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Volume 11, Issue 21, October 31, 2015


I've been nestling in these last weeks. The fall online offering of Fundamentals of Working Visually is trucking along. Great cohort mostly from North America, with one from Europe ... with various reasons for taking the course (brand new, been working a while and want further improvement, apply to new populations and types of process work, learn more about marketing, use in retirement, etc.).

I have laid the foundation with clear definitions, benefits, basic shapes, lettering and icons. The participants (all seasoned Process Professionals in their own right) have directed these new skills into the creation of their first Studio Work (push pieces to visually communicate information to the groups and individuals that they work with).

JJ Before the Rains JJ Before the Rains

Wednesday I introduced Graphic Recording, including a demo on my digital tablet. I do prefer the ol' fashioned method of paper and markers but the tablet allows me to demo methods live on the webinar which is handy. Their assignment this weekend is to dive in and experiment with Graphic Recording (using canned content if they can't arrange a live setting). I'm looking forward to seeing their creations on Monday!


For larger view, more pics and comments see my Facebook Page.

In addition, I'm launching the upcoming Practical Energy Work online course, which starts on November 7th. It's been a long time in coming (since 2009 due to some energetic developments in my own life). I'm excited and enjoy seeing the registrations come in ... great people I've known over the years and also some brand new faces. Going to be a fascinating experience!

I've created some special codes to benefit sharp eyed readers who feel called to join us ...

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Today's article shares a new video I've created to explain a favorite Law of Attraction process called The Focus Wheel. I had a situation in my life that triggered me, so I used it to show how to do a Focus Wheel to shift your vibe ... it includes one of my Visual Maps so you can do it too.

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This is a Process Worker's version of making lemonade from lemons.

I've been meaning to add a video to my previous blog post about the Focus Wheel Process to better show how it's done. It's one my most popular posts according to my stats program even though it's from years ago.

Seems many people out there are understandably still interested in this great process from Abraham Hicks.

So cool to see all the many, many countries they are searching from.

Originally I figured this video would be a clip from one of my past online programs where I have facilitated this effective process with many volunteers. So I stuck that idea on my miles long to do list (for some time when I'd be able to wade through video footage to find a good example).

However, all that changed one recent afternoon when I had a situation happen which triggered the sh#*t out of me.

I was SO bothered by this situation that I sat myself down to do some Inner Work on it. From hard won experience I know that trying to go about my day when I'm emotionally and hence energetically charged like that is NOT a good idea.

So I fired up my recorder and digital tablet to make this video below --- using myself as an example to show how to use the Focus Wheel to soften an initial knee jerk reaction to a bothersome incident. And as you can see from my postscript, it worked!


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