I’m a long time Facilitator, Coach and Trainer – been in the process field since the mid 1990s with a masters in Organizational Development & Transformation prior.

All of my work uses visual methods to some extent, although I have many other methods in my toolkit as well depending on what would best serve your group.

Visioning, Strategic Planning, Team Creation and/or Harmony Restoration (Conflict Resolution). Leadership Coaching.

As a facilitator I tend to work with groups that need to figure out their next chapter and get organized (visioning and planning) or with groups who are experiencing some kind of breakdown (conflict resolution and harmony restoration).

I am also a coach so often in the process of working with groups I also work privately with leaders and other team members when desired (leadership and team coaching), often using my signature process The SHIFT-IT System.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can We Determine If You Are the Facilitator For Us?
Why Do You Work Visually?
What Size Groups and Levels Do You Work With?
What Special Room Considerations Do You Require?
What’s Your Availability? Do You Travel?
What Do You Charge? | What Are Your Rates?
Are You Willing to Collaborate With Other Process Professionals?
Do You Train Others in Your Innovative Methods?

How Can We Determine If You Are the Facilitator For Us?

I am happy to field a free Exploratory Chat (by phone or web conference) for us to meet. I will hear about you and your situation. You will hear about me and my experience. And we can both determine if we are the right fit for each other. Should we wish to proceed, based off of our dialogue, I will craft a detailed Memo of Understanding outlining my approach, including rates. To schedule an Exploratory Chat simply email my assistant Patricia Harris at and she’ll help us arrange a time.

Why Do You Work Visually?

Visual Expansion - Process FacilitationOh, where to start! I’ll keep it short and sweet. I’ve been working visually since the mid 1990s. Research tells us that up to 87% of the population processes and retains information best when a visual approach is used.

I don’t use visuals in every situation that I work in (sometimes its not appropriate) however when it is used its very productive, time-saving and fun for participants. It boosts clarity, understanding, retention, accountability and decreases confusion, conflict and procrastination. People literally SEE what is meant and agreed upon and have a cohesive record as a memory and communication device.

What Size Groups and Levels Do You Work With?

Technically I can work with any size group however my sweet spot is generally 50 people or less (20 is wonderful, whereas 12 is superb). I prefer more intimacy with how I work (where I can SEE everyone and they can see me and the visual charts we co-create together). If more numbers are required, I assemble additional facilitators and/or recorders depending on our process design. I work at all levels (senior, middle, or field) or a mix.
Graphic Facilitation Training - Process Facilitation

What Special Room Considerations Do You Require?

Working visually does require some special space requirements – plenty of smooth, unobstructed walls within seeing and hearing distance of the participants (plus space to continually display the visual materials as they are generated). Ideally I am involved in the selection of the meeting space before you book it. If you have already booked a space there may be ways to adapt what we need if natural wall space is not adequate.

What’s Your Availability? Do You Travel?

Process Facilitation calendarDuring the Sept-June timeframe I’m generally only available for facilitation during the latter part of the week, Thursday-Sunday (as I run a busy online school Monday-Wednesday). Sometimes exceptions can be made if enough advance notice is given and/or I can fit my class schedule around your requirements (I run my classes online from my laptop).

Yes, I do travel as long as I can arrange flights around my class load.

What Do You Charge? | What Are Your Rates?

My rate is $3000/day. Every engagement requires some additional pre and post time (not just the time in the room the day of). Pre time is for agenda design, interviews (if required), preparation and assemble of materials. Post time is for meeting documentation (my reports are fast and functional) and any additional charting required from raw data gathered during the meeting. My fees are in Canadian funds. If out of country, you will need to arrange for appropriate border paperwork.

Below are general ballpark quotes:

Half-Day Event: $3000.00
One-Day Event: $6000.00
Two-Three Day Events: $9000-12,000+

*** After conducting our Exploratory Chat, I construct a formal Memo of Understanding outlining customized approach and costs for your particular event. The quotes outlined above are for general info purposes only as each event is specific. Direct expenses (travel, accommodation, mileage, etc). are additional. Plus tax where required. 50% upfront to reserve dates with remainder plus expenses due upon completion.

Are You Willing to Collaborate With Other Process Professionals?

group Process FacilitationYes, I’m very open to collaborating with other Process Professionals and on combined Process Teams, particularly for larger events than what I generally lead.

I fit in nicely as a consultant on the visual applications, as an additional facilitator, as a process lead (for particular areas I specialize in), and as a graphic recorder (live visual scribe or creator of visual collateral materials).

Also, as a practitioner, teacher/mentor in this
field for decades, I’m well connected to other Process Professionals (visual ones and other) and am happy to make introductions or operate as a project manager overall.

Do You Train Others in Your Innovative Methods?

teach Process FacilitationYes, I have a full suite of training courses for other Process Professionals (or those interested in entering the process field) including in-person and online courses as well as various Home Study Kits. I also design custom in-house workshops should you have several people within your organization to be trained or wish to create internal visual capacity. Click here to view my SHIFT-IT School curriculum.


I am happy to help you determine your process needs. Simply email my assistant Patricia Harris at to schedule a free Exploratory Chat as our first step. I look forward to connecting with you!

Christina Merkley Process Facilitation

Visual Process Professional and Educator

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