Business Essentials for Process Professionals

Bust Through to a $50-300K Solo Practice or Small Business

Process Professionals (consultants, facilitators, trainers, coaches, speakers, counselors, content experts/authors, visual practitioners and the like) … are often skilled helpers but unfortunately many are weak on the BUSINESS side of their practices — how to make a sustainable living.

Biz Essentials for Process Professionals is an info-rich, 10-Module Home Study Course, that guides Process Professionals and other Small Business Owners to define, build, or revamp their operations in the $50-300K range, with a special emphasis on ethical online techniques. Whether a newbie or a seasoned pro, this program demystifies the nuts and bolts of a successful independent practice.

Course Overview:

My knowledge of Biz Essentials has been hard won, from my own personal experience via the school of hard knocks (I’ve been self-employed since 2001), from studying like crazy (I invest heavily in ongoing education and have a master’s degree in Organizational Development) and from my experiences of coaching and mentoring hundreds of other Process Professionals across the English speaking world.

I first started sharing this material in my Private Coaching Practice because a segment of my clients were other Process Professionals (or wanted to be). They were inspired by what they had watched me do over the years however they were confused and/or intimidated about what to do and in what order in their own situation. They wanted my advice and to coach them through the process of doing it for themselves, in their own niche and content areas.

Over time it wasn’t smart to keep repeating myself in separate coaching containers … and it seemed I was always connecting my private clients to one another (so they could make friends with others going through similar journeys). So, I made the decision to pool those who could use Biz Essentials into coaching groups and in-person and online classes. This was a very successful and gratifying experience. A true blessing to bring awesome people together and teach them how to get their own “IT” out into the world. And to witness the ripple effect on my clients and in turn their clients. Together we all help make the world a better place through the good work that we do.

This Biz Essentials Home Study Kit is my latest way of getting my valuable Biz Essentials info to the minds and spirits of Process Professionals who need it. Plus, its now going to be the ONLY way to access this powerful information if you weren’t around for the live versions. I hear the siren call of Inspiration, and its beckoning me to birth advanced programs built off of this sturdy foundation. So I’ve put the material into this product version as a handy resource for those who still need access, and as a pre-requisite for the advanced programs that are coming.

The material in The Biz Essentials Home Study Kit is the EXACT material that I have taught in my past classes. In fact, you follow a 10-week live class as they make their way step-by-step through my 7-Stage Outer Work Model. You learn Biz Essentials in the same order that the live class did and witness their reactions and integration . And in turn apply the material to the specific of your own situation.

This Home Study Kit consists of 10 eLearning Modules. The first seven Modules thoroughly cover Stages 1-7 of The Outer Work Model. The final three Modules are ‘Live Labs’, where you watch participants receive laser coaching from myself and Brand/Identity specialist, Jocelyn Ring (my guest expert).

Plus, in order to make sure you successfully complete and integrate your Biz Essentials Home Study Kit, I’ve included a Deluxe Option that secures you three Private Coaching Sessions (so I can personally help you to digest and apply your learning investment).

Details on the 10 Modules:

Module 1:


In Module 1 we look at Inspiration … the idea, hunch or urge that niggles at you … the thing that wants to manifest through YOU. If you are new to self-employment or entrepreneurship, it’s the craft, practice or business that you want to launch (even if you are apprehensive, nervous or downright scared … and don’t know yet how to do it).

If you are already in business, it’s the thing that now wants to be birthed … the evolutionary whisper, rumble or shout that urges you to change, transition, or revamp (even though, or sometimes because, you inhabit a nice comfort level … but part of you doesn’t want to stop there because it knows there is more for you to evolve to). And it wants you to GO FOR IT!

Module 2:


Embedded in Inspiration is rich data about your emergent Identity and Brand. Branding Consultant Jocelyn Ring Siman explains the necessary yet sometimes exasperating brand discovery process – how to extract what your business identity truly is (at this point in time) and how to effectively brand around that core. And how authenticity, congruency and ‘being who you really are’ serves you and attracts your Ideal Client.

Bonus Video:

Also included in Module 2, is a Bonus Video by Tamsyn Hawkins (one of our Certified Visual Coaches) who shares helpful info on the role of “Archetypes” in crafting your brand … something we weave consciously into SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc.

Module 3:


With a clear identity and brand we now turn to the Structural Basics that create a secure foundation for your business. The legal, banking, bookkeeping and accounting “Must Haves” … that create a strong girding for the services and/or products that you offer your Ideal Clients.

Bonus Video:

Interview with my Bookkeeping Partner, who has been an integral part of my business since 2005.

Module 4:


Now that you know who you truly are and the clients you serve, we next turn to the topic of Offerings … the tangible services and/or products you offer (or want to offer) the marketplace. Plus how to construct an effective Sales Funnel at various price points … and realistic pace expectations (not everything can (or should) happen this Red Hot Minute … its best to take an “Evolutionary Perspective”.

