Public Visual Satsangs

free and public visual satsang process popup with christina merkley line drawing of community of people gathered on a computer screenMy Seva (public service work) is to offer Free Visual Satsangs (scroll below) and Free Individual Sessions.

To assist thoughtful people around the world to consciously meet these intense times: pandemic, mandates, racial justice, environmental and economic uncertainty, polarized politics, war and the other ups and downs of life in the 2020s.


Saturday, June 4, 10am – Noon Pacific Time
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Christina Merkley With Digital Tablet on Zoom

Hi, I’m Christina Merkley, the SHIFT-IT Coach.

Satsang / satsanga / satsangam is a word that comes from Sanskrit, meaning to associate with true people or to be in the company of true people.

Each Visual Satsang is different. They are co-created each time with those who come and what arises forth from them. Embedded within the larger context of our world, in that moment in time.

We briefly meditate (10 minutes), check-in and then use various processing techniques (Self Inquiry, Systemic Constellations, Polarities, Parts Work, Visioning, etc.). To honestly meet what IS (good, bad and so called ugly) in our ever evolving now.

Satsangs are online via Zoom.  I use my digital tablet and collection of Visual Maps, to literally draw out what organically emerges each time.

I have extensive experience in Organizational Development, Facilitation, Training and am a pioneering Visual Coach (bio).  In 2009 I had a kundalini awakening, and have been drawing Consciousness ever since … through the forms of the folks who find their way to me.


Recordings of Public Visual Satsangs are provided on our YouTube Channel.

Recordings of Individual Sessions are also sprinkled throughout.

Browse to find topics of interest to you, and parallel processing along.  Together we SHIFT-IT!

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