Fundamentals of Visual Coaching: Home Study Kit

For Process Leads From Across the Globe!

Whether you already work visually or are new to the medium – from business leaders, managers, consultants, and facilitators to teachers, therapists, coaches, and creatives. Join our global Visual Coaching tribe and be inspired by the many ways you can apply these helpful skills today!

This training is offered live online each fall and in person each summer: click here for full course details

Can’t attend a live training? This handy Home Study Kit gives you immediate access to my instruction – at your own pace.

Now get 4 Kits for the price of 1!

Comes with 3 Bonus Kits … on topics also of additional interest to visual practitioners.

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These Home Study Kits are included as valuable bonuses. Poke into before we begin, as we go along, or save for later as you grow.


10 Recordings (3 Hours Each), Plus 10 Visual Coaching Assignments:

Sessions 1-4:


  • History of the Field, Definitions and Terminology;
  • Four Main Visual Applications (Studio Work, Recording, Facilitation and Coaching);
  • Delivery Methods and Tech Choices: In-person/Analog, Online/Digital and Hybrids;
  • Supplies, Logistics and Space Considerations;
  • Basic Marker/Stylus Skills (How to Use, Color Selection, Textures, Lettering);
  • Drawing Basics (Lines, Shapes, Icons, Basic and Advanced Icon Libraries);
  • Studio Work (‘Push’ Charts, Agendas, Models, Process Maps, Explainer Videos, etc.);
  • Graphic Recording / Scribing (Spontaneous Mapping of Life Stories);
  • Demos of Life Mapping (Watch Me Do It!);
  • Practice Rounds and Feedback (You Do It Too!);
  • Photo Management and Post-Session Documentation Tips (Photography, Scanning, Digital Files, Reports, etc.).

visual coaching students creating visual maps at the whiteboard, and on paper

Sessions 5-7:


  • Visual Coaching (Applying Visuals to Coaching, Counselling, Therapy and Other
    Personal Growth Modalities);
  • My Journey as a Visual Coaching Pioneer (Including the Creation of My SHIFT-IT Visual
    Coaching System with its 40+ Maps);
  • Common Formats (How to Structure Your Charts Whether Freeform or Templates);
  • Visioning, Goal Setting and Positive Mindset (conscious force in coaching);
  • Resistance, Projection and Shadow Work (unconscious force in coaching);
  • Demos of Visioning Moves (Watch Me Do It!);
  • Demos of Shadow Work Moves (Watch Me Do It!);
  • Practice Rounds and Feedback (You Do It Too!).

visual coaching students creating visual maps at the whiteboard, and on the tablet.

Sessions 8-10:


  • How to Involve Clients in Creating Their Own Visuals;
  • Non-Drawing Ways To Bring The Power Of Visuals Into Your Work;
  • How to Make Your Own Constructed Templates;
  • Using Visuals in Advanced Consciousness Work (Parts Work, Systemic Constellations and Non-Dual Inquiry);
  • Money, Marketing and Sales (How to Successfully Contract, Set Your Fees and Connect with Clients);
  • Successful Partnering: How to Collaborate with Others (including other Practitioners, Illustrators, Designers and Assistants);
  • Healthy Mindset (Common Blocks to Working Visually and How to Bust Through Your Resistance);
  • Next Steps and Integration: Keep Your Momentum and Development Going!

visual coaching students working on their visual maps on tablets


Upon registration, you immediately receive a personalized membership to my SHIFT-IT School, with access to the Fundamentals of Visual Coaching Kit, plus the 3 Bonus Kits. Or, if you already have a membership, these new Kits are simply added to it.

I encourage you to proceed through the material in the order it is laid out, however, access to all modules is immediately given in case you have an urgent need to view certain topic areas.

The program is in English. You simply watch the videos (from a cohort of the live online course), study the material, and follow along with the assignments. There is no expiry date on the Kits and everything is downloadable.

There is a Deep Dive level for private access to me. To answer any questions, review and give feedback on your assignments, and provide tailored guidance on your professional and personal development. Sessions are to be used within one year of purchase.


There are TWO LEVELS to choose from: Basic and Deep Dive. Plus various payment plans.

Fees are in Canadian funds. Depending on your currency this may mean additional savings! Now is a really good time to secure these useful and heartwarming skills.



  • 10, 3-Hour Video Recordings;
  • Visual Coaching Maps and Resources;
  • 10 Visual Coaching Assignments;
  • Class Slides and Forum Notes;
  • Repeater Rate for the Live Online Course;
  • 3 Bonus Kits!


1 Payment $497 CAD ($368 USD/€338*)
3 Monthly Payments $182 CAD ($135 USD/€124*)
7 Monthly Payments $85 CAD ($63 USD/€58*)

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Includes the Basic Package PLUS:

  • 3 PRIVATE MENTORING SESSIONS with Christina Merkley, ($797 value!) Save off of my regular coaching rates. To answer any questions, review and give feedback on your assignments, and provide tailored guidance on your professional and personal development.
1 Payment $997 CAD ($739 USD/€677*)
3 Monthly Payments $350 CAD ($259 USD/€238*)
10 Monthly Payments $110 CAD ($82 USD/€75*)

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In closing, if you are attracted to Visual Coaching, I hope I have made it clear why this Home Study Kit Bundle is a smart and convenient professional investment. I look forward to training you!

Yours in visual expansion,
Christina Merkley

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