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coachingFor 15 years now I’ve been a coach helping individuals get what they really, really want. I consider myself fortunate to do what I do … it’s an honour to be granted up close and personal access into a fellow human being’s world. My clients have taught me so much about this challenging, diverse and magical thing called life.

As The SHIFT-IT Coach, most of my work involves helping clients get really clear on what is next (sketching their Vision) and ‘manifesting’ that Vision. Manifesting involves clarity, internal energy alignment and usually plenty of action … both on the outer level (left brain) and on the inner level (right brain). One must participate in their own rescue so to speak, using the WHOLE brain.

Super-Fast Manifesters:
breakthruSome clients manifest their desires very easily. Some remarkably fast manifesters have breakthroughs just upon registering for a public program or private session. Something just clicked and by the time we meet in class or privately they have already solved whatever initial problem or desire prompted them to enlist with me in the first place.

I’m under no illusion that this phenomenon is because of any secret powers that I or my material possess. Not to discount myself, I’m a good coach, and my material and methods are solid. However I know it’s them that has done this feat not me. Their own conviction, decision, determination and alignment. I just helped by giving them something tangible to bump up against (a foil or mirror) which helped coalesce their focus into form.

The More Conflicted Manifester:
conflicted manifester
However, not all of us are fast manifesters, or at least on all things. Most of us take a slower, more meandering path in manifesting what we want. Also, while manifestation in one area may come easy, it’s not unusual to have other areas where it’s more problematic, complicated or downright hard. And, unfortunately, it’s also not unusual to have internal patterns and external factors that cause interference too.

And, humans are complicated beings. We are comprised of various levels … physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual. Sometimes these different levels of being have varying and even conflicting stances towards what we think/feel we want.

Meridian Technologies as a Resistance Buster:
meridian-technologiesOne of the fascinating things I’m increasingly studying is how to employ meridian technologies. These methods work with the energy systems of the body-mind-spirit complex to bring about resolution to problems.

There are many meridian technologies. Perhaps you are already aware of some of the more commonly known ones: Emotional Freedom Technique (EMT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Tapas Acupuncture Technique (TAT).

For those who have been with me for a while, you may remember my guest Brad Yates on my old Soothing Saturdays & SHIFT-IT Central program. Brad is a fabulous EFT practitioner, you can listen and/or download my prior interview with him about the ‘power of tapping’ here (its 6th from the top … and I’ll hopefully be bringing Brad back for a video interview for my upcoming ‘Practical Energy Work’ course this fall).

Primordial Energy Activation & Transcendence:
Primordial Energy Activation & Transcendence (PEAT for short) is another meridian or energy modality … touted as taking the best from the other systems and going even further in efficacy. PEAT was created by Serbian psychologist Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski who is an innovator in methods for transformation of consciousness. Over the course of his long career, he has created a slew of other processes which he terms “Spiritual Technologies”. For the last several months I’ve been training with a local PEAT teacher, Debbie Quigley, who trained directly in Belgrade with Zivorad.

PEAT, which you may have gathered from the name, works at the level of polarities, including a deep set of core polarities (which vary across individuals) which Zivorad calls ‘primes’.

pushbuttonPEAT is useful for problems and situations that trigger you or have heightened emotional charge to them (i.e. when your buttons get pushed!). It is useful on recent, current or long standing challenges. It works with a few energy meridian / acupuncture points (mostly around the eyes) with a light tough (not tapping or massage like some of the other meridian modalities) to get to the roots of our problems which lie in our energy system.

PEAT synchronizes what is commonly referred to as left and right sides of the brain, which is in essence three main parts of the brain (basal ganglia (reptilian), limbic (mammalian) and neo-cortex (human logic). Safely and rapidly enabling a person to explore conflicting dualities (conflicting polarities) lodged within their energy system.

While you start with a certain problem and intended goal (desired outcome for that problem) the process is experientially felt rather than intellectual. And works to quickly identify and resolve conscious and subconscious blocks and resistances. PEAT is somewhat visual (in that the practitioner takes notes as the client moves through the process and personal imagery is used to some extent) but unfortunately not something I can easily show in an icon or graphic to accompany these words I am typing … it really needs to be experienced to get a real feel for it.

Softening Polarities and Conflicting Opposites:
case-studyAs fate would have it, a client just wrote an email to me while I’m in the midst of writing this article. And her situation makes a great case study of how PEAT can come in handy in the softening (and sometimes elimination) of competing polarities or opposites.

This client’s goal is to create a spirituality workshop for people who are trained in more left brained academics.  We used another process I recommend on her (Orphan Rescue) to identity that she has a polarity waging within her … one side of her wants to ‘fit in’ while another side of her wants to ‘be unique and different’. These two parts of her are currently duking it out as she contemplates her task of setting a date for her innovative workshop (a homework commitment from our last coaching session).

This duality/polarity between her Conforming Academic and her Innovative Creative will need to be softened or perhaps completely neutralized in order for her to make productive headway on her goal. Our next session we’ll be using PEAT on this interesting polarity to see where it leads us (either to resolution on this pair of opposites or perhaps to an even deeper pairing that lies underneath). All with the intention of loosening up her resistance to creating her class.

P.S. Since the writing of this article, I have launched Practical Energy Work.  And within the course is an interview and demo of PEAT with skilled practitioner and trainer Vladimir Stojakovic.  

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