Practical Energy Work: Online Course Kit

For Leaders, Consultants, Facilitators, Trainers, Coaches, Therapists, Scribes … And Anyone Who Wants to Learn How to Effectively Engage Your Whole-Brain Intelligence.


I’m very pleased to teach on a subject close to my heart — PRACTICAL ENERGY WORK! This Home Study Kit gets you quickly up to speed on useful energy work protocols to assist your life and work.

For over two decades I’ve worked as a Visual Process Professional in corporate, government, and not-for-profit settings.  And have trained over 2500 colleagues from across the globe. For more on my Left-Brain story, click here.

Assisting groups and individuals to do effective visioning and planning work is decidedly left-brain. However all along my right brain (and the right brain of my clients) has been a consistent and valued partner too. To read about my kooky Right Brain story, click here.

Visual ExpansionChange doesn’t happen without the right brain giving its ok … we are WHOLE BRAIN beings after all, even if our society sometimes pretends we’re not. This 15-session course gets into the specifics of what the right brain is, what abilities it has at its disposal, and how those abilities can create peace, productivity and balance within ourselves, our homes, our groups, and ultimately our world.


As a seasoned leader of group and individual processes, I’m good at left-brain structure, organization and logic. However, I’m also good at right-brain flow, creativity and intuition too.  Over time, I’ve become whole-brained.wholebrainapproachMy spidey senses read a person and/or group and can literally feel (sometimes see) where the energy is or isn’t flowing … and give me ideas about what to do or be in that situation. I’ve learned how to listen to and follow the guidance I receive.

I used to chalk this up to being an empathic introvert … INFJ on Myers-Briggs for those who know that instrument (high in intuition and feeling). However, in 2009 my right-brain development took a leap with an unusual visit in my living room late one afternoon followed by an unfolding kundalini awakening, which continues to this day. My energy has literally been SHIFTed!

In trying to make sense of these unique experiences I embarked on a fascinating journey which led me to many people, places and processes. Territory which we thoroughly cover in Practical Energy Work.


Well, the ‘practical’ part is because I’m a grounded realist who still operates in the 3D world (we all have to, to some extent). So everything I do has to be PRACTICAL … meaning it has to be useful and lead to productive results. I’m not messing around, I’ve got a mission to do as The SHIFT-IT Coach and I want to get ‘er done. So I’m interested in methods and techniques that work and work well.


As for “Energy Work” that takes some time to adequately explain … and hence the early modules of this course do exactly that. In a nutshell, it is within the right-brain that all sorts of interesting abilities and attributes lay: creativity, intuition, innate sensing and knowing, etc. However, our culture does a bang-up job of censoring and denigrating these useful abilities and attributes.

woman left and right brainMost of us have been bullied out of them. Or, if we did manage to keep a connection to this important part of ourselves, we have learned to be quiet about it perhaps even feeling embarrassment or shame about our intuitive, psionic and psychic abilities.

In this Practical Energy Work Kit, I put the kibosh on all of that. I show and help you experience just how powerful your right brain is and how to effectively interact with it to aid your personal and professional lives. No longer quiet … and certainly not ashamed … we come together in a supportive community to proudly own and celebrate our whole brain abilities!


In this Home Study Kit, you get a solid panorama of material, well delivered, with ongoing access to a fascinating group of like-hearted people from across the globe.

Through This Home Study Kit You:

  • Develop a greater understanding and awareness of energy and consciousness;
  • Experience many practical processes to connect with your own energy and the energy of others;
  • Witness powerful energy work in action;
  • Learn effective ways to clear, shield and create energetic boundaries and sovereignty;
  • Have the energetic spectrum de-mystified so you are calm and wise in how you conduct yourself;
  • Understand the various ways energy work is practiced and where your own interests, attributes and gifts lay;
  • Have your own energy shifted including the softening or removal of stubborn resistance;
  • Join a network of supportive and interesting people to continue to share and connect with!


