Graphic Facilitation Training

Did you know that 87% of people are Visual Thinkers? That’s why visual skills help you engage with clients, communicate effectively, learn and retain information and boost your critical decision-making skills.

The Fundamentals of Working Visually teaches the four main ways to work visually with groups and/or individuals in the Graphic Facilitation genre. Whether you can work in-person in your region or whether you are currently restricted to working just online.  In this fun and interactive training, you learn foundational theory and very practical skills … deep mentorship to add a very useful tool to your process toolkit!

Who It’s For

Whether you work with groups or individuals, this course is for you — from business leaders, consultants, and facilitators to teachers, coaches and creatives. Join our global visual tribe and be inspired by the many ways you can apply these useful skills today!

3 Ways To Learn


This 18-session course is delivered via twice-weekly live Zoom webinars with Christina and your fellow participants from around the globe. You receive extensive materials, instruction and feedback via private class forum. All sessions recorded. Deluxe level includes 3 private mentoring sessions.

February 22 – May 5, 2021

Mondays & Wednesdays

Noon-1pm Pacific

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Join us in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for Christina’s annual in-person training.

3 Day intensive with all supplies provided.  Deluxe level includes 3 private follow up coaching sessions.

To plan your stay in this small city with world class charm, visit our travel page.

Cancelled Until Further Notice Due to C-19 Restrictions

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Learn at your own pace with our complete Home Study Kit.

This Kit is perfect for those who can’t attend live online webinars or travel.

Purchase now and receive instant access to the entire course material.

Deluxe level includes 3 private coaching sessions with Christina for feedback and support.

Immediate Online Access:

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Research states that up to 87% of the population are Visual Thinkers. Learn to tap the power of visual language to reach your clients more effectively!

Paper and Analog Basics

Add Digital Options Too

Learn Common Icons

Fast Doodles and Icons

People retain about 65% of what they see and only 15% of what they hear. Visual language promotes lasting images and idea retention!

Discover the Benefits of Working Visually

These methodologies are more than just pretty pictures! When you learn these skills, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase clarity, retention, and understanding of key themes and ideas
  • Boost learning for visual and kinesthetic learners
  • Increase connection and communication
  • Revitalize energy, enable more complex discussion and engage others
  • Resolve conflict and prevent misunderstanding
  • Stand out from the crowd to your clients and increase sales closing rates

Discover the 4 Ways of Working Visually

“Research has shown that visual language used in meetings shortens meeting time by 24%. Visual language aids the decision-making process, 64% of participants made decisions after seeing visual displays”.

Examples of Working Visually:

graphic facilitation courses
Graphic Recording (visual summary) of Conference Presentation (large view).

Model / Flowchart for Training Purposes (large view)

Graphic Recording Murals from Gabor Maté Workshop: The Wounded Healer
(large view)

Graphic Recording Murals from Gabor Maté Workshop: Compassionate Inquiry
(large view)

What’s Included?

No matter which learning option you choose, we teach you how to apply the skills of working visually immediately into your own work. Whether you intend to apply your skills in-person or in the online environment – or both! Feel the markers and/or stylus in your hands and unleash your creative side–with plenty of direct support and feedback from seasoned visual mentor Christina Merkley.

Online Training Option:

  • 9 weeks of bi-weekly live webinars (18 hours of online instruction)
  • Bonus time after each class (Q&A and feedback)
  • Webinar recordings (video and MP3 of every session)
  • Digital handbook: 3 Icon Libraries, Color Portfolio & Lettering Guide
  • 10 instructional videos plus 15 bonus videos
  • Agenda and Contract Examples
  • Private online forum for posting and feedback throughout course
  • DELUXE VERSION includes three 45-minute private mentoring sessions

In-Person Training Option:

Cancelled Until Further Notice Due to C-19 Restrictions

  • Three full training days (9-5 schedule)
  • Printed handbook: 3 Icon Libraries, Color Portfolio & Lettering Guide
  • Agenda and Contract Examples
  • Professional markers (yours to take home)
  • Use of all studio materials (mural paper, tape, cutters, pastels, stencils, etc.)
  • Morning and afternoon snacks (plus optional dinner on the second evening)
  • Access to digital materials: 10 instructional videos plus 15 bonus videos
  • DELUXE VERSION of this training includes three 45-minute private mentoring sessions

