In-House Training Options

Want to learn how to Work Visually? You and your team members can! In addition to her internationally popular Public Trainings, Christina Merkley offers Private Trainings (you come to her) and In-House Trainings (she comes to you).

Private Trainings (you come to her):

Private trainings are held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and are usually for one person (or a few others). Christina provides a facility and all the materials. For more information and online purchase, click here.

In-House Trainings (she comes to you):

Visual Process Professional

Have a group of people to be trained? For organizations and other groupings, Christina offers beginner and advanced In-House trainings where she travels to you.

In-house trainings are customized versions of her 3-day Fundamentals of Working Visually beginner training and/or 2-Day Magic Marker Retreats advanced training. These trainings are customized according to your needs and budget. Usually, a minimum of 10 participants are required (however if you are a person or two shy let us know and we’ll see what we can do).

2 Days is the minimum time that Christina feels comfortable doing a training in (it’ll get participants quickly up to speed on the basic skills). Adding an additional day or two allows more depth and sophistication, plus the ability to create visual artifacts using real content from your organization (usually custom murals or process templates). Or providing strategic guidance to your team on how to build a formalized Visual Department within your company or region.

Participants 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days
Up to 10 $9,997.00 $14,997.00 $19,997.00
Additional Participants: $997.00 $1,497.00 $1,997.00

*** Additional $40 materials fee per person (each person receives a printed handbook, markers, plus online access to 15 bonus videos plus additional digital resources). Mural paper, tape and pastels are also provided (any unused materials are left with you).

You provide the facility that suits the visual medium (she guides you on what is needed) plus you provide any required border crossing documentation for entry into your country (she’s Canadian).  If you are not able to secure appropriate border documentation, this workshop can alternatively be provided online (not in a 2-day format but in several modules spread over a few weeks).

Travel and other direct expenses are additional. Fees are in Canadian funds, see for current exchange rates. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve dates (the additional 50% plus expenses billed upon completion of work). If it’s preferred for your financial department, one upfront payment can also be arranged.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Canadian or American business cheques or international bank transfers.  Details are included in your Memo of Understanding.

Scheduling, Booking and Other Questions

Scheduling availability depends on the time of year. Generally, Christina is available Thursday-Sunday. Travel to be coordinated with her SHIFT-IT School which operates Monday-Wednesday during the school year.

Christina is available to answer any questions you have and craft a detailed Memo of Understanding for your consideration.

Simply book a Free 30-Minute Exploratory Chat to discuss your specific situation and ideas.

Once details are sorted out (dates, location, numbers, etc.) payment options are arranged via secure online payment (Visa or MasterCard) or international bank transfer.

Book Exploratory Chat Here or email or phone 1-888-925-2351 with questions.