In Practical Energy Work I build a step-by-step path for you to understand, engage and be in partnership with your right brain. We thoroughly explore what ‘energy’ and ‘innate consciousness’ is, how to tap into it, and how to effectively collaborate with it in your life and work.

Here’s a summary of the terrain we travel:


This first webinar launches our experience. I explain the agenda, the various resources to support you, share a bit about my journey and right off the bat explain and demo a few ways to energetic clear and shield … to begin to build a shared, harmonic container.


In webinars 2 and 3 we dive into energy basics, with the aid of my colleague and friend Karla Kadlec (my original Energy Work teacher). You learn what energy/chi/prana is and how our mind/body/spirit system interacts with it. The role of our Energy Body / LightBody includes the main chakras, axiatonal lines and meridians. Also information about kundalini activation and the merkaba. Additionally, we explore the importance of energetic boundaries and developing a healthy, strong sense of sovereignty in your physical and subtle energy bodies.


In this session, we explore the four main brain wave states (beta, alpha, theta and delta) and how developing an “alpha bridge” is key in effectively tapping into the wisdom of your subconscious mind. We get very experiential with a fun and practical technique that helps you build and strengthen your alpha bridge … so your left brain receives communications from your right brain (in pictures, metaphors, feelings and other means). A super effective tool to find creative solutions to all manner of personal and professional problems. This one technique is worth the price of admission alone!


In my journey over these last years, I’ve become well versed in several consciousness-based methodologies that I use in my private practice to help my clients identify and resolve their inner and outer blocks. In this session, Karla and I conduct a group energy work session. I also have several bonus videos with guest practitioners to give you an even greater sense of the range and possibilities for ‘quantum’ work that operates on the subtle energies bands that precede physical manifestation.


Spontaneous Energy Work on situations presented by cohort participants.


I’ve taught Law of Attraction methods for years and used to run several courses based on them, including some with Sheila Gillette, a well-known trance medium who channels THEO. My SHIFT-IT System still has a decidedly LOA bend to it. However, I now have a more nuanced understanding of the Law of Attraction and how it dovetails with energy.

LOA works in beautifully wanted ways for some people on some topics. However, the rub is it works in wanted and unwanted ways due to core beliefs and deeply held energetics … which is unfortunate for people who hold hurt and trauma (which is most of us to some extent or other). Hurt people attract circumstances that match the feel of their earlier hurts, abandonments and scarcity (and sometimes those of their family, ancestry and even what is commonly referred to as past or parallel lives). So we consider LOA in the deeper context of past disappointments and hurts with lots of compassion and empathy. And tips on how to do the needed inner work to soften, soothe and transmute those hurts.

Additionally … I have grown tired of the sometimes ‘service to self’ nature of some Law of Attraction material. I genuinely enjoy helping clients attract needed stability and authenticity (everyone deserves that). However I’m now very interested in how we can manifest for the greater good of our partnerships, communities and world at large too (service to others not just self). Make a real shift to our society and planet. That’s what we explore in these three webinars.


I’m a coach, not a therapist, however, I bring in several therapists whose niche is trauma to explain both simple and complex trauma. And metaphysicians who discuss the impact of analogous (unusual) trauma including past life, abductions, MILAB and other experiences. Also, meridian-based therapies (EMDR, EFT, TAT, PEAT and the like) are proving to be effective aids for trauma sufferers of all types. Plus hypnotherapy and consciousness-based health care approaches. Additionally, we get experiential with the powerful Orphan Rescue protocol which effectively pinpoints past roots of present-day triggers in order to integrate lost fragments of ourselves for greater power and peace.


Well, now we get into the really juicy stuff! When one seriously contemplates and explores energy one bumps into the full frequency spectrum and the various levels, densities and dimensions that reside right next to us.

My kundalini awakening included clairvoyance (3rd eye sight), astral visits (4D) and other psychic phenomena. So I can’t in good conscience offer an energy course without going down the rabbit hole of contemplating different dimensional and terrestrial realities.