Module 5:


Yes, you have built Structural Basics into your Business but in this day and age you also must consider the role of Socio-Tech Systems too — the people (virtual contractors or in-person employees) and technology that help you effectively serve your clients (web tools: sites, blogs, stats, security, software, hardware, payment options, automation aids, etc). Where you play (or want to) on the $50-300K scale determines the extent of the people and tech systems you build over time.

Bonus Video:

Interview with my Advanced Tech Assistant, (who explains the ins and outs of how to find and work with a “Virtual Assistant”.

Module 6:


For some this is a dreaded topic but rest assured it need not be. Marketing & Sales is a necessary part of any business and from personal experience I share how it can also be fun and enjoyable (even for those who are naturally shy). Also, implementation of online strategies is key in our business … so I share my very valuable “Online Model” for effective and ethical internet outreach, including how to find your sweet spot with Social Media.

Bonus Video:

Interview with the fabulous Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy. Lorrie is a seasoned top-rate Copywriter from Los Angeles, California, who shares extremely helpful tips on how to write “Conscious Copy” … sales and marketing copy with integrity and clean values. Also included is a ‘Visual Process Map” I created with Lorrie that explains her Speed Copywriting System.

Module 7:


Business is an organic, alive process. You may operate for years but one day reach a crossroads … decide whether to keep going and make adaptations (cycle thru model again with a refined inspiration) or to close shop.

In Module 7 we discuss the role of adaptation — or, alternatively, how to bring a ‘conscious death’ to your biz if your inspiration has run dry. Far from taboo, the discussion of the death of your biz could lead to the birth of a new one, or blossom other areas of life instead.

Bonus Video:

Panel Interview with Past SHIFT-IT Alums who have successful applied The Outer Work Model to their own practices (fascinating to hear which strategies they applied and their results … different personality types and different content areas gravitate to certain strategies over others).

Modules 8-10:


Following the formal Curriculum Sessions there are three “Live Lab Incubator Sessions” centered on drop-in coaching. View live class participants being coached through the spots they aren’t sure of, or where resistance raises its ugly head. These sessions are also an opportunity to apply the 8th element of the process (that works concurrently with the seven stages) — the cultivation of a Positive Mindset. We’re happy to help SHIFT your attitude about what is possible and possible for you!


i can do that, c merkleyThis program is for new or seasoned Process Professionals keen to launch or revamp their practice or small business. Who enjoy professional development opportunities and are ready to take their business to a new level of satisfaction, organization and pleasure. Who are realistic that it takes good information, PLUS the commitment, to implement that information in a step-by-step systematic way to reach success.

It’s ok (and totally normal by the way) to be nervous, apprehensive or even intimidated to launch or revamp your biz. Emotional vulnerability, nerves and fear are welcomed and compassionately understood. AND, I won’t let your emotions get the best of you … I’ll help you to learn how to do business well so you can successfully serve the folks who are your ideal clients and make a viable, enjoyable living in the process!

Things Previous Biz Essentials Clients Have Manifested:

  • Deep Acknowledgment of Inspiration (know they are right about what they want to do, that they do have smart & good ideas!);
  • Clarity on Identity and Brand (created biz colors, logos, banners, styles sheets, etc. );
  • Reached Decision on Correct Entity Structure (Sole Prop, LLC, Inc.);
  • Reached Decision on Name of Business and Title of Their Role (some after years of mulling);
  • Created Home Office and Work Space (one converted her garage for Visual Facilitation work);
  • Bought Separate Office (one person even bought a summer cabin that she holds retreats at!);
  • Implemented Correct Money Procedures (went to bank, set up proper accounts, got biz credit line, biz credit card, etc);
  • Arranged Online Payment Options, including Recurring Plans (Paypal, Visa/MC, merchant account, shopping cart);
  • Found and Hired Good Bookkeeper and Accountant Partners (rather than the proverbial shoe box!) ;
  • Found and Hired Good Website, Tech and/or Customer Service Help (many got their first Virtual Assistant (saying they should have done this so much sooner!), several larger clients brought in Part-Time Marketing Assistants or expanded existing team in other ways);
  • Launched First Website (or smartly improved existing one, including adding in blog, social media and other handy apps);
  • Created Valuable “Free Goodies” and added to site(s) as Education and List Building Strategy;
  • Implemented Correct DataBase Collection Procedures (now following proper anti-spam procedures and has one, integrated list (rather that several separate small lists);
  • Got Clarity on Offerings (canned or revamped old offerings that no longer served and created new ones (also developed ‘progressive programs’ out of client’s remaining needs … picked up money they had been leaving on the table);
  • Expanded Marketing and Sales Results (broke through sales and marketing resistance, expanded into Social Media, implemented proper marketing campaigns (built in enough time to properly seed, fill and launch programs);
  • Improved Client Intake and Contracting Process (landed more clients in easier, more clear way);
  • Raised Rates (and realized nobody blinked an eye … and kicked self for not doing sooner!);
  • Moved into Online Programs and/or Developed Products for Sale (got over visibility issues to stand up much more confidently both online and in-person);
  • Added Handy Automation Tricks to Make Client Attraction, Fulfillment and Follow-Up Much Easier and Less Labor Intensive;
  • Brought a ‘Conscious Death’ to Their Operation (for some this course brought the important and valuable realization that it was time to end their previous venture and move onto other pastures … a few seasoned consultants used this program to plan their segue into semi-retirement, with a part-time consulting practice on the side).

