The SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching Process®

The SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching Process has gradually developed into an integrated process since 1999. Bit by bit I noticed and pieced together a pattern that seems to work best.

I continue to create ‘new moves’ and tools as I go … however below is the process as it currently stands: 7 stages with 17 templates overall.

The seven modules for the process are:

1. Satisfaction Interrupted
2. Harvest Your History
3. Investigate Your Now
4. Focus on Your Future
5. Trouble at the Border
6. Ink It, Don’t Just Think It
7. Take Action

Here’s a more in-depth description of each module. The video below is from Session 1 of a SHIFT-IT Online class. It begins with an overview of the course and my forays into Visual Coaching. At the 30 minute mark the description of the SHIFT-IT Model and maps begins.

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Module One:

Merkley Map 1: At the Crossroads

Usually people are drawn to this work when their general satisfaction has been interrupted in some way. It may be that you have reached one set of goals, and are wondering what is next. Or, you may have hit a life milestone and are re-grouping as a result (sold business, left job, graduation, divorce, kids leaving the house, significant birthday, retirement, etc).

Or you may be frustrated by having not yet reached the potential you inherently feel you have, and are ready to break through. Whatever the reasons, at the first stage of this process, you map the current crossroads you are standing at. The issues that you are currently facing and your desired outcomes for our time together.

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Life-Map At The crossroads

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Module Two:

The second step of the SHIFT-IT process® is to ‘harvest your history’. Who you are today is a culmination of your experiences, beliefs, and exposures. You are in the midst of your own unique ‘evolutionary’ process. Nothing happens in a vacuum… there is always a larger context that can help you make greater sense of your past and your desired future. This week you visually record your life-to-date. Tracking where you have been to better understand your past, your influences, and how you have created your current reality… with special emphasis on harvesting your beliefs and programming (on the areas you most want to SHIFT). And releasing those that no longer serve you so you can move forward with grace.

Merkley Maps #2-6: The Life Maps

Examples: (Click To View Larger)

Examples: (Click To View Larger)
Catch and Release

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Module Three:

The third week of SHIFT-IT Online® is to ‘investigate your now’. This is an opportunity to view your present reality. To see what is going on for you right now (X marks the spot). How satisfied and dissatisfied you are in the different areas of your life. What do you have going for you (your strengths and skill sets) and what do you most need to learn (your learning and developmental areas). And taking an inventory of the materials, assets and resources that you currently have at your disposal. You are going to need them moving forward!

Merkley Maps #7-8: Focus on Me and the S.E.L.F. Inventory

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Examples: (Click To View Larger)
SELF Inventory

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Module Four:

The fourth week of SHIFT-IT Online is to ‘focus on your future’. After analyzing your past and your present circumstances, you are now ready to embrace the future you truly desire. This module is all about proclaiming and stating what you truly want. A chance to dream and dream BIG. You create your own custom Personal Vision which becomes your order form or instructions ‘to the universe’. This vision becomes your North Star. Your magnet. Pulling all of your positive desires towards you.

Maps #9-11: Essential Extracts, Future Self Vision and Magnetism Map

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Essential Extracts

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Future Self Vision

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Magnetism Map 

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Module Five:

Our fifth week is all about your ‘trouble at the border’. This is a hugely important step – a step that most other strategic planning programs ignore. Whenever you create a Vision, you MUST deal with the resistant energy that arises in opposition to it. Here’s where you get clear on what your natural resistance is to having what you want – to making your vision a reality.

You uncover your blocks, doubts, uncertainties (that Itty Bitty Sh!tty Committee inside your head that doesn’t want you to move out of your stagnant, but comfortable, safety zone). The Trouble at the Border stage is a blockbuster – literally! It gets you aligned and ‘allowing’ your Vision – working with powerful, cutting-edge Law of Attraction and Alchemical processes that are made powerfully simple via the visual approach.

Merkley Maps #12-14: Flip It, Inner Alignment and Archeology of Beliefs

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Flip It

Examples: (Click To View Larger)
Inner Alignment

Examples: (Click To View Larger)
Archeology Of Beliefs Archeology Of Beliefs

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Module Six:

The sixth week is “Ink It Don’t Just Think It” and it is very powerful. You can’t stop with just thinking about your life. You must create an overarching, holistic plan that is put down on paper. This is the move that pulls all of your thinking into one cohesive picture: Your Big Picture Plan.

Map #15: Big Picture Plan

It bridges the gap between your current reality and the reality that you want to create. It starts organizing you and getting you clear on the next steps you will need to take.

This stage transitions you from the land of dreaming into the LAND OF DOING.

Now you are ready to assume responsibility and start taking aligned and consistent action!

Examples: (Click To View Larger)
My Big Picture

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Module Seven:

The final step of this particular journey is “Take Action”. With Law of Attraction (LOA) at work, your Vision is being magnetized as long as you are open and allowing of it. But just because LOA is at work, doesn’t mean you get a completely free ride – you still need to take an active role in your own transformation by following the hunches, intuitions and urges that come to you. Success comes to people who take responsibility for themselves, and actually implement the things they know are their next steps. This final phase of the process gets you down to a detailed, S.M.A.R.T plan (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely). And supports you in doing your steps, via a healthy, supportive, and encouraging environment. And most importantly, it makes you make a very deep commitment and articulation of your intent – to yourself and to the universe at large!

Merkley Maps #16-17: Take Action Plan and Declaration of Intent

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My Take Action Plan My Take Action Plan

Examples: (Click To View Larger)
Declaration of Intent Declaration of Intent

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