Self Paced Kit Option:

  • 18 Videos of Class Webinars (Plus Class Notes and MP3s)
  • Digital handbook: 15 Chapters
  • 3 Icon Libraries, Color Portfolio & Lettering Guide
  • Agenda and Contract Examples
  • 10 Instruction Videos and 15 Bonus Videos
  • Summaries of Class Forum Discussions

Additional BONUS Videos:

  • Neuroscience and Working Visually with Dr. Mandy Wintink
  • Explainer Videos with Liisa Sorsa and Disa Kauk
  • Tablets and Working Digitally with Rachel Smith
  • Shift Into Digital Work with Lisa Moore
  • Materials and Supplies with The Grove Consultants
  • Materials and Supplies with The Neuland Company
  • Art Lettering by Heather Martinez

Co-Build of Graphic Facilitation

Carolyn Learns Common Icons

Carolyn Learns Common Icons

Push Charts & Graphic Recording


Upcoming Course Dates

The Home Study Self Paced Kit:
Available at Any Time Via Immediate Download
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Spring 2021 | Online Training:
February 22 – May 5, 2021
*No Classes: March 15 & 17, and April 12 & 14
Live Twice-Weekly Webinars: Monday & Wednesdays, Noon-1:00pm Pacific
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Summer 2021 | In-Person Training:
Cancelled Until Further Notice Due to C-19 Restrictions
3 Day Intensive: in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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Private Trainings: Individuals and Small Groups
Canadians Only Due to C-19 Restrictions
1 Day, 2 Day, and 3 Day Options
Rural Studio: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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Frequently Asked Questions

faqsHere are some other frequently asked questions …

What is the Course Curriculum?
How Many People Are In Each Training?
Who Comes | What Are Other Participants Like?
Can’t Make Dates. When Do You Offer Again?
What If I’m Scared by the Drawing/Art Stuff?
What If I Already Have Experience in Visual Field?
Are You Training Us On Your Visual Coaching Tools?
I Can’t Attend Live, What Is Your Home Study Option?
I Want Customized Training, What Can You Do?
Do You Offer Scholarships or Discounts?

In closing, if you are attracted to the visual way of working, I hope I have made it clear as to why this training is a smart professional investment. Through Fundamentals of Working Visually I have trained 1000s around the globe including some of the best known names in the Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation fields. I look forward to training you and introducing you to your wonderful cohorts mates from around the world!


Honestly Choose Which Applies to You


Course Plus 3 Private Mentoring Sessions

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($585 USD*)


Course Only: Financially Advantaged

$997.00 $498.50 CAD
($382 USD*)


Course Only: Financially Disadvantaged

$497.00 $248.50 CAD
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Course Only: Have Attended Before

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Full Suite of Payment Plans Available

* Fees are in Canadian Funds. USD fees quoted are approximate. Exact exchange fluctuates and depends on day/time purchased and policies of credit card used (see for daily rate). Plus applicable taxes for Canadian residents. Payment plans are legal contracts to be fulfilled per terms stated. The 1 pay is the most affordable option, as payment plans include additional fees. First payment immediate, then pulled every 30 days until complete.

P.S. Questions? Email Request a free ’30-Minute Exploratory Chat’ to chat directly with me if you’d like.

Christina Merkley, graphic facilitator, graphic facilitator trainer

About Your Trainer: Christina Merkley

As an early adopter in this field, I’ve trained 1000s of people from across the world in working visually with groups and individuals and have personally mentored many of the prominent practitioners in this industry.

