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Do you ever get overly emotionally triggered by things in your life? Do you seem to react more than is necessary? Is old baggage preventing you from creating what you really want in your life now? If so, my latest visual map, called “Orphan Rescue”, is an integration tool that unlocks the mystery as to why you react the way you do and how to SHIFT-IT — so you can create the life that you really want.

In my last issue, I wrote about the natural developmental delays that coaching clients can sometimes encounter, that can cause problems in their being able to create what they want in life. The developmental delays can occur in the areas of attachment, identity, competence, confidence, connection and the like – causing clients to have problems in manifesting their relationships, careers/businesses, abundance, fitness/body etc.

SHIFT-IT SystemMy SHIFT-IT System® naturally addresses many of these blocks and delays. However I am always on the lookout for new methods to assist my clients (and myself!) so we can manifest what we really want. For years, I’ve been doing different kinds of inner rescue work (in addition to being a coach, I’m a trained Alchemical Hypnotherapist). So creating a visual tool to more effectively assist in this inner work is just a natural extension of my practice.

Terms of Use:

This work is still in preliminary draft stage (yes, there are discrepancies between the map and the directions) however I have found that releasing early drafts of my tools to my e-zine and social media audience helps all of us. It helps you with inner work, and it helps me by getting your feedback and comments. So, in the spirit of new product development, here is a Version 1.0 prototype to play with. Please respect my copyright on this material. It is for your personal use only. If you are a coach, therapist or other helping professional, you may not use these materials with your own clientele. For proper training and certification in my visual way of working, please see Visual Coach Certification.

Purpose & Benefits of Orphan Rescue:

  • To Use When You Are Overly Emotionally Activated By Something That Happens;
  • To Identify Which ‘Orphan’ (Younger Part Of Self) Is Involved;
  • To Soothe And Self-Parent This Younger Version Of You;
  • To Integrate This Orphan Into Your Adult Life With Proper
  • Supervision And Support;
  • To Provide Relief And Tone Down Or Eliminate Activation In Future.

Orphan Rescue Map

Download Map Here (pdf): Print and Follow Directions Below Draft
Version 1.0 of Orphan Rescue Map (renamed from Soul Integration)

Overview of Exercise:

The Orphan Rescue exercise is an additional ‘SHIFT-IT’ exercise … that fits into the Trouble at the Border stage of the SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching Process®. It is to be used when you notice yourself becoming ‘overly activated’ about something in your life, which is a sign that something beyond just your current situation is going on. This ‘something’ usually has to do with an earlier episode, incident or situation in your life. Usually something of a negative or upsetting dynamic (or trauma) that has a similar feel to what has just happened in your life (in Law of Attraction speak … something of a similar frequency or vibration).

This map (and its accompanying directions) assists you to identify this earlier dynamic in your life and to finally SHIFT-IT (to get relief in your present life). The earlier dynamic is usually connected to a memory that a younger part of you holds. This younger part of you is called an “orphan”. This younger part of you has inadvertently been abandoned (by you or others in your life) and needs to be rescued — so it is no longer activated by things that occur in your adult life. This is a ‘soul integration’ or ‘soul retrieval’ process — that enables you to reclaim your power and put your functional, adult self in charge of your life.

Before You Begin:
Create a quiet space for yourself where you aren’t likely to be disturbed. Set aside at least 20 minutes to complete.

Overview of Steps:

  1. Notice A Current Situation That Has Emotionally Activated You.
  2. Define What The Best Thing(S) About Being Your Current Age Is.
  3. Go Within And Ask ‘Who Inside Is Uncomfortable?’.
  4. Identify The Age And Circumstances Of Your Orphan.
  5. Freeze Frame The Scene And Nurture Your Orphan.
  6. Ask What Else They Are Upset Or Confused About And Soothe.
  7. Explain Current Life And Invite Orphan To Join.
  8. Collapse Time And Bring Them Forward.
  9. Set Appropriate Roles And Expectations.
  10. Check For Relief.

1. Notice Current Situation That Has Emotionally Activated You.
We do Orphan Rescue work when we notice that something in our current life really bothers us — i.e. when we are ’emotionally activated’ by something, perhaps having a reaction that is above and beyond what would be natural or normal for the situation.

Pay attention to the things that spike you emotionally (in a negative  way). Make a note of them and when you are able, sit down and complete an Orphan Rescue map to create a ‘shift’.

2. Define Best Thing(s) About Being Your Current Age.
Orphan Rescue is about identifying and integrating a younger, more immature part of yourself. In order to do that successfully, we must get you identified first with your present-day, adult self. To help evoke and anchor this energy, ask yourself this question and list your answers.