In this fascinating webinar, we explore the supposedly taboo topics that lie just beyond the veil of energy work: ghosts, spirits, deceased loved ones, channeling, orbs, entities, implants, UFOs, ETs, starseeds, ascension theories, the Secret Space Program (SSP) and the possible effects of “Disclosure” on our societal structures.

Whew! For those like me who are into transition and change management, Disclosure is the mother of all change management topics! Is other intelligent life out there? Are they in contact? What do they want? Friend or foe? What tech do they have? How do they structure themselves? Consequences? Our future? I’ve got fascinating Guest Experts (one from Mars!) to share their leading-edge perspectives.


All throughout the course, I embed plenty of experiential exercises and practical how-to’s… so we aren’t just talking about Energy Work and these related concepts, we are actually experiencing them. I’ve built this course so the two last sessions focus exclusively on the continued practice of the various processes I’ve introduced in the class … and that our experts have graciously shared in their Expert Interviews.

Bonus Videos:
• Karen An Tara: The Lightbody
• Jennifer Hadley: Forgiveness
• Bonnie Greenwald: Kundalini
• Brad Yates: Emotional Freedom Technique
• David Quigley: Alchemical Hypnotherapy
• Evie Lorgen: Analogous Trauma and Love Bites
• Laura Eisenhower: Sophia Gaia and Exopolitics
• Randy Cramer: Psionic Skills and Exopolitics
• Bridget Nielsen: Multi-D Journey and Vibrational Food
• Kendra Jonas: Abduction and The Link
• Brenda Williams: The Triad Wave
• Vladimir Stojakovic: Spiritual Technologies / PEAT Polarity Process

Youtube Collection: Plus I’ve gathered 50+ Videos That Further Address the Various Topics and Modalities Discussed, So You Can Follow your Intuition And Browse According to Your Own Unique Interests.


Christina Merkley The SHIFT-IT Coach

Christina Merkley
The SHIFT-IT Coach

Most folks who are interested in this Kit probably already know me in some capacity or other, but if you don’t, here’s a bit about my journey:

With a Masters’s Degree in Organizational Development & Transformation (ODT), I began my consulting career in the San Francisco Bay area in the mid-90s, traveling extensively throughout North America and Europe.

I honed my skills in organizational development, change management, strategic planning and visioning, scenarios, team performance and conflict resolution (all using visual methods) working for such notable clients as Hewlett-Packard, eBay, Stanford University, British Broadcast Corp (BBC), The Institute for the Future, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, American Institute of CPAs, etc. More on my corporate career here.

I experienced a quickening of my spiritual path in the aftermath of the Sept. 11th tragedy (scheduled to be in New York that fated day but a series of synchronistic events keep me away). Via that wake-up call, I transitioned my work to include integration of the visual methodology with coaching and spirituality – returning to my lovely hometown of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 2003 and creating SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc.

shift-it-schoolAs a pioneering ‘Visual Coach’, I facilitate powerful awakening in individuals, partners and conscious businesses and am an internationally known coach of coaches. Inspirationally received, my SHIFT-IT System® (comprised of 17 visual coaching tools) helps individuals, couples and families discover and align with what they really want in work and life. Through my Working Visually and Certified Visual Coach® programs and my private practice, I guide Process Professionals and others from around the world.

Driven by a desire to help my clients SHIFT, I expanded into the Law of Attraction genre … including the design and co-lead of programs with internationally known trance medium Sheila Gillette of Ask THEO. In 2009 my metaphysical interest was greatly impacted by an unusual visit in my living room (full details here), followed by kundalini awakening, which continues to this day.

In short, my understanding of the world we live in has greatly expanded and my right-brain capabilities have fired in a deeper way. Hence pulling these topics into the course you are about to experience.

