Shifting the Power

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Summer 2024, June 20 – September 5, 2024

11-12:30 pm Pacific Time
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The human collective is currently navigating great change. While the turbulence can be unsettling, it’s an amazing time to be alive!

Much darkness that has been hidden, suppressed and controlled, is bubbling to the surface, to be seen and consciously integrated.

If new to these topics (trauma, child abuse, pedophilia, ritual abuse, mind control, human trafficking, etc.), or even if you have been aware of them for some time, it is natural in the face of them to feel overwhelmed, powerless and small … or even skeptical, doubtful and reactive.

However, Survivors of some of the deepest Darkness on our planet are courageously sharing their stories, and even more amazingly, their healing journeys out of the Darkness and into the Light.

In doing so, they are Wayshowers and Teachers, and inspirational examples of the triumph of the human spirit.

Anneke Lucas is one of these remarkable Survivors and Teachers. Her experiences as a child slave to an elite pedophilic network have placed her adult life entirely in the context of healing from trauma.

After more than 30 years of personal practice exploring a combination of modalities to heal her own trauma; and sharing her healing with traumatized populations including fellow Survivors, she developed the Unconditional Model – a mindfulness modality with a particular focus on providers, to optimize one’s ability to hold space.

In this 10-week online course, Anneke Lucas, together with Christina Merkley, pioneering Visual Coach and creator of The SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System, guide you to clearly and compassionately meet the Dark. Within ourselves, our families, common child-rearing practices, business, academic, economic and political structures, and on the global stage.

Whether you have encountered the Dark directly, work with people who have, are close to someone who has, or want to be better informed to support familial and societal change, this workshop offers insight and tools to remain fully present, in order to accept and create change.

Through The Unconditional Model, we contemplate the global power paradigm that influences all of our lives, and bravely do our mature Inner and Outer Work.

Together we engage in Shifting the Power … through our own personal liberation, with love!

line art buddha sitting in a lotus with blue radiating outCOURSE OUTCOMES:

Shifting the Power, offers a set of techniques that examine personal, interpersonal and global power dynamics.

In order to:

  • become more conscious;
  • break taboos around trauma;
  • support healing with self-love and compassion;
  • and, extend that awareness to aid in the reduction of trauma in others and in the world at large.

quest for love book cover with a traumatised young girl line art portraitSUGGESTED PRE-REQUISITES:

Anneke has recently written a memoir called Quest for Love. In it she invites the reader into the perspective of herself as a young girl living in Belgium, sharing the events of one year of her life. The voice of her Child Self is supported by the vocabulary and understanding of her Adult Self.

It is recommended, if possible, to read this book in preparation for this course (or read it as you progress through the course). Links to the book are here.

Additionally, Anneke has been granting interviews since the book was published. Viewing some of them may assist your understanding of Anneke’s journey and mission, and act as preliminary preparation. These Videos can be found here.



Over the course of 10 sessions, we cover the following:


Session 1: Welcome, Orientation and Accepting the Here and Now

Session 2: Anneke’s Story – Quest for Love and The Unconditional Model

Session 3-4: Parts Work: Increasing Self-Acceptance of One’s Entirety

Extreme, organized abuse is horrifying, and often impossible to contemplate. And yet, acknowledging the existence and reality of darkness is the first step in shifting it, in its varied forms. In these preliminary sessions, we build a supportive foundation for the course and its intense terrain. We discuss Anneke’s early history, and her adult healing journey and work, which culminates in The Unconditional Model. We stretch our ability to meet both Darkness and Light, through powerful personal Parts Work. Viewing and encountering the full entirety of the human psyche, and how all of those good, bad and ugly aspects within, are also reflected globally.


Session 5: Outer Power Dynamics and Privilege

Session 6: Inner Power Dynamics and Projection

Session 7: Gifts of Light – Trauma and Spirituality

Power dynamics in the context of the Unconditional Model are used as a portal of awareness, into one’s own unresolved trauma history and in dealing with others. We all live in a hierarchic structure that is essentially trauma-based. Anneke’s childhood experiences point to the secret fuel of the current vertical power system. Those at the top are extremely traumatized beings who escape their personal pain through power addiction and systemic offloading of their shame and pain – unconscious tactics that we are all invited to copy, to perpetuate a system of abuse, manipulation and exploitation. Those of us with the courage to heal hold the key to shifting out of this dark, often secret power system. We also delve into how confrontations with the Dark can lead to spiritual understanding, compassionate perspective and unexpected Gifts of Light.


