”, exactly, I would gain from Visual Coach Certification … until I dove in and went through the program. Being more “left brained” I was a little nervous about learning to use the visual tools. Wow! Using visuals with my clients has been a GAME-CHANGER. I am SO grateful for your mentoring and tools. It’s easy to learn (with practice, practice, practice) and, more importantly, to implement. I now use visuals on a regular basis with my clients. You are a patient, giving, articulate coach who has a unique gift of helping the motivated learn things that are outside of their usual comfort zone. Your classes and resources are useful, practical and challenging. Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals was inspirational, to say the least. And THANK YOU for Biz Essentials for Process Professionals. It’s one thing to learn it, it’s another thing to apply it in a practical way to a money making business. I cannot thank you enough.”

Lynn Thomas
Visual Christian Coach
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Visual Thinkers Unite!

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