Christina’s Visual Bio: View Here
YouTube Video: Watch Here


This Home Study Kit is special. It’s for open-minded people from across the globe at various stages of awakening and whole brain development. You may just be getting curious about your neglected right brain and all that comes with it. Perhaps still feeling a little confused, shy or hesitant about it. Or battling some of the common negative programming that our world tends to dump on it. So still a work in process in terms of standing tall and in dignity about yourself and your innovative interests.

landscapeOr, you may be well along the spiritual path and are already well integrated between the left/male and right/female aspects of yourself. Perhaps your kundalini has awakened or you are already versed in energy dynamics and modalities … yet could benefit from being in a like-minded and hearted community. A place to share, be listened to, seen and accepted. To peacefully engage with others who think and feel as you do.

I ran this course live for several years.  However, due to time constraints, I’ve put the live offering on hold for the foreseeable future (there are only so many hours in my week and it’s important to me to walk my talk in terms of a sustainable lifestyle). Creating this Home Study Kit enables me to pool my foundational Energy Work guidance into one central place, for easy access for my clients.

This Kit works as a standalone course, however, also pairs well with my SHIFT-IT System (gives you even MORE ways to work with your resistance and come into alignment with what it is you say you want). Also great for my private coaching clients … gets you quickly up to speed with my more provocative techniques so we can maximize your time.  Also good for my fellow Process Professionals (consultants, facilitators, trainers, coaches, therapists, scribes and the like) who want to learn more about the subtle energy realms in order to do more effective work in the physical world.


Obviously, from the blurbs I shared about our curriculum, we cover A LOT of interesting terrain in this course. From basic energy principles right up to leading-edge exopolitical topics. This course is not for the uptight or faint of heart.

critical-coupleLike all of my courses, I work hard to consciously create a safe and supportive container and I welcome diversity in opinions, perspectives and viewpoints. Totally fine to come if you are on the fence about whether energy/consciousness exists or to what extent you feel it’s beneficial. You DO NOT have to align with everything I share in this program to effectively participate in it (in fact, I urge you to only take what resonates and discard the rest).

However, having said that, it is probably not the right course for you if you are a died-in-the-wool-skeptic or your faith/religious beliefs prohibit you from contemplating non-mainstream scenarios.


The Home Study Kit is instantly available via online purchase. Upon purchase, you receive a private membership to my SHIFT-IT School site with access to this Kit. I encourage you to proceed through the material in the order it is laid out, however, access to all modules is immediately given in case you have an urgent need to view certain topic areas.

The program is in English. A computer, tablet or phone is required to view and/or download videos and MP3s. A standard PDF Reader is required for documents. The program is divided into 15 Modules (listed earlier on this page). You simply watch the videos and read the PDFs on each module and follow the assignments.  The Basic Level of this Program does not include private time with me – you are on your own with the material.  The Deluxe Level of this program comes with 3 Private Coaching with me (45 minutes each delivered by private web conference).





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I share A LOT of material with you in this Kit. All information and material are shared to assist you on your unfolding personal path. The information shared is for your personal use only, please.  You are welcome to share it within your immediate household.  If you are a Process Professional and want to use my specific tools with your own clientele, please see Visual Coach Certification.



Christina Merkley – The SHIFT-IT Coach

In closing, thank you for your interest in Practical Energy Work … and more importantly your continued drive to manifest your whole brain self.  My own path has been a fascinating journey (that continues!) just like yours during and after this supportive program …

I wish you well on your path, from one seeker and explorer to another. And salute you for ‘going for it’. Our world needs as many awakened people as it can get!

Yours in conscious expansion,
The SHIFT-IT Coach and Process Skills Mentor

P.S. Remember, there are two choices to choose from, Basic or Deluxe, plus 1, 3 or 10 payment plans should you wish to spread your payments over time.

P.P.S. Deluxe option includes 3 private one-to-one sessions (at a special reduced rate).

P.P.P.S.  For our full SHIFT-IT School curriculum, click here.

Need Help? My assistant is available at and 1-866-925-2351.  You are also welcome to ask her for a Free 30-Minute “Exploratory Chat” with me to discuss which of my programs are best for you.