Session 8: The Four Conditions: Authority, Humility, Neutrality and Affirmation

Session 9: Being and/or Doing: Your Role in Shifting the Power

Session 10: Final Comments, Next Steps and Closing

In this final trio of sessions, we discuss the four conditions necessary to promote healthy trauma integration in others (of particular interest for friends, partners, parents, coaches, therapists, teachers, employers and others in helping or leadership roles with survivors of trauma). We provide tools for envisioning your own personal role in Shifting the Power, whether it be in a Being or Doing capacity. Also next steps for continued support on the journey, plus closing comments and appreciative thanks for this leading-edge cohort.


Given the intense nature of this material, we also offer an additional course option for those who desire more Q&A and processing time.

This includes an additional 1 hour after each webinar, and three additional 2-hour group sessions for in-depth Q&A and processing. Plus a private coaching session with Christina Merkley.



Given the state of the world, we are all Survivors to one extent or other.

Shifting the Power is primarily for Providers (therapists, coaches, teachers, healthcare providers, and the like) who wish to be even more trauma-informed and of assistance to traumatized populations.

This course is also for anyone personally interested in learning about and recovering from trauma and authoritarian, narcissistic abuse (in its many forms and spectrums).


Anneke Lucas on the beach in front of the ocean on a cloudy day Anneke Lucas:

Anneke Lucas is an Author, Speaker, Advocate for child sex trafficking victims and creator of The Unconditional Model. Her work is based on her personal experience of a 30-year healing journey after surviving being sold by her family as a child sex slave to a pedophile network.

Her healing through psychotherapy, writing, yoga and meditation was synthesized during a decade of service with incarcerated populations and with survivors of sex trafficking inside and outside of prisons.

Christina Merkley with her puppy Presley on a walk in the forest

Christina Merkley:

Christina Merkley is an internationally respected Facilitator, Coach and Trainer, and creator of The SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System. For over 25 years she’s been a pioneering presence in the visual processing field, with a global private practice, including Survivors of extreme abuse.

She hosts SHIFT-IT School – an online hub for Creativity, Visual Coaching and Non-Dual Satsangs.


10 Live Webinars, 90 minutes each. All sessions are fully recorded for easy playback and participation at your own pace (if the live times are inconvenient for your schedule and/or fall on summer holidays).


10 Live 90-Minute Zoom Webinars

Fully Recorded

Thursdays, June 20 – September 5, 2024*
11-12:30 pm Pacific Time
12 Mountain, 1 Central, 2 Eastern
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*No sessions on July 18 and August 8 

Deep Dive Option:

17 Hours of Additional Q&A and Processing

 An Extra Hour After Each Weekly Webinar

3 Additional Sessions:
Fridays – July 5, August 2 and August 30
8:00 – 10:00 am Pacific Time
9 Mountain, 10 Central, 11 Eastern
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1 Private Visual Processing Session with Christina Merkley


This course is delivered live via Zoom. You join online each week via your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Sessions are recorded. A private online forum that allows communication throughout the length of the course is also provided.

Shifting the Power banner with Christina Merkley and Anneke Lucas



3 Levels to Choose From:


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BASIC OPTION – $497.00 CAD ($363 USD/338 EUR*)


  • 10 Live Online Webinars (90-minutes each);
  • Class Notes and Resources;
  • Video and MP3 Recordings;
  • Private Online Forum for support between sessions.

1 payment of $497.00 CAD ($363 USD/€338 EUR*)
3 monthly payments of $182.00 CAD ($133 USD/€124 EUR*)
7 monthly payments of $85.00 CAD ($62 USD/€58 EUR*)


DEEP DIVE OPTION – $997.00 CAD ($727 USD/678 EUR*)

Includes the Basic Package Plus 17 More Hours of Support and Community:

  • 60 More Minutes After Each of the 10 Weekly Webinars;
  • 3 Q&A and Group Processing Sessions (2 hours each);
  • 1 Private Visual Processing Session with Christina Merkley.


1 payment of $997 CAD ($727 USD/€678 EUR*)
3 monthly payments of $350 CAD ($255 USD/€238 EUR*)
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