*** What is the best thing about being your current age? ****

Being able to do what I want.
My wisdom and experience.
Being the master of my own destiny.

Chances are the answers that you have personally come up with, will in some way, perfectly address and counter the energies of your orphan. So it is important to evoke your adult self before going in to encounter which particular orphan has been stirred up.

3. Go Within And Ask ‘Who Inside Is Uncomfortable?’.

Take a few moments to center and calm yourself by taking a few deep breaths. Then, in your mind’s eye, summon up the present situation that has been emotionally activated. For example, perhaps you overly reacted to something you heard on television or uttered by a friend, colleague or family member. Or, you suffered an uncomfortable interaction of some sort. Or a rejection, judgment or some such thing. Bring the memory of this recent incident to your mind.

When you have the incident in your mind, notice your body reactions to this incident. Where in your body did your reaction happen? In your chest? In your hands? In your stomach? In your shoulders or back? You will have had some sort of immediate or automatic somatic (body) reaction to the incident. Locate your own unique body interaction to the incident that recently happened to you.

When you have identified the region of your body that had the reaction … focus your attention on it and ask … “who inside is uncomfortable?” .

Ask this question (you may need to ask it a few times) and wait for a response. Your response may come in the form of a visual flash, a feeling, or a sense. Usually it is connected to an earlier time in your life. Allow any information to come through and accept it (do not censor). Ask yourself ‘how old am I’? ‘What am I remembering?’. Some scene or memory from your past will reveal itself to you. Just relax and let it come out.

4. Identify Age And Circumstance Of Orphan.
When the memory starts to come into focus, write the specifics of it down. How old were you and what was happening to you at that time? This memory will have the same feel (frequency or vibration) as the current life situation that originally triggered you and brought you to your Orphan Rescue work. If the memory is particularly traumatic, be sure to keep yourself ‘out of the memory’; just looking at it and observing it from a safe, high distance. Record what happened and how the younger part of you was impacted. This is the orphan that this particular incident in your current life is connected to. There is unfinished work for you to attend to.

Multi-dimensional Note: occasionally you may ask these questions and encounter something that is not logically yourself but some other aspect of consciousness. You may encounter a group or collective memory (shared by many people), or a memory from a time far beyond your present lifetime (i.e., in some terminology this would be considered a past life). Go with it (do not be afraid or concerned … sometimes our consciousness works in mysterious ways). Just write down whatever story and explanation comes to mind. It is coming to you for a reason, so trust it and proceed according to the next instructions.

5. Freeze Frame And Nurture Your Orphan.
Next, freeze-frame the scene that your orphan is in. Literally imagine all of the action being frozen and your orphan being left in the middle of it — kind of blinking their eyes and wondering what happened to make everything around them freeze.

Next, allow your current, adult self to materialize in front of this orphan (like the ‘transporter’ teleportation device in a Star Trek episode). Your orphan may find this a little unusual (as it’s not everyday that your scene freezes around you and your Future Self materializes in front of you!). But gently introduce yourself to your orphan and explain who you are and what you are doing there (i.e.” I am your Future Self … I’m you at the age of ____, and I’m here to help you, you no longer have to suffer through this situation alone”).

Proceed to nurturing your orphan. You have interrupted them in the middle of an unpleasant, perhaps even traumatic situation. Bring your adult conscious to this situation, as you would to any little child (or adolescent or adult) in distress. Soothe them. Say comforting things that you know to be true from your adult perspective (to evoke your adult consciousness, go back to your answers about ‘what is the best thing about being your current age’). Bring comfort to your little orphan by reassuring, soothing and explaining things to them (in age appropriate language and concepts). If you are a parent in your adult life, treat this orphan as you would one of your own precious little children when they were at the same age as your orphan (or, think of children you know of the same age and act accordingly).

Continued … Read Part Two

Post Script: Resonating with the deep, beautiful work of Orphan Rescue? Would you like some assistance in integrating your own Orphans?  Orphan Rescue is one of many Inner Work methods I use with my private clients to draw your vision and erase your resistance.  Click here for more info on Private Coaching options including Distance Sessions by Web Conferencing (all in my visual way of working).


  1. Leslie on

    Happy to volunteer my vulnerability and desire for healthy clearing of old patterns in this most important work. Congratulations on your collaboration!

  2. kerry chalmers on

    Would love to volunteer~ quite appropriate as I am facing some “stuff” around my body issues, the little fat kid!! as I begin Weight Watchers.

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