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Volume 7 | Issue 9 | May 6, 2011


Having a fabulous Friday, as all my Biz and Life Accelerators in are in town for the next few days --- having our final mastermind retreat! The Accelerators are in a 9-month incubator where they learn and apply my outer work and inner work models to their own lives and businesses. They have flown in from across North America, the U.K and even New Zealand!

The results have been fantastic and they are sharing their key milestones and most powerful lessons learned so far.

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Biz & Life Accelerators at May 2011 Retreat Victoria BC

Mentoring and business development seem to be the theme for this week. I had an ahha with a friend and mentor of mine earlier this week, so it seemed fitting to share my thoughts in today's article called "Yes, Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch!" ... a timely reminder about the power of Law of Attraction and the importance of our deep beliefs and attitudes.

Yours in Acceleration,

Christina Merkley,
The SHIFT-IT Coach



"Dear Christina,

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Jude Smiley
Spiritual Coach

We haven't met yet but ... I was clearing out a filing cabinet and found my SHIFT-IT Mini Retreat I did last year. I laughed at how all my plans have come about - even better than I doodled them! And, what I really what to tell you is this - I think you are AWESOME!

I so enjoy watching you and your business grow. See you imaginatively develop programs and expand your value - really step into your SHINE! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Thank you for looking fear in the face and doing it anyway. Thank you for being such an inspirational teacher to so many other amazing women.

Thank you!"

Jude Smiley, MBA
Rainmakers Inc & The Shine Group



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A good mentor is worth their weight in gold. Sometimes their advice, wisdom and perspective on a situation can open up a whole new way of being - that shifts the trajectory of one's life.

I am fortunate to not only be a good mentor but to have wonderful mentors too. One such mentor is a good friend who is a real estate developer ... who plays a much larger financial game than I. I really admire his solution-oriented mind and ability to focus on what CAN be done rather than on what can't.

He spots opportunities where others don't and has learned to proceed confidently on his intuitions and instincts. And while his life is far from stress-free he understands how important it is to maintain an even keel on attitude and emotion. That remaining in a positive state of mind is essential for success. In short, he lives his life in accordance with Law of Attraction premises ... even if he doesn't spout the entire LOA lingo.

1. The Trance of Limited Thinking
We were brainstorming some financial ideas the other day when he TOTALLY busted me on some insidious thinking. He's great on reading body language, and, noticing a shift in my state, asked me what I was thinking. Without hesitating I responded, "I just don't like to count my chickens before they hatch". And he started laughing. Hard. "Wow, that is the complete opposite of what you preach with Law of Attraction ... you SHOULD count your chickens before they hatch." Darn it. He was completely and absolutely right. I had slipped into the trance of limited thinking and holding back on feelin' the good stuff!

2. Dare to Hope
In order to create something we first need to at least consider it. Then move into aligning with it more fully. We really do need to "count our chickens before they hatch" to quote my smart and funny friend. But many of us, myself included, have a hard time daring to hope on some subjects. Daring to consider something that we have not yet experienced. But it's really an insidious catch-22. In order to experience something we first need to positively consider it. As Abraham-Hicks says, we have to take the emotional or vibrational journey first ... then physical reality will follow.

3. Find the Positive Feeling
It's not enough to consider things. We need to consider them in an affirmative or positive light. We need to find the positive 'feeling place' of them. Which can be difficult if we have never felt positive feelings about the subject or find it hard to consistently holding a positive attitude about it.

In the instance with my friend, the situation involved receiving support. I am, for good and bad, an independent person. So it's not an overly familiar experience for me to receive support from others. I am usually the person giving it. Have been like that since childhood - a holdover of eldest daughter syndrome I suppose. Or being a military brat where you learn to be self-sufficient and stoic.

So, I need to count my chickens before they hatch. Find the feeling place of receiving. Of being supported. Taken care of. Liked. Assisted. Accepted. Helped. Allow myself to receive. Rather than waiting or putting it off or being a stoic lone ranger. Not easy for an independent gal like me to do. But definitely something I am willing to learn how to do better! And a quality that pays off in many areas of life.

4. The Feminine or Beta Polarity
Part of what is going on for me is finding the feminine or 'beta' polarity in life. For quite some time I have been on a masculine or 'alpha' trajectory. Focusing on my business, working hard, applying myself and working my way up in the world so to speak. At 42 it's time to learn how to balance my energies more ... to even out the other side of the equation. To marry my masculine qualities with equally powerful, but different, feminine qualities. A lot of professional women in my generation are learning to do the same thing - in order to have more balanced and satisfying lives. It's a fascinating process.

5. How About You?
Whether you are male or female (or favor a masculine or feminine way of being in the world) ... how is your ability to break out of your familiar expression in order to feel the other orientation? If you tend to favor the masculine or alpha way of being (doing, making, controlling) ... can you feel into the power of the feminine or beta way of being (receiving, attracting, allowing) ... or visa versa?

What areas do you feel scarcity or lack in your life? Where are you leery of imaging good things coming to you? Out of superstition or fear. Or just plain unfamiliarity.

See if you can imagine (even for just a quick moment) being someone who HAS, rather than someone who doesn't. It can be in any area of life that you want to expand into. See if you can feel how good it feels to live in a different 'story'. When you are able to hold this feeling for a few moments, work on extending the amount of time you are able to feel it. This is the power of Law of Attraction ... as like attracts like. Keep at it and those chickens will be scurrying around your feet in no time!

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