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What past participants say about their experience with this training:


“I’ve now taken two of Christina’s workshops and both have been excellent. She creates a lively and stimulating atmosphere, showers us with valuable resources, and is unfailingly helpful both during the workshop and in post-workshop coaching. It’s great to have a generous pro like Christina share her expertise. Her encouragement gave me the confidence to fully step out as a Graphic Recorder, and she’s continued to show a real interest in my progress – even made me one of her Preferred Partners! Now I have so much business I’m craving time to catch my breath! Amazing and exciting.”

Avril Orloff
Graphic Recorder
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Anne Mann Graphic Recorder
“I took the online version of Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals, via the weekly webinars. Best 9-weeks ever spent!

I am already in the Graphic Recording field but still being new to the industry, decided to register for this ‘fundamentals’ course. I learned so much in that well spent 9 weeks and it’s made my practice stronger for it, particularly in better space and role negotiations with clients, improved formatting of my wall charts and how to effectively handle World Cafe events.

The ongoing support given during and after the class has been great. I’m looking forward to taking more workshops with Christina in the future.”

Anne Mann
Graphic Recorder | Designer
Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.


“Christina Merkley offers a number of fantastic programs (both online and in-person) for personal and professional development in and around the various fields related to Graphic Facilitation.

In attending Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals I found her presentations and course content to be thorough, knowledgeable, and well organized …her utilization of current technology to be convenient, practical (and highly advantageous)…and, her manner and personality to be professional, yet warm and encouraging as well. I highly encourage other Process Professionals to take advantage of the many wonderful growth opportunities Christina has to offer!”

Greg Whicker
Graphic Recorder and Illustrator
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.


Joleyne Mayers-Jaekel, Graphic Recorder | Mural Maker
“I was introduced to the world of Graphic Recording in 2009 during a professional development seminar for teachers. I was fascinated by the increased level of engagement from participants as the use of the visual medium increased their interest and buy-in. I continued to observe Graphic Recording in various venues and used a Graphic Recorder in my thesis research.

I began to seriously consider Graphic Recording \ Graphic Facilitation as a career path and was fortunate to find Christina’s Fundamentals of Working Visually. I traveled to lovely Victoria British Columbia for 3 packed days with her and a fabulous room full of diverse Process Professionals.

Returning home I set up my studio and within 5 days had completed my first pro bono mural, for a local organization, which is now proudly displayed in their lobby!

Fast on its heels, Christina referred a quick turnaround project from Florida. He loved his mural and I loved my first taste of providing Studio Work from a distance (was an effective and fun experience). I received my first pay cheque 2 weeks after completing the course! I definitely want to do more!

I believe strongly in the power of working visually and its application is so wide ranging. I’m using charts directly in my teaching, templates to interactively engage my groups, and having a blast creating murals and visual aids (and doing Graphic Recording) for other teachers, presenters, leaders and consultants.

I’m SO GLAD I followed my instincts to pursue work that speaks so strongly to me. And that I have Christina as my mentor to coach me. Ok Calgary and world-at-large, me and my markers are here!”

Joleyne Mayers-Jaekel, MA
Graphic Recorder | Mural Maker
ViClarity Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada



  • Professionally organized. Clearly informed to participate effectively;
  • Highly detailed materials, perspectives, techniques, methods, samples, videos and other resources;
  • Gave me a wide perspective about how can I integrate my landscape architecture, drawing, coaching, team facilitation and training skills;
  • Satisfied my left brain: What the distinctions of the work are: recorder, facilitator, coach. What my strengths and weaknesses are. What my vision as a Visual Practitioner is and what I want to create for my practice here in Turkey and why. My next steps all wrapped up in a visual action plan.
  • And my right brain jumped in to the depths of the visual ocean with Christina’s leadership: listening, being in the moment, creativity, sharing, generosity, integrity, professionalism, vulnerability, flexibility, openness to learning, spirituality and alignment with visual / metaphorical world inside of me…

Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals was a birthday present from my dear boss. I would attend the online seminars and then excitedly share ideas with my work team. With their curiosity and support I am integrating visuals into the consulting, training and coaching work we do with our clients. This has so exceeded my expectations … I’m on my way!”

Sema K. Tezar, Visual Practitioner
Ankara, Turkey
Denge Merkezi Training and Consultancy