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Fundamentals of Working Visually

Visual Skills for Process Work with Groups and Individuals

For managers, consultants, facilitators, trainers, coaches, therapists and other group leaders. And for artists, illustrators, designers, graphic recorders and other creatives. Over 87% of your clients (or employees) are visual thinkers – learn powerful visual skills to boost the effectiveness of how you work or communicate with them. This professional 18-Module Home Study Kit, thoroughly covers the four ways of working visually: studio work (pre-prepared charts & videos), graphic recording (visual summary notes), graphic facilitation (process work with groups) and graphic coaching (process work with individuals). This is the Home Study version of my internationally acclaimed training.

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The SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit

Conduct Your Own Personal SHIFT-IT Retreat

Your life isn’t a dress rehearsal. In fact, it’s happening right NOW. Is it going the way you want it to? You can easily take control with the step-by-step SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching system. This innovative kit actually walks you through your past, present and future so you can plot out your directions and strategies. SHIFT-IT has already helped hundreds live life by design, not by accident. Learn how it can help you too!

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Shift Into Digital Work: Home Study Kit

Expand your service offerings to include digital options

Working Visually has spread across the world, with rapid expansion over this last decade. Now Visual Practitioners who work with groups and/or individuals are increasingly adding digital options to their service offerings.

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Fast And Loose Sketching®

Two Niche Experts Help You Draw Better And Faster!

Given the live nature of the GR/GF approach, Practitioners need to be able to listen, write and DRAW FAST in order to quickly mirror the thoughts and feelings of clients.

This Home Study Kit caters to both audiences — Process Professionals who have no or little formal art training. And/or artists who do have formal art training who need or want to loosen and quicken their style.

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Fast And Loose Sketching: Heads and Hands Kit

Two Niche Experts Help You Draw Heads and Hands

This new Heads and Hands Home Study Kit provides specific additional focus on faces, emotions and hand gestures. You are welcome to purchase whether or not you have already taken the fuller Fast & Loose Sketching program as we are not making it a prerequisite at this time (although it’ll certainly be handy for context if you have).

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Cartoon and Storyboard Techniques Kit

For Process Professionals Who Work Visually With Groups and/or Individuals

More and varied Process Professionals are using spontaneous, live, hand-drawn visual techniques to help people effectively think and feel. Karen Lloyd and Christina Merkley teach cartoon and storyboard techniques to add to your Graphic Recording / Graphic Facilitation toolkit.

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Business Essentials for Process Professionals

Bust Through to a $50-300K Solo Practice or Small Business

Biz Essentials for Process Professionals is an info-rich, 10-Module Home Study Course, that guides Process Professionals and other Small Business Owners to define, build, or revamp their operations in the $50-300K range, with a special emphasis on ethical online techniques. Whether a newbie or a seasoned pro, this program demystifies the nuts and bolts of a successful independent practice.

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Practical Energy Work Kit

Right Brain Techniques for Professional and Personal Success

In this Practical Energy Work Kit I show and help you experience just how powerful your right brain is and how to effectively interact with it to aid your personal and professional lives. No longer quiet … and certainly not ashamed … we come together in a supportive community to proudly own and celebrate our whole brain abilities!

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