Any of these land for you?! Then Biz Essentials for Process Professionals is a must have to strategically build your next chapter!


FYI, I am a practical, real-world instructor however you should know that I also believe deeply in Law of Attraction (LOA) and other meta-physical approaches (i.e. your internal energy plays a key part in your manifestations regardless of outside trends, circumstances or environment). While this course is primarily focused on Outer Work, I strongly belief that your Inner Work is also an important part of your success in the world. And these concepts will pop out even when talking about Outer World practicalities. If emotional processing, meta-physical terminology or sharing vulnerabilities makes you uncomfortable, then my approach is probably not for you.

This program is not for folks who think that business success, clients and money just fall in one’s lap. Or who think success should be an overnight manifestation. Or for those who, after having it pointed out to them, continue to beat negative drums of lack, scarcity and negativity.

And finally, it’s a shame that this has to be said … but FYI it is not kosher to take this course with the intention to copy and/or mimic it in your own offerings. Plagiarizers need not register.

Christina Merkley, CEO of SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc.


I’m Christina Merkley, CEO of SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc. a boutique coaching and training company specializing in inner and outer approaches to professional and personal growth.

Why do I have the audacity to offer a course like this?! — Because I’ve lived the ups and downs of building and maintaining a woman-run business to the $300k level (and growing) and have proven knowledge and empathy to guide others who desire to do the same!

While I’ve gleaned a lot from my own journey … I by no means know everything, however I pair well with smart partners (five of whom I bring into this program) plus we attract wonderful Process Professionals from varied backgrounds who also have a wealth of info … so our courses are awesome containers for sharing, learning and inspiration!

For more info, see About Christina.



  • Seven 90-Minute Curriculum Videos
    (and Downloadable MP3 Recordings for Easy Portability);
  • Three 90-Minute Live Labs Videos
    (and Downloadable MP3 Recordings for Easy Portability);
  • Ten Presentation Notes
    (PDFs of Visual PowerPoint Shared During Videos);
  • Five 90-Minute Bonus Videos
    (and Downloadable MP3 Recordings for Easy Portability);
  • Brand Planning Worksheets (by Jocelyn Ring);
  • 2 Visual Coaching eBooks (Magnetism Map and Orphan Rescue);
  • Accounting Examples (by my Bookkeeper: Chart of Accounts, Balance Sheet, Income Statement);
  • Memo of Understanding Examples (client contracts from my consulting, facilitation and coaching practice);
  • NING Summary (PDF of Forum Notes, 99 Pages).


Your option to add three private coaching sessions for integration support (45 minutes each with Christina Merkley).


Biz Essentials for Process Professionals is instantly available via 24/7 online purchase (scroll down page to view purchase options). Upon registration you receive a private password to SHIFT-IT School and access to the Biz Essentials area. It is encouraged that you proceed through the material in the order it is laid out (however access to all modules is instantly given in case you have an urgent need to view certain topic areas). The program is in English. A standard video player is required to view videos. And a PDF Reader to download and print attachments.



Includes access to our SHIFT-IT School website, which contains: 7 Curriculum Webinar videos (90 minutes), 3 “Live Lab” Incubator Sessions, 5 Bonus Videos, Video & Mp3 Recordings of All Sessions, Plus tons of great downloadable PDF’s.

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Basic Package Plus 3 Private 45-Minute Coaching Sessions. These coaching calls are specialty priced (you save $300 off my regular 3-Pack Rate, a very good deal … why, cause I love doing implementation coaching on this material and I want you to get the most out of your Biz Essentials experience).

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Please Note:

* Fees are in Canadian Funds, see for conversion
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* Payment plans are legal contracts to be fulfilled per terms stated. The 1 pay is the most affordable option, as payment plans include additional fees. First payment immediate, then pulled every 30 days until complete.

SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Terms and Conditions.


Come Grow or Revamp Your Practice Via

Biz Essentials for Process Professionals …

Christina Merkley – The SHIFT-IT Coach

In closing, thank you for your interest in Biz Essentials for Process Professionals … and more importantly, for your drive to manifest congruent and successful work.

My own path to work that satisfies and sustains, like yours, has been a fascinating journey, … full of adventure and strengthened by necessary challenges at times too.

I wish you well on your path, from one traveler to another. And salute you as you GO FOR IT. Our world needs as many skilled and sustainable Process Professionals as it can get, and I look forward to being a witness to your transformation!

Yours in SHIFTing IT,

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P.S. This program will be a pre-requisite for Advanced Programs currently being developed. Get your Biz Essentials knowledge now and join us for ongoing support, encouragement, and implementation via our